Mr. President, let's not revert to junior high school

Senator Roy Blunt
2014-07-31 09:19:47
Roy Blunt, United States Senator for Missouri Dear Unity, As you may have heard, President Obama came to Kansas City yesterday and said people who oppose his policies should "stop just hating all the time. [link 1]" Mr. President, with all due respect, this is the kind of rhetoric that happens in junior high, when you say that somebody else is a really bad person. And it's certainly no way to begin to work together. *Traveling the country, giving campaign-style speeches, saying the other side shouldn't be in such a bad mood all the time - this is not the kind of presidential leadership Americans deserve.* The nation is facing a number of critical issues. This week alone, Congress is debating transportation legislation, bills to address the border crisis, and plans to give America's veterans better care. Meanwhile, people in Missouri and across America are struggling to find good-paying jobs while footing the bill for more costly health care coverage and higher utility bills. Under this administration's policies, the poorest families among us are working several part-time jobs to simply feed their families. *We don't need another empty 'pivot' or for President Obama to continue ignoring the law altogether. Americans deserve presidential leadership. We know President Obama knows how to campaign; we need to now see a president that knows how to lead.* I hope you'll join this conversation online on my website [link 2], Facebook [link 3] and Twitter [link 4] pages, or on Instagram [link 5] and YouTube [link 6]. Sincere regards, [image =] [image =] [link 7]�� [image =] [link 8]�� [image =] [link 9]�� [image =] [link 10]
July 31, 2014
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