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2013-10-19 15:02:12
Friend -- When the government shut down, the American people lost. It's on us not to let anything like this happen again. Sign the letter to Congress -- add your name: my.barackobama.com/Sign-Our-Letter Thanks, Organizing for Action

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From: Jon Carson, BarackObama.com
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Friend --

The shutdown is over, and a more serious crisis was averted -- that's good.

But we should all be horrified and embarrassed that something like this can happen in the United States. At the end of the day, this mess put people out of work for more than two weeks, and it cost our economy $24 billion.

Now is the time Congress needs to hear from the people who sent them to Washington: We can't let something like this ever happen again -- OFA supporters are going to stand with the leaders who get back to the real work we sent them there to do.

OFA supporters are delivering a letter to leaders in Congress -- will you sign it?

There are way too many real problems Washington needs to solve, and OFA is committed to making sure that Congress gets to work on the agenda Americans voted for last fall. For one, they need to finish the job of fixing our broken immigration system.

But for the last several weeks, one faction of one party in one half of one branch of government got the chance to derail everything. And there are already some people pushing them to do it again.

We have to stop going from one manufactured crisis to another -- that's one of the reasons grassroots organizing matters. At the eleventh hour, we were loud enough to bring the shutdown to an end.

Now, we need to send a crystal-clear message to the people who set the agenda in Congress. Sign OFA's letter and join us in saying we can't ever do this again:




Jon Carson
Executive Director
Organizing for Action

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