My friend, Rick

Steve Scalise
2018-02-09 11:31:34
Rick Saccone for Congress

When Rick Saccone announced his candidacy for PA - 18, I was beyond excited. It meant that we'll have yet another strong Conservative in office, and a true patriot.

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Rick Saccone, in PA - 18? >>

While Rick is truly a man of integrity, someone who is dedicated to public service and good governance, we still have to be prepared.

Nancy Pelosi - whose support for Connor Lamb is solely based on gaining yet another puppet for her political games - will try anything, because she knows just how strong of a candidate and policymaker Rick really is.


With a slew of Republican lawmakers announcing their retirement from politics, it is imperative that Republicans unite together behind Rick.

We fought hard to win back our majorities, now lets fight to keep them too!

Thank you for your time and continued support,

Steve Scalise

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