instaPoll: Size and Scope of government

Office of Congressman J. Randy Forbes
2014-11-03 12:32:00



The size and scope of the federal government has been an issue of debate since the founding of our nation.  Today, as was true in the past, Americans hold differing views on the appropriate size of government and the impact of that size on economic outcomes, efficiency of citizen services, and personal liberty and opportunity, among other factors.

Proponents of smaller government argue that government is oversized and too involved in the everyday lives of American citizens.  They believe that while the government has continued to grow, waste, fraud, and abuse have reduced the effectiveness of government, threatened critical services, and caused economic harm in the form of overregulation and high taxation.

On the other hand, some believe that a large federal government is best placed to issue regulations and provide access to programs and services in order to enhance citizen safety and wellbeing.  They believe that government programs are working and are improving the lives of the American people.

Question of the week:

( ) A smaller government with fewer services.
( ) A bigger government with more services.
( ) It depends on the services. 
( ) I don’t know.
( ) Other.

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