instaPoll: As Congress considers reforms to the laws that govern the actions of the NSA, which efforts do you support to secure our safety while also protecting individual liberties?

Office of Congressman J. Randy Forbes
2013-10-25 12:28:16


In June of this year, former defense contractor and CIA employee Edward Snowden released classified material on NSA data collection programs to the media. Since that time, examples of overreach by the NSA have continued to surface. 

In September, it was
In an effort to curb these abuses, I
Question of the week: (multi-answer)

( ) Require that all court decisions, orders, or opinions be disclosed to Congress to ensure full oversight.
( ) Require more specificity to prove the records sought are relevant and material to an investigation.
( ) Require that records sought pertain only to someone who is personally the subject of an investigation.
( ) Ensure public access to information about the government‘s use of new surveillance authorities.
( ) Make the court proceedings to seek surveillance more transparent.
( ) Require courts to disclose their surveillance policies.
( ) I don’t know.
( ) Other. 

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