RESPONSIBLE immigration reform

Donald J. Trump
2018-02-10 10:09:51
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For years, politicians have talked about “compassionate” immigration reform, but every one of their proposals showed ZERO compassion for American workers, the victims of illegal immigration crime, and for the safety and security of our nation.

It’s time for RESPONSIBLE immigration reform that actually puts the interests of American citizens first.

There’s been a lot of talk recently from liberals in the Senate… So before we move forward on ANYTHING, I want to have the full force of the American people united behind a plan that we want. I want to hear your immigration demands,
Chuck and Nancy -- and EVERY obstructionist -- need to understand that it’s not just me that wants these critical proposals turned into law…

…These are the demands of the American PEOPLE. Your elected officials need to know just how many voters will be furious if our demands are not met.

And I want to be able to give an exact number of how many people back each proposal. This is the Art of the Deal!

So please, take my Responsible Immigration Survey by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.

Thank you,

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