Protecting Christians Around the World

Senator Mark Kirk
2016-07-08 16:24:35
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Protecting Christians Around the World

Dear Unity,

Christian communities in northern Iraq have been devastated by violence from ISIS and other radical extremists. I am often stirred by firsthand accounts of the horrors faced by this community and other religious minorities in Iraq and Syria.

As a result of my deep concern for these vulnerable religious and ethnic minorities, I successfully advocated for programs to assist vulnerable Iraqi ethnic and religious minorities in this year’s Department of State and Foreign Operations appropriations bill.

Christian Assyrians in northern Iraq have lived in the Nineveh Plains for thousands of years. They deserve to live in peace and security on the land that they’ve cultivated for generations. Christian Assyrians have been our friends in the fight against ISIS and we must honor this relationship. That’s why I required the State Department to report on progress toward the creation of the Nineveh Plains province and formulate a strategy to provide critical military aid to these vulnerable minority groups.

These steps are designed to follow through on our commitments to these vulnerable Christians and the protection of religious freedoms around the world. Despite the unimaginable suffering at the hands of ISIS, these communities display inspiring resolve to protect their ancestral lands. In the face of genocide, I am committed to support and protect victimized communities like the Christians of northern Iraq.


Senator Mark Kirk



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