Who is in charge of the Obama Administration?

Senator Roy Blunt
2013-05-17 08:57:34
Roy Blunt, United States Senator for Missouri Dear Unity, Amid a number of very troubling reports, one thing is clear this week: President Obama owes Americans answers � immediately.� Why did the White House mislead the public [link 1] about the terrorist attack that killed four Americans in Benghazi?� Who else in the administration and the White House knew [link 2] about the IRS targeting conservative groups? Is it true that the EPA is also targeting [link 3] conservative organizations? Why did the Obama administration put the same IRS official [link 4] who was responsible for targeting conservative groups in charge of the IRS's ObamaCare office? How did the Department of Justice reportedly lose track [link 5] of two known or suspected terrorists who were part of the witness protection program? And most importantly, who is in charge of the Obama Administration? Please take a moment to watch my video [link 6] highlighting President�s Obama�s repeated claims that �the buck stops� with him.� � [image = blunt.enews.senate.gov//images/user_images/5-17-13%20Video.jpg] [link 7] As always, I invite you to join the conversation online by visiting my Facebook [link 8]�and Twitter [link 9]�pages or check out my�website [link 10] for more information on government transparency and other issues. Sincere regards, [image = blunt.enews.senate.gov/images/RDB_Signiture.png] [image = blunt.enews.senate.gov/images/twitter.gif] [link 11]�� [image = blunt.enews.senate.gov/images/facebook.gif] [link 12]�� [image = blunt.enews.senate.gov/images/youtube.gif] [link 13]�� [image = blunt.enews.senate.gov/images/flickr.gif] [link 14]
May 17, 2013
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