Border Security and Blackhawks

Senator Mark Kirk
2013-06-28 12:18:12
Mark Kirk U.S. Senator for Illinois [image =] [link 1] *Click the image to watch my video about immigration reform** � Dear Friends, Since returning to the Senate in January, I am more committed than ever to serve as an independent voice for the people of Illinois. I recently sat down with National Journal to discuss [link 2]�my work in the Senate and a vision for improving our nation�s economy. I encourage you to read the article and share it with your friends. *Senate Approves Immigration Reform with Border Security* Yesterday I supported [link 3] the Senate�s immigration reform bill because it secures our border and unlocks the full American potential of 525,000 people in our state � families who will build businesses and boost the Illinois economy. The immigration reform bill [link 4] will double the size of the Border Patrol, complete 700 miles of fencing along the border and mandate the E-Verify employment verification system for all employers. The bill also includes my legislation to automatically grant citizenship to non-citizens who serve in combat. In my view, if you risk life and limb for America, you are an American. *Celebrating the Chicago Blackhawks* This week the Senate unanimously approved a resolution [link 5]�I introduced with Sen. Dick Durbin congratulating the Chicago Blackhawks on their thrilling Stanley Cup victory. I am proud of the skill and determination the Blackhawks showed to bring the Cup back to Chicago. *Stay Connected* I welcome your input on the issues before Congress. I encourage you to contact me here [link 6]�to share your views with me, or if you need assistance with a federal agency. It is an honor to represent you in the United States Senate.� Very Truly Yours, [image =] Mark Kirk U.S. Senator
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