InstaPoll: U.S. relations with Cuba

Office of Congressman J. Randy Forbes
2014-12-18 19:27:53



For over half a century, the United States has maintained a strict ban on the majority of trade with Cuba. The ban originated during the 1959 Cuban Revolution, as a U.S. response to the Cuban government’s takeover of privately owned American businesses.  Since that time, the United States has upheld the ban as long as the Cuban government continued to resist the establishment of a democracy and neglect human rights.

The United States has not had formal diplomatic relations with Cuba since 1961; however, that changed yesterday when President Obama ” and imprisoned in Florida for 15 years on spying charges.

The President’s announcement is part of his plan to normalize relations between Cuba and the United States, and will also include reviewing the designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, easing financial restrictions, easing travel restrictions, and beginning the effort to lift the 54-year-old ban on trade between the two countries. Additionally, the United States will begin looking to establish an embassy in Havana in the coming months.  In return, Cuba also agreed to allow greater Internet access for its citizens and easier telecommunications with the United States.

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