Friend, this is personal...

Marco Rubio
2018-02-14 07:25:28
Marco Rubio
Friend, this is personal to me -- and I need your help.

I wanted to take a moment to write to you, because this has been on my mind.

Friend, I entered politics because I believe in the American Dream, and I knew if I fought and worked hard I could make a difference. And I believe because I have had the support of great friends like yourself, that we've been able to make significant changes to our nation's future that will leave this country in a better place for a children and grandchildren.

Friend, if everyone in Washington was here to make our nation a better place, then quite simply, we WOULD have a better nation. But, unfortunately, there are many in Washington DC who are just here for some sort of political game.

In January we witnessed just how partisan and divisive the Democrats in the Senate are willing to be when the future of our nation is at stake. It is terrifying to me that Democrats would rather put our nation in jeopardy then compromise.

Unfortunately, the Democrats both in the Senate and around the nation are more focused on defeating Republicans than they are about the future of our great country. I know that they are working around the clock to figure out a plan to defeat me and remove my voice from Washington, which is why I"need your immediate support.

Friend, it's clear that the Democrats are only focused on one thing: prioritizing themselves.

You can always count on me to put our nation before politics, but in order to stay fighting I need your help.

Please"contribute as much as you can afford to let me know I can count on you.

I am in Washington to ensure we leave our children with a stronger and safer nation than the one we inherited. I ran for political office because I wanted to make a difference, but I also know I cannot do this alone. I need your help.

Your donation today to my campaign will guarantee the Democrats know that our voice and conservative values are NOT going anywhere. And it will let me know that I can count on you for the battles ahead.


Marco Rubio

P.S."Just as the Democrats are fighting to defeat me, I am fighting around the clock for our nation; but I cannot do this alone. I need to know if you're with me. Please let me know by making a contribution right away.

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