Does the law matter or not?

Senator Roy Blunt
2015-01-27 14:50:25
Roy Blunt, United States Senator for Missouri Dear Unity, The House has sent over the U.S. Department of Homeland Security funding bill, which deals with a very important question: does the law matter, or not? On more than 22 separate occasions, President Obama admitted he didn't have the authority to do what he now has done with his executive amnesty.�*The president still does not possess that authority today.* I talked [link 1] about my support for the House-passed bill today to stop President Obama's lawless power grab. Sometimes you don't know how these legislative battles go if you don't have them - and we intend to have this one. **Click here [link 2] to watch my remarks today.** ** [image = stakeout.png]** [link 3] I re-introduced [link 4] my bill, the "ENFORCE the Law" Act, to ensure the president cannot continue blatantly disregarding the nation's laws and the Constitution.� In December, I also joined an amicus brief [link 5] led by Senator Cruz and co-signed by Senator Cornyn supporting a lawsuit brought by the State of Texas against President Obama's illegal amnesty. I think we should do everything we can to persuade at least a half dozen Democrats to join us to stop President Obama's amnesty. As always, I invite you to join the conversation online by sharing your thoughts with me on Facebook [link 6], Twitter [link 7], on Instagram [link 8], and by subscribing to my YouTube [link 9] channel. Sincere regards, [image =] [image =] [link 10]�� [image =] [link 11]�� [image =] [link 12]�� [image =] [link 13]
January 27, 2015

Dear Unity,

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