BREAKING: Senate health care vote suspended
Friends, Thank you. Because of you and the thousands of calls made that flooded the offices of Senators Susan Collins, Dean Heller, and others, Mitch McConnell just announced that the Senate will delay their vote on the disastrous American Health Care Act until after the July recess. We've bought ourselves some time to stop this bill for good. Now Republican senators have to go home to explain why they're trying to rip health care away from 22 million. We must remain vigilant and protect health care for millions of Americans. Please donate any amount to Our Revolution to help fuel our efforts to stop this terrible health care bill. DONATE » The tide is turning in our favor but there's no telling how abruptly the GOP will turn around and try to force a vote on health care. It's clear that our model of organizing is working. Our Revolution and other grassroots organizations are taking back power from Republican legislators through direct actions, phone calls, and the electoral power we're building across the country. Lives are on the line in the debate over our health care. Make a contribution of any amount today to help us organize for Medicare for All. DONATE » This is a great victory. The political revolution is winning, and that's all thanks to your efforts and support. Thank you. In solidarity, Shannon Jackson Executive Director Our Revolution
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3rd Annual Ride for Fallen Service Heroes - July 8th
Click here to open this e-mail in its own browser window < =SenManchin%2501217438%2501202163%2b-%2b06-26-2017%2beNewsletter%2501177 ed%2501Mr.%2bUnity%2bFeed%2501123%2bLane%253cbr%253e%250d%250aCi%252c%2b WV%2b90210%2501> Click here to open a plain text version of this email < n_text=Y&link=SenManchin%2501217438%2501202163%2b-%2b06-26-2017%2beNewsl %2501Mr.%2bFeed%2501Mr.%2bUnity%2bFeed%2501123%2bLane%253cbr%253e%250d%2 50aCi%252c%2bWV%2b90210%2501> < ican_flag_banner.jpg>
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Update from Senator Bob Corker - June 27, 2017
Bob Corker - U.S. Senator, Tennessee *Reviewing the Discussion Draft of the Senate Health Care Legislation* On Thursday afternoon, Senator Corker released the following statement regarding the discussion draft of the Senate health care legislation. �Under the current health care system, families in Tennessee and across our country face rising costs and have limited choices,� *said Corker*. �Congress has a responsibility to resolve these issues and stabilize the individual insurance market, and over the next several days, I will take time to fully review the legislative text and seek input from a wide range of stakeholders across our state. I will make a final decision based on whether this legislation, on the whole, is better than what is in place today.� Click here [link 1] to read the discussion draft of the Senate health care legislation. Click here [link 2] to read a summary of the discussion draft (courtesy of the Senate Budget Committee). Click here [link 3] to provide input to Senator Corker. *President Trump Is Keeping His Word to Veterans* On Friday, Senator Corker released the following statement after President Donald J. Trump signed into law the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017 (S.1094). The bipartisan legislation will increase accountability within the VA by streamlining the process to fire misbehaving and underperforming employees, holding VA executives to higher standards, and ensuring appropriate due process protections for whistleblowers. � � � �Our nation�s veterans deserve the very best care, and by signing legislation to improve accountability at the Department of Veterans Affairs, the president is keeping his word to the brave men and women who have served our country,��*said Corker*. �There have been systemic problems within the VA for decades, and I am glad that Congress, Secretary Shulkin and the Trump administration are working together to tackle these challenges head on. While more reforms will be necessary, this is a step in the right direction, and I will continue to work with my colleagues to address the problems that have plagued the VA for far too long.� *Welcoming Tennesseans to Washington* Last week, Senators Corker and Alexander hosted more than 100 Tennesseans at �Tennessee Tuesday,� a regular breakfast held on Capitol Hill every week the Senate is in session for visitors from the Volunteer State. For more information, click�here [link 4]. [image =] [image =] [image =] On Wednesday afternoon, Senators Corker and Alexander met the Congressional Award winners from Tennessee, Grace and Carmen. Each year, Congress recognizes young people across the country who have made and achieved goals in personal development, public service, physical fitness and outdoor exploration.� [image =] [image =] On Thursday, Senator Corker was honored to receive the National Eagle Award from the Associated Builders and Contractors of West Tennessee for his support of the local construction industry.� [image =] [image =] *President Trump Approves Disaster Assistance for 12 Tennessee Counties* On Friday, President Trump approved [link 5] federal disaster assistance for 12 Tennessee counties that were impacted by severe storms and flooding during the Memorial Day weekend. All members of the Tennessee congressional delegation supported [link 6] Governor Haslam's request, and Senator Corker thanked the president for approving the assistance.� [image =] [link 7] *Memphis and Jackson Working With the Department of Justice to Reduce Violent Crime* On Wednesday, Senator Corker released the following statement after the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) selected [link 8] Memphis and Jackson as two of 12 cities to participate in the department�s National Public Safety Partnership (PSP) program. Through the partnership, the DOJ will support Memphis and Jackson law enforcement agencies and prosecutors in reducing violent crimes and gang violence. �Nothing affects families more than knowing they are safe in their community, and I am glad to see the cities of Memphis and Jackson working with the Department of Justice to combat violent crime,� *said Corker*. �This partnership will be an added resource for local law enforcement agencies in their efforts to enhance safety, and I look forward to following the program�s progress.�
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On Healthcare
< KS01JM%2501159758%2501100287%2b-%2b06-26-2017%2beNewsletter%250115468.34 bFeed%250190210%2501> < _text=Y&link=KS01JM%2501159758%2501100287%2b-%2b06-26-2017%2beNewsletter y%2501Unity%2bFeed%250190210%2501> If you are having trouble viewing this email, please view it on my website < =15468.34875166.4315007.7719423&report_id=& 2D-8CF3-94C28C20D9BE&redir_log=767165049497580> . < d.png>
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Doing nothing is not an option
A message from US Senator Todd Young < nner_logo2.png> Under Obamacare, insurance options dwindling Indiana no longer has an insurance provider within the individual market that covers the entire state. That includes four counties that have no coverage options on the exchange. Rising costs are driving insurers out of the market as the system continues to collapse on itself. We must act in order to stabilize markets and ensure Hoosiers have access to affordable and quality options. < thcare_graphic.png> I am reviewing the Senate healthcare discussion draft and speaking with folks at home, but one thing is clear: doing nothing is not an option. Obamacare has failed Hoosiers as prices have skyrocketed, insurers have left the marketplace leaving severely limited choices, and deductibles have risen to a level where, for some, insurance is useless. Obamacare's continuous collapse will eventually leave Hoosiers without insurance. I am committed to improving our nation's health care system so everyone has the opportunity to access high quality and affordable care. I spoke with Fox59's Dan Spehler on INFocus < op=13305.6905333.5280574.189397&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2ffox59.c om%2f2017%2f06%2f25%2fin-focus-sen-young-hoping-to-get-to-yes-on-health- care%2f&redir_log=877437591853560> about the discussion draft and elaborated how we must reverse the damage Obamacare has done to the American healthcare system and the undue strain it has placed on so many Hoosiers. Expert Panel Examines World Health Organization Preparedness for Pandemics The international community confronts a growing and serious pandemic threat. Last week, I chaired an expert panel < op=13305.6905333.5280574.189397&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fwww.yo %2580%2599s-readiness-global-pandemics&redir_log=531904115509787> to examine the World Health Organization's preparations for a possible global health pandemic. Unfortunately, the WHO has numerous shortcomings in its preparations for the threat and Dr. Rebecca Katz, one of the expert panelists, cited pandemic modelers who say there is a high probability of a large-scale influenza pandemic in the next 10-30 years. That potential pandemic would put tens of millions of lives in danger. It's important to note that pandemics know no national borders and simply preparing the United States for a pandemic is insufficient. Mobile Office Hours Coming to Hamilton Co. Do you need help with a federal agency? A member of my staff will be holding mobile office hours in Hamilton County this week. Location: The Government and Judicial Center One Hamilton County Square, Suite 157, Commissioners Conference Room 1A Noblesville, IN 46060 Time: Thursday, June 29th, 2:30p - 4:30p My office is equipped to handle a number of different casework situations; l < op=13305.6905333.5280574.189397&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fwww.yo> earn more < op=13305.6905333.5280574.189397&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fwww.yo> about how we can assist you. Please note these mobile office hours are intended to help Hoosiers navigate federal agencies. To make your opinion known on legislation, please call us to schedule an appointment or send an email on my website < op=13305.6905333.5280574.189397&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fwww.yo> One more thing before you go� I visited with Ball State University President Geoff Mearns to discuss issues important to the university. He graciously volunteered to help decorate the office walls to ensure BSU is well represented. < 017-06-26_at_12.00.19_PM.png> Thank you for the continued privilege to serve you in the U.S. Senate. My mission is to fight on behalf of Hoosiers and the interests that are unique to our state. I look forward to working with you, and sharing our progress, in the days ahead. Until then� In Service, <> Contact Todd < op=13305.6905333.5280574.189397&report_id=&> You can follow us on social media to receive constant updates on Senator Young's work on behalf of you: Facebook < op=13305.6905333.5280574.189397&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww.fac> Twitter < op=13305.6905333.5280574.189397&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww.twi> Unsubscribe < __sid=100001&__crop=13305.6905333.5280574.189397> Click here to open a plain text version of this email < _text=Y&link=SenYoung%2501100630%2501100048%2b-%2b06-26-2017%2beNewslett y%2501Unity%2bFeed%2501%2501> Click here to forward this email < rd=Y&link=SenYoung%2501100630%2501100048%2b-%2b06-26-2017%2beNewsletter% 501Unity%2bFeed%2501%2501> Click here to open this e-mail in its own browser window < SenYoung%2501100630%2501100048%2b-%2b06-26-2017%2beNewsletter%250113305. bFeed%2501%2501> < p=13305.6905333.5280574.189397> < p=13305.6905333.5280574.189397>
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NAFTA has hollowed out the middle class
Friends, Thanks to your efforts we helped defeat the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Now we need your help again as the Trump administration seeks to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement. NAFTA and trade deals like it have been disastrous for workers and the environment. In the last several decades, American manufacturing has plummeted, and good paying jobs have been outsourced. Working families in our trading partners have similarly been displaced and disadvantaged by the same multi national corporations. We need fair trade that works for citizens and the environment! This Tuesday, I will join other labor, environmental and trade activists as we rally in DC calling for fair renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Deal (NAFTA). Add your name to the petition we will deliver to the U.S. Trade Representative calling for a transparent process that benefits workers, not corporations. Rather than defending our manufacturing jobs and raising living standards for working families, NAFTA made it easier for large multinational corporations to move jobs out, and avoid regulations that protect workers and the environment. Our trade deals have favored Wall Street and the largest corporations for far too long. We need a radical reimagining of what our trade policies are set to accomplish, and that begins with NAFTA. Please sign our petition calling for a renegotiation that benefits American workers, not Wall Street and multinational corporations. Trade deals can be good for our economy, our workers, and the workers in our trading partners. Together, we can fight to make NAFTA the trade deal it should be: one where workers are treated fairly, the environment is treated with respect, and corporations play by our rules, not their own. Thank you for taking this bold stand for workers everywhere. In Solidarity, Larry Cohen Board Chair Our Revolution SIGN THE PETITION >>>>>>
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Latest from Lamar
Latest from Lamar, Notes from the Senate Desk *This week, the Senate�released a discussion draft of its health care bill. To begin with, this discussion draft makes no change in the law protecting people with pre-existing conditions, no change in Medicare benefits, and it increases Medicaid funding � that�s TennCare � at least at the rate of inflation. Let me repeat:�it makes no change�in the law protecting people with pre-existing conditions,�no change in�Medicare benefits,�and annually increases funding for Medicaid�that�s TennCare� at least at the rate of inflation.* Here are some other benefits for Tennesseans I see in this draft: - Offers health care coverage to 162,000 Tennesseans who make less than $12,000 a year, and under the current law, receive zero help buying insurance. - Means the 350,000 Tennesseans who buy their insurance in the individual market � these are Tennesseans who don�t get their insurance on the job or who don�t get it from the government � are more likely to be able to buy insurance next year instead of being in the collapsing Obamacare exchanges where there may be only one option � or even zero options � to buy insurance. - Repeals the health insurance tax, which drives up the cost of premiums. - Gives the state more flexibility and continues federal cost-sharing, which our state insurance commissioner said will help bring down the cost of premiums. - Slows down sky-rocketing premiums, which in Tennessee have gone up 176 percent over four years. - Repeals the medical device tax on one of our state�s largest exports. - Repeals the employer mandate penalty, which should mean that employers should be able to offer employees more choices of insurance at a lower-cost�and about 60 percent of us get our insurance on the job. - Ends the tax on individuals who choose not to buy insurance. - Provides more money for hospitals that serve low-income Tennesseans who don�t have insurance. - Provides new funding for opioid abuse, and opioid abuse is a rampant epidemic in our state. - Provides new Medicaid funding for mental health to double the number of days of in-patient treatment. I�m going to continue to review this draft. I�m going to see what it costs when the Congressional Budget Office gives its report. Then, I�m going to stay focused on it next week as the bill goes to the Senate floor � where it will be subject to virtually unlimited amendments � and my focus will be on how it affects Tennesseans. *On Wednesday, Senator Corker and I had the opportunity to congratulate Carmen and Grant, recipients of the Congressional Award Gold Medal. These Tennessee students were recognized for setting challenging goals in the areas of volunteering, personal development, fitness and expedition.* *This week, I attended several U.S. Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearings on the president�s proposed budget. At those committee meetings, I asked administration officials about the status of a review of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park�s response to the Sevier County wildfires. I also asked about the Polk home in Columbia, and about a proposal that could cost the University of Tennessee nearly $10 million in grant funding each year.* On Wednesday, I asked U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke about the status of the department�s individual fire review for the devastating fire in the Smokies last year. This report will provide assistance in learning what happened and help us avoid something like that happening again � and Secretary Zinke said that he will ensure this report is finalized as soon as possible. The fire was traumatizing for the people in the community, and I appreciate his focus. I also asked [link 5] Secretary Zinke if the Department will continue to support taking the next step on making the James K. Polk home in Columbia a unit of the National Park System. Later on Wednesday, U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry [link 7] testified at the U.S. Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development hearing on the Energy Department�s budget. The Energy Department�s research programs have made the United States a world leader in science and technology and will help the United States maintain its brainpower advantage to remain competitive in a time where other countries are investing heavily in these areas. We have to be fiscally responsible and carefully spend our resources on programs that can achieve results. On Thursday, I talked with Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), at a U.S. Senate Appropriations Subcommittee hearing about how a budget proposal from the administration regarding NIH grant recipients could mean a nearly $10 million decrease in funding for the University of Tennessee and force universities around the country to do less research. We want universities to do more research, not less. I encouraged Dr. Collins and the administration to instead look at how much time researchers spend on administrative tasks � approximately 42 percent by some estimates.� *Energy research deserves the same attention from Congress as medical research* On Tuesday, at an event hosted by the Bipartisan Policy Center�s American Energy Innovation Council, I said that last year�s 21st Century Cures Act will help virtually every American family, but medical research is not the whole story. Energy research deserves the same attention and also has the potential to help virtually every American family. I think the best way to lower the cost of energy, clean the air, improve health, increase family incomes, and produce good-paying jobs is to double funding for basic energy research and drive American innovation. We are heading in the right direction on federally sponsored energy research. Through the U.S. Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development, which I chair, we have increased investment in both basic energy research and high-potential, high-impact energy technologies at ARPA-E.� *On Tuesday, I met with the National Association of Manufacturers and discussed workforce development and the importance of working to close the skills gap. The Manufacturing Institute estimates that this skills gap will leave two million manufacturing jobs unfilled over the next 10 years.* *Celebrating our national symbol, the bald eagle* Last week, the Senate passed my resolution designating this Tuesday, June 20, as American Eagle Day. This is the tenth year I�ve sponsored this resolution to celebrate the recovery and restoration of our national symbol, the bald eagle. I�m also especially proud as a Tennessean that the American Eagle Foundation, in Pigeon Forge, has played such a leading role for more than 30 years in preserving this magnificent bird. You can read more about bald eagles here [link 12]. � Never be too busy to meet a competent young person who wants a job.� In 1970, when I was working in the Nixon White House, a friend telephoned about a young Kentuckian who wanted a press job. After meeting her, I called Ron Ziegler, then the White House press secretary.� "I don't have time to see her," Ron said.� "You'll be sorry if you don't," I replied.� He saw her and hired her. Her name was Diane Sawyer. That interview began a media career that eventually led to ABC's *PrimeTime Live.�* *� � � � �- From Lamar Alexander�s�*Little Plaid Book** ** Contact Information: Website: Office Location: Washington, DC Office 455 Dirksen Office Building, Washington, DC 20510 Phone: (202) 224-4944 | Fax: (202) 228-3398 Privacy Policy: Unsubscribe:
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Subject Line: The Scoop: Free Speech, Health Care, Russia, Prescription Drug Prices
<> About Grassley < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww> Constituent Services < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww> News Center < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww> Contact Grassley < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww> Grassley Direct I spoke < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww =623470576911454> with Brian Fancher of KLMJ Radio in Hampton and Nick Johansen of the Red Oak Express about the Senate health care plan, the escalating crises in Syria and North Korea, infrastructure legislation, the congressional baseball practice shooting, trade with Mexico and the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the U.S. election. Q&A: Free Speech 101 Q. Why did you conduct a hearing to examine free speech on college campuses? Q. What is your takeaway from the Judiciary Committee hearing? < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fme =83669058531417> Quick Links Due to the way Obamacare is designed, Iowans face tremendous uncertainty and anxiety about having access to a health insurance plan in 2018. The Senate bill discussion draft is available for everyone to review < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww =143770082878419> . I'm studying it and looking at the ways it would help Iowans < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww health-care-bill&redir_log=43850903513648> affected by Obamacare's failures. I'm glad this process is moving forward, given the problems that continue to get worse with the current law. A report from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction indicated the Pentagon wasted as much as $28 million < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww illion-wrong-camouflage-uniforms-afghanistan&redir_log=254684259595847> on camouflage uniforms inappropriate for the Afghan landscape. This incident < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww 808452350664405> is embarrassing and an affront to U.S. taxpayers. Those who wasted money < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww w-28-million-uniforms-afghan-soldiers-report-says%2f413219001%2f&redir_l og=255261979475849> on the wrong camouflage uniforms seem to have lost sight of their common sense. My colleagues and I introduced the Teachers Are Leaders Act < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww d-support-teacher-leadership-opportunities&redir_log=023455730197842> , which would create partnerships between colleges and high-need schools to develop and support innovative teacher leader roles. This legislation will support efforts in states like Iowa to provide career advancement opportunities for teachers and improve student achievement by having the most successful teachers coach others. Improving access to more affordable prescription medications has long been a priority of mine. I was encouraged that the new head of the Food and Drug Administration is also concerned about prescription drug costs. I encouraged him to consider two bipartisan bills < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww ommissioner-consider-proposals-expand-access-affordable&redir_log=617932 271025929> I've introduced to end anti-competitive practices by drug makers that delay more affordable generic drugs from entering the market. A lack of transparency in the investigation into Russian interference in our elections and allegations of collusion between the Russians and Trump campaign associates has fueled wild speculation and inaccurate news reports about senior government officials. This has sown distrust and cynicism in our government, which plays right into the Russians' hands as they seek to undermine our democracy. I spoke on the Senate floor < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww y-fuels-speculation-russia-probe-plays-russias-hands&redir_log=552854039 703910> about how we need more transparency to get the truth for the American people. Post of the Week < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww 6hl%3den&redir_log=193413456761557> Speech + Q&A at AEI on criminal justice reform. Qs on Second Chance Act, Bureau of Prisons, drug treatment programs A photo < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww 6hl%3den&redir_log=193413456761557> posted by @senatorchuckgrassley < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww 76377> on June 22, 2017 Keep in Touch < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww> < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww> < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2ftw> < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fme> < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fin> < &crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww> Unsubscribe < ey&__sid=100003&__crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002> Open a plain text version of this email < _text=Y&link=SenGrassley%2501104432%2501The%2bScoop%2bJune%2b23_%2b2017% ty%2501Unity%2bFeed%2501Beverly%2bHills%252c%2bCA%2b90210%2501> Forward this email < rd=Y&link=SenGrassley%2501104432%2501The%2bScoop%2bJune%2b23_%2b2017%250 2501Unity%2bFeed%2501Beverly%2bHills%252c%2bCA%2b90210%2501> Open in its own browser window < SenGrassley%2501104432%2501The%2bScoop%2bJune%2b23_%2b2017%250114185.934 2bFeed%2501Beverly%2bHills%252c%2bCA%2b90210%2501> < crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002> < crop=14185.9349778.5623981.7038002>
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I am going back on the road
Sisters and Brothers - This is literally insane. Senate Republicans are talking about passing a bill that impacts 1/6 of the American economy, that touches every single American family and they refuse to hold any hearings or public debate on their bill. They've kept it secret, kept it hidden, and now at the last possible second are going to rush it before the U.S. Senate to get a vote. It's a disgrace. They call it a health care bill, but how can it be a health care bill when it throws 23 million people off of insurance, slashes Medicaid, and defunds Planned Parenthood? God knows what the implication of this legislation will be on our children, the elderly, and those with chronic illness. Sometimes you have a hard time understanding what kind of world these guys are living in. Time is running out. It is up to all of us to act in an unprecedented way. We have to think big and do everything humanly possible to make sure this horrendous piece of legislation does not become law. So this week, I am going back on the road to visit states where there are Republican Senators who can and should vote to stop this moral abomination. I will be in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia on Saturday and Sunday. I will be talking about how unspeakable it would be to throw millions people off of health insurance and in the same bill give tax breaks to the rich and multinational corporations. We will share the stories of people who will be impacted by this bill. But I will also be asking why is it that the United States is the only major country on earth that does not guarantee health care to all of its people as a right? I will be asking why we pay far more, per capita, than any other nation for health care with worse outcomes and the highest prices for prescription drugs. And I will be discussing the Medicare-for-all, single-payer legislation that I will soon be introducing in the United States Senate. But I cannot do it alone. I need your help. Please make a $27 donation to help fund my tour where we will bring people together to stop the Republican campaign to take away health care from 23 million people in order to give a tax cut to the richest among us. People who cannot afford health care do not deserve to die, but that is what will happen if this bill passes. If there are rallies in your area, please attend them. Please work with me to revitalize American democracy and advance our political revolution. Thank you for your continued support. In solidarity, Bernie Sanders ---- Paid for by Friends of Bernie Sanders (not the billionaires) PO BOX 391, Burlington, VT 05402 This email was sent to xxx. Email is one of the most important tools we have to reach supporters like you, but if you’d like to, click here to unsubscribe: Stand against the powerful special interests and build our movement by contributing to Friends of Bernie Sanders here:
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Georgia on our minds
Friends, Money shouldn't be the end-all-be-all in deciding who represents us in Congress or what policies govern our country. Yet, just this week we not only finished one of the most expensive Congressional elections in history, topping out at more than $55 million, we also finally saw the Republican's "health care" bill which drops millions from our health care system to give tax breaks to the ultra wealthy. Our Revolution groups across the country are actively fighting against the influence of money in politics. Our efforts have propelled progressive candidates backed by people, not corporate money, to victory in Philadelphia, New York, California, Iowa, and communities across the country. Together we are fighting for the issues that will benefit all, not just a lucky few. These races and issue campaigns are just the beginning of a political revolution that puts people over profits. Now, our fight heads to the Senate as they consider a cruel plan that would kick more than 23 million people off of their current health care plans to give tax breaks to the very rich. We saw an example of this heartlessness yesterday when Capitol Police dragged away protesters in wheelchairs out of the U.S. Capitol for voicing their opposition to this cruel bill. Thank you for being active in this fight. This week alone, the Revolution flooded the telephone lines of the Senate with more than 7,200 calls in opposition to the treacherous health care plan. But, the fight is far from over. We need your support to stop the Senate attack on health care and put our stake in the ground for Medicare for All. Please make a $5 contribution to Our Revolution today to help us fight back against the Republican plan to destroy our health care system. DONATE » Billions of dollars from the wealthiest people in this country are flooding the political process and working Americans are losing out. It's clear that our system is broken when a health care bill would end access to maternity and mental health care but give billions to the very rich. The need for real campaign finance reform affects every aspect of our political process including how we fix our health care system. Our Revolution is organizing in many capacities, but putting the needs of every day people will always come first. We need your support to fight back against the Senate's health care plan and give a voice to every day people. Please chip in $5 to Our Revolution and help us continue the political revolution together. DONATE » Thank you for fighting for the progressive values we all believe in. Now is the time for us to come together and stop this unjust assault on the American people. In solidarity, Shannon Jackson Executive Director Our Revolution
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A zein for Utah.
Friend, Today we made a powerful statement to Utah and the Nation:  increasing premiums, unaffordable health care, and regulatory red-tape should not be the standard of health care in this country.  For the past seven years, Obamacare’s high costs and burdensome mandates have had devastating effects on the American economy, small businesses, and middle-class families trying to find affordable, quality care. Today, after years of discussion and countless hearings, Senate Republicans are putting forth solutions to rescue the American people from this devastating law. The discussion draft released this afternoon is an important step in our effort to replace Obamacare with patient-centered reforms that address costs, provide more choices, and ultimately put Americans—not Washington—back in charge of their healthcare.
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My Facebook Live town hall on healthcare
Click here to open this e-mail in its own browser window < =Sen_Carper%2501398458%2501403354%2b-%2b06-22-2017%2beNewsletter%2501179> Click here to open a plain text version of this email < n_text=Y&link=Sen_Carper%2501398458%2501403354%2b-%2b06-22-2017%2beNewsl> < crop=17928.20421520.11962428.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc> < crop=17928.20421520.11962428.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc> < crop=17928.20421520.11962428.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc 55> < crop=17928.20421520.11962428.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc 61590577447443> < crop=17928.20421520.11962428.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc> < crop=17928.20421520.11962428.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc 63376> < crop=17928.20421520.11962428.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc > e-Newsletter Header < crop=17928.20421520.11962428.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc> Carper's Connection June 22, 2017 Dear Friends, Yesterday, just a day before my Republican colleagues in the Senate released their draft health care legislation, I held my first Facebook Live town hall to answer questions from Delawareans about health care reform. < crop=17928.20421520.11962428.15290910&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2f> The Affordable Care Act (ACA) isn't perfect. That's why I've introduced a bill that would inject more stability into the individual insurance market, increase competition among insurers and lower premiums for consumers. In fact, my bill would lower premiums by 35 percent. Unfortunately, the draft health care legislation released by Senate Republicans today would force Delawareans to pay more in premiums and deductibles for less benefits. This plan would kick more than 150,000 Delawareans off of their health insurance. During my Facebook town hall on health care, dozens of folks from up and down the First State asked me questions about the ACA, the Republican health care plan and prospects for bipartisan health care reform. You can watch my entire town hall here < crop=17928.20421520.11962428.15290910&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2f> , or check out some excerpts from my Facebook Live town hall below. Susan in Bridgeville asked, "Will the [Republican] health care bill maintain mental health and substance use coverage as an essential health benefit in order to prevent suicide and abuse and address the growing epidemic of opioid abuse?" "�The largest source of funds we use in this country to treat opioid abuse is through Medicaid. It's for people from all walks of life. It's our neighbors, our family members, people we work with. A lot of people sadly. We know treatment works, and we want to make sure people have access to treatment... So if we cut Medicaid by $800 million dollars like the House bill does, making cuts over the next 10 years, a lot of that treatment would go away." Deborah Brown, president and CEO of the American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic, asked, "How can we expect to reduce healthcare costs if we don't switch from sick care to prevention?" "If you look at the increase in health care costs in the place where most people get their coverage, that's the employer-paid health care plans. A number of employers around the country are doing what Safeway < crop=17928.20421520.11962428.15290910&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2f> did a number of years ago�. Not denying coverage to people, their employees, but incentivizing them to take better care of themselves and actually to prevent episodes that are going to cost a lot of money. And it works! That's what we tried to do with the Affordable Care Act. We have annual physicals now, paid through health care." Jennifer in Clayton asked, "If the Republican American Health Care Act fails, do you think this will open doors for bipartisan conversations on healthcare?" "I was just on the Senate floor. I won't say who I was talking to, but I was talking to one of my Republican colleagues. We talked about this very question�Most people in the country want us to preserve the parts of the Affordable Care Act that need to be preserved, and fix the parts that need to be fixed... We need to work this out together." I would greatly appreciate hearing your feedback about our Facebook Live town hall. I look forward to hearing from you, and it's my hope that you'll be able to join us for our next Facebook Live town hall in the coming weeks. < pg> Stay Connected with Senator Carper Email Icon < crop=17928.20421520.11962428.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc 48783626634436> Flickr Icon < crop=17928.20421520.11962428.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fw> Twitter Icon < crop=17928.20421520.11962428.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2ft> Facebook Icon < crop=17928.20421520.11962428.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fw> YouTube Icon < crop=17928.20421520.11962428.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fw> RSS Icon < crop=17928.20421520.11962428.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc 9349> Washington, D.C. 513 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 Phone: (202) 224-2441 Fax: (202) 228-2190 Wilmington 301 North Walnut Street, Suite 102L-1 Wilmington, DE 19801-3974 Phone: (302) 573-6291 Fax: (302) 573-6434 Dover 500 West Loockerman Street, Suite 470 Dover, DE 19904 Phone: (302) 674-3308 Fax: (302) 674-5464 Georgetown 12 The Circle Georgetown, DE 19947 Phone: (302) 856-7690 Fax: (302) 856-3001 Home < crop=17928.20421520.11962428.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc> | Privacy Policy < crop=17928.20421520.11962428.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc 35533396> | Unsubscribe < crop=17928.20421520.11962428.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc 17376>
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The Senate just released their repeal bill
Senate Republicans just released their draft bill to repeal health care for 23 million Americans, and as we expected the cuts will be devastating. Maternity care, emergency services, and mental health treatment will be slashed. Our lives depend on our health care. Please call your senator and tell them to stop the so-called American Health Care Act in its tracks. We are the only thing standing in the way of the worst, most deadly piece of legislation in our lifetimes. Call your senator and help stop this repeal. CALL MY SENATOR » --Shannon Friends, Republicans in the Senate want to keep the American people in limbo by keeping their version of the American Health Care Act secret. Right now, Mitch McConnell and his Senate colleagues are putting together a bill that could force people to go without necessary health care in order to give huge tax breaks to the insurance industry. We deserve to know how much the Republican plan will increase our premiums, deductibles, and copayments, how many people will lose coverage, and what impact the $800 billion cut to Medicaid will have on those suffering from the ongoing opioid epidemic. We demand health care for those who lack coverage at this very moment, and the ones who might lose coverage due to pre-existing conditions. The House passed their version of the so-called American Health Care Act without a score from the CBO, but we now know that 23 million people will lose coverage if it passes. That's not to mention the millions more who will be priced out of affording prescriptions and other vital components of health care, all so the very wealthiest can receive yet another tax cut. Call your senator today and tell them to stop the American Health Care Act. We need to start over with a plan that covers everybody. CALL MY SENATOR » We are fighting for universal coverage under a Medicare for All, single payer system that cuts the insurance industry out of the equation. In a single payer system, the monthly premium is the only time the patient is charged. Medical bankruptcy due to terminal illness would be a thing of the past, and the price gouging of the pharmaceutical industry would be stopped. It's time for the United States to join the UK, Canada, France, and every other major country--all of which guarantee healthcare as a right to all of their people. Republicans in the Senate are beholden to the very industries that they are attempting to regulate. As a result, our health care access is in the hands of corporations who are looking to cash out every time a patient needs prenatal care, chemotherapy, and any other treatment. Republicans want to take away health care from millions of people by passing the American Health Care Act. Please call your senator and tell them to stop their secret health care repeal and start over with a plan guaranteed to cover everybody. CALL MY SENATOR » We are getting closer than ever to achieving real universal coverage. A majority of the American people support universal coverage. While that opinion may not be reflected in the Senate, remember that they answer to us. Please call them today. CALL MY SENATOR » In solidarity, Shannon Jackson Executive Director Our Revolution
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Red alert! One week left to make your voices heard on health care
Click here to open this e-mail in its own browser window < =quorum_merkley-iq%2501251122%2501211148%2b-%2b06-19-2017%2bACA%2bUpdate Unity%2501Unity%2bFeed%250190210%2501> Click here to open a plain text version of this email < n_text=Y&link=quorum_merkley-iq%2501251122%2501211148%2b-%2b06-19-2017%2 bACA%2bUpdate%250118590.127850574.20873656.7791867%2501merkley%2540unity> < ley-iq&crop=18590.127850574.20873656.7791867&report_id=&redirect=http%3a email%26utm_campaign%3dlogo&redir_log=028068272374668> Dear Unity, Red alert! We now have just ONE WEEK until Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he wants to vote on a bill that would rip health care away from millions and throw the system into chaos. We have one week to protect our lifesaving care. Even President Trump thinks the House health care bill is "mean." It would leave 23 million Americans uninsured, raise the costs of insurance for older Americans (in some cases, eightfold! < ley-iq&crop=18590.127850574.20873656.7791867&report_id=&redirect=https%3 log=71543110761369> ), deny millions of women preventive care at Planned Parenthood, and threaten care for the 40% of kids in Oregon who rely on Medicaid. We're just getting to look at what the Senate majority has been cooking up in secret behind closed doors, and it is very similar. No wonder they've been so desperate to prevent people from seeing the bill. We asked 13 times < ley-iq&crop=18590.127850574.20873656.7791867&report_id=&redirect=https%3 log=459849375191370> for the Senate majority to commit to a transparent process that would give the American public ample time to weigh in. Thirteen times, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused. This secrecy stands in stark contrast to the process that led to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, when we held over 100 hearings, roundtables and walkthroughs, and spent weeks in committee considering hundreds of amendments. Join me in telling my colleagues that for once, Donald Trump was right: This health care bill IS mean. It must not be passed. This bill is about people, and whether we're making it easier for Americans to live their lives and pursue their dreams. Now more than ever, we need YOU to make your voices heard. Share your story < ley-iq&crop=18590.127850574.20873656.7791867&report_id=&redirect=https%3 459361> on what higher premiums, exclusions for pre-existing conditions, and lost coverage would mean to you and your loved ones. Help me illustrate the true, human costs of this disastrous bill. Let's send a message loud and clear that health care is a basic right, and that Americans won't idly sit by and let the Senate rip it away. All my best, Jeff Facebook < ley-iq&crop=18590.127850574.20873656.7791867&report_id=&redirect=https%3> Twitter < ley-iq&crop=18590.127850574.20873656.7791867&report_id=&redirect=https%3 r_log=590341330714427> This email was sent to xxx Visit < ley-iq&crop=18590.127850574.20873656.7791867&report_id=&redirect=http%3a email%26utm_content%3dfooter%26utm_campaign%3dproactive&redir_log=602377 66723870> | Contact Jeff < ley-iq&crop=18590.127850574.20873656.7791867&report_id=&redirect=http%3a _medium%3demail%26utm_content%3dfooter%26utm_campaign%3dproactive&redir_ log=196041837892927> | Unsubscribe < erkley-iq&__sid=100011&__crop=18590.127850574.20873656.7791867> Please note that any reply to this email address will be sent to an unmonitored email address. < k.gif?crop=18590.127850574.20873656.7791867> < k.gif?crop=18590.127850574.20873656.7791867>
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Senator Manchin's Newsletter - A West Virginia Day Message
Click here to open this e-mail in its own browser window < =SenManchin%2501217398%2501202123%2b-%2b06-20-2017%2beNewsletter%2501177 ed%2501Mr.%2bUnity%2bFeed%2501123%2bLane%253cbr%253e%250d%250aCi%252c%2b WV%2b90210%2501> Click here to open a plain text version of this email < n_text=Y&link=SenManchin%2501217398%2501202123%2b-%2b06-20-2017%2beNewsl %2501Mr.%2bFeed%2501Mr.%2bUnity%2bFeed%2501123%2bLane%253cbr%253e%250d%2 50aCi%252c%2bWV%2b90210%2501> < ner.jpg> June 20, 2017 A WEST VIRGINIA DAY OF REMEMBRANCE AND THANKS Every June 20th, West Virginians come together to celebrate the day our beloved Mountain State became our country's 35th state. It's a day that unites all of us because of our shared history and traditions. West Virginians share a deep sense of pride for what it means to call this place home. And this year, we are especially proud as our state turns 154, and as we look back on the year that has passed since devastating floods tested � but did not defeat � our spirit and strength. < > The State of West Virginia was founded during the Civil War by patriots who were willing to risk their lives in a united pursuit of justice and freedom. Since our state was forged through the fire of our nation's Civil War, Mountaineers have stepped forward for causes greater than themselves � for love of family, for protection of our nation, and for fierce devotion to our state and its people. West Virginians have always abandoned the status quo to fight for what is right. Today, this proud lineage continues through West Virginians who work incredibly hard � and who always, without question, help one another. Mountaineers inspire me every day, with a powerful spirit of giving that made us who we are � and has been the driving force that carried us out of last year's flooding and toward a stronger tomorrow. On this West Virginia Day, I am profoundly grateful to the countless volunteers and neighbors who have lifted up their fellow West Virginians over the past 12 months. < > Last June, we lost 23 of our own. Families were devastated. Thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed. Children lost their schools. Communities were shaken to their core. But, as we do in times of challenge and trial, West Virginians bounded strongly together � because that's just who we are. Local fire halls and churches were food pantries and safe havens. First responders and National Guard members, as they always are, were heroes. And West Virginians from all backgrounds and corners of the state were organizers, ambassadors, and philanthropists. < > From the high school students who built tiny homes for flood survivors to the volunteers who cleaned out homes, those who delivered food and water in a time of great need, and the neighbors who never forgot one another, the meaning of 'West Virginian' is now more deeply carved in stone. 'West Virginian' means open, giving hands. It means casseroles and phone calls. It means tears of shared joy and sorrow. It means friendly waves and encouraging friendships. It means faith and conviction in the face of loss and adversity. < > On this day in 1963, President John F. Kennedy proclaimed, "The sun does not always shine in West Virginia but the people always do." Last year at this time, the sun wasn't shining � but as the floodwaters receded, our spirit would shine once again. On West Virginia's 154th birthday, we celebrate the remarkable spirit of selflessness that defines our cherished state, has carried us out of heartache � and will keep us forever closely-knit, and proud, and grateful. RESOURCES Flood-damaged homes may qualify for mitigation grants; community emergency managers know how to apply State officials are asking homeowners interested in reducing future flood damage to their homes to reach out to their local officials to participate in the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP). The HMGP provides grants to state and local governments after a disaster to take steps to reduce future damage to property from natural disasters. For homeowners, the HMGP program provides options such as: * Elevating your home on its present site, * Relocating your home to an area less prone to flooding, and * Reconstructing your home through Mitigation Reconstruction process. The HMGP also allows communities to acquire and demolish repetitively flooded or damaged properties for fair market value. This is not the first time the state has provided information on the HMGP program. Following the June 23, 2016 flooding a series of public meetings were held statewide to provide information on these options for affected homeowners. "Many homeowners are already working with their local governments, but we do not want anyone missed who wants to participate," said Jimmy Gianato, the State Coordinating Officer for this disaster. HMGP funds are being made available statewide for interested homeowners. To apply, homeowners must work with their communities officials to submit an application on their behalf to the state and FEMA. Homeowners have until August 25, 2017 to coordinate with their local officials to apply. More information on the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program is available at: x < crop=17706.18978730.11785302.14212520&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fw x&redir_log=459026811301509> . To contact me via email, please click here. To learn more, call my office Toll Free at (855) 275-5737 or find me on social media. < crop=17706.18978730.11785302.14212520&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2f> < crop=17706.18978730.11785302.14212520&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2f> < crop=17706.18978730.11785302.14212520&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2f> < crop=17706.18978730.11785302.14212520&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fw d0A395D97-7F7E-4406-A583-26EBE7BCF9B3&redir_log=073194175924666> Please do not respond to this email, the mailbox is unattended. To unsubscribe at any time, please click here < crop=17706.18978730.11785302.14212520&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fm 536383> . < es_footer.jpg> < rop=17706.18978730.11785302.14212520> < rop=17706.18978730.11785302.14212520>
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Call your senator and stop Trumpcare
Friends, Republicans in the Senate want to keep the American people in limbo by keeping their version of the American Health Care Act secret. Right now, Mitch McConnell and his Senate colleagues are putting together a bill that could force people to go without necessary health care in order to give huge tax breaks to the insurance industry. We deserve to know how much the Republican plan will increase our premiums, deductibles, and copayments, how many people will lose coverage, and what impact the $800 billion cut to Medicaid will have on those suffering from the ongoing opioid epidemic. We demand health care for those who lack coverage at this very moment, and the ones who might lose coverage due to pre-existing conditions. The House passed their version of the so-called American Health Care Act without a score from the CBO, but we now know that 23 million people will lose coverage if it passes. That's not to mention the millions more who will be priced out of affording prescriptions and other vital components of health care, all so the very wealthiest can receive yet another tax cut. Call your senator today and tell them to stop the American Health Care Act. We need to start over with a plan that covers everybody. CALL MY SENATOR » We are fighting for universal coverage under a Medicare for All, single payer system that cuts the insurance industry out of the equation. In a single payer system, the monthly premium is the only time the patient is charged. Medical bankruptcy due to terminal illness would be a thing of the past, and the price gouging of the pharmaceutical industry would be stopped. It's time for the United States to join the UK, Canada, France, and every other major country--all of which guarantee healthcare as a right to all of their people. Republicans in the Senate are beholden to the very industries that they are attempting to regulate. As a result, our health care access is in the hands of corporations who are looking to cash out every time a patient needs prenatal care, chemotherapy, and any other treatment. Republicans want to take away health care from millions of people by passing the American Health Care Act. Please call your senator and tell them to stop their secret health care repeal and start over with a plan guaranteed to cover everybody. CALL MY SENATOR » We are getting closer than ever to achieving real universal coverage. A majority of the American people support universal coverage. While that opinion may not be reflected in the Senate, remember that they answer to us. Please call them today. CALL MY SENATOR » In solidarity, Shannon Jackson Executive Director Our Revolution
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Update from Senator Bob Corker - June 20, 2017
Bob Corker - U.S. Senator, Tennessee *Praying for Congressman Steve Scalise and Other Victims* Last week, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), Capitol Police officers David Bailey and Crystal Griner, congressional staffer Zack Barth, and Tyson Foods employee Matt Mika were wounded when a gunman opened fire on them as they were practicing for the Congressional Baseball Game. After hearing news of the brutal attack, Senator Corker posted the following tweet.� [image =] [link 1] The next day, at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing that included testimony from Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), Senator Corker thanked the speaker for his leadership and the unifying comments [link 2] he made on the House floor after the shooting.� [image =] [link 3] **Click here [link 4] or on the image above to watch Senator Corker's comments to Speaker Ryan.*** Holding Iran and Russia Accountable* On Thursday, Senator Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, released the following statement after the Senate overwhelmingly passed, by a vote of 98 to 2, legislation he authored to strengthen and expand sanctions on Iran and Russia. �For decades, Congress has slowly and irresponsibly ceded its authorities to the executive branch, particularly as it relates to foreign policy,� *said Corker*. �This marks a significant shift of power back to the American people�s representatives, something that has been a top priority of mine since becoming the lead Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee more than four years ago.� �With passage of this legislation, the Senate reasserts congressional authority � while providing the Trump administration appropriate national security flexibility � and sends a clear signal to both Iran and Russia that our country will stand firm in the face of destabilizing behavior and that Congress will play a leading role in protecting our national interests,� *added Corker*. �I hope the overwhelming support for this legislation can serve as an example for what can be accomplished when we work together and put the interests of the American people first,� *concluded Corker*. Click here [link 5] to learn more about the�Countering Iran�s Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017 Prior to the vote, the senator spoke on the floor about Iran's rogue behavior and urged his colleagues to support the legislation.� �We see destabilizing act after destabilizing act � from missile launches, to arms transfers, to terrorist training, to illicit financial activities, to targeting Navy ships and detaining American citizens � the list goes on and on,� *said Corker*.��And it�s past time for us to take steps to protect the interests of the United States and our allies...Iran�s rogue behavior has only escalated since implementation of the [nuclear] agreement, and this bipartisan bill will give the administration tools for holding Tehran accountable.� [image =] [link 6] **Click here [link 7]�or on the image above to watch the senator's remarks.** *Working With Rotarians to End Modern Slavery* Last week, Senator Corker was joined by Thorn [link 8]'s Ashton Kutcher and International Justice Mission [link 9]'s Gary Haugen at the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta to discuss the senator's End Modern Slavery Initiative [link 10] and progress in the fight to end human trafficking across the globe.� [image =] Pleased With President Trump's Decision to Nominate Michael Dunavant* Last week, Senator Corker released the following statement regarding President Donald J. Trump�s nomination of Michael Dunavant to serve as U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Tennessee. �I could not be more pleased with President Trump�s decision to nominate Michael Dunavant to serve Tennesseans as U.S. Attorney for the Western District,��*said Corker*. �Throughout his career, including in his current role as district attorney general, Mike has distinguished himself in the West Tennessee legal community and shown great commitment to promoting public safety and enforcing the law. I congratulate Mike on being nominated for this important position and look forward to meeting with him as he begins the confirmation process.� *Thanking Secretary Tillerson for His Unprecedented Outreach* At a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing last week to consider the State Department�s fiscal year 2018 budget request, Senator Corker credited Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for unprecedented outreach to the committee. He also thanked Tillerson for setting strategic priorities for operations of the State Department while emphasizing that Congress will ultimately determine spending levels for diplomacy and foreign assistance in the next fiscal year. �I want to thank [Secretary Tillerson] for what I believe has been unprecedented outreach to this committee and others who have wanted to give input,��*said Corker*.��I�ll speak for myself, and I know others feel the same way. I am very thankful that you�re serving as secretary of state. I am very thankful that Secretary Mattis is serving as secretary of defense. I am very thankful that Mr. McMaster is serving as national security advisor. And I just have to tell you that around the world people are thankful that you are in these positions.� [image =] [link 11] **Click�here [link 12]�or on the image above to watch the senator's remarks.** *Welcoming Tennesseans to Washington* Last week, Senators Corker and Alexander hosted more than 100 Tennesseans at �Tennessee Tuesday,� a regular breakfast held on Capitol Hill every week the Senate is in session for visitors from the Volunteer State. For more information, click�here [link 13]. [image =] [image =] [image =] Last Tuesday, Senator Corker met with Tennessee Titans President Steve Underwood and Counsel Burke Nihill, as well as the NFL's Senior Vice President of Labor Policy and League Affairs Adolpho Birch.�The Titans executives thanked the senator for his decades-long support and provided an update on the organization. During his time as commissioner of finance and administration for the state of Tennessee, Senator Corker was heavily involved in the recruitment of and eventual agreement with the Houston Oilers to move the organization to Tennessee. [image =] On Wednesday afternoon, Senators Corker and Alexander met with parents and students of the Tennessee History Day educational program that were visiting Washington for the National History Day Contest.� [image =] [image =] [image =] Senators Corker and Alexander also welcomed students with Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association's youth program and students with Nashville's Simon Youth Foundation to Capitol Hill. [image =] [image =]
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Early Summer Newsletter
United States Senator for Alaska, Lisa Murkowski Early Summer Newsletter Greetings Alaskans! May and June have been busy times for me, both in D.C. and on my trips back home. Many Alaskans made the long trip to our nation�s capital, wanting to talk about healthcare, the proposed budget, infrastructure, and of course many school groups with young Alaskans visiting. I also had the opportunity to meet with many of you while I was up in Alaska for the Arctic Council ministerial meeting in Fairbanks and later during my trip throughout the state over the Memorial Day work period. Memorial Day was spent at a ceremony at Byers Lake Alaska Veterans Memorial up the Parks Highway south of Healy. I was honored to have Interior Secretary Zinke, a former Navy SEAL, join us in the celebration. Memorial Day is a day to be proud and remember our nation�s finest who no longer stand with us, but whose names and memories remain in our hearts. We are forever grateful for their and their families� sacrifice.� [image =] [image =] [image =] [image =] *Keep up with what I'm doing, and follow me on:* [image =] [link 1] [image =] [link 2] [image =] [link 3] I had the opportunity to bring some of my Senate colleagues and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to the North Slope to look at Alaska�s energy assets, where we were briefed on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System's history, maintenance program, and challenges of low throughput. [image =] [image =] (*With Senators Cornyn, Barrasso, Heitkamp, Daines, and Secretary Zinke*) During his visit to our state, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke signed a new Secretarial Order that will boost access, production, and our economy. This is exactly the type of announcement that so many Alaskans have been asking for: a smart, timely step to restore access to our lands, throughput to our Trans-Alaska Pipeline, and growth to our economy under reasonable regulations that do not sacrifice environmental protections.� [image =] Interior Secretary Zinke and the Alaska Delegation also had a productive meeting with leaders from the Alaska Federation of Natives to continue an important conversation on AFN�s priorities and relationship with the Department of the Interior. [image =] [image =] (�*Alaska matters�*) While in Juneau, I spoke at the Sealaska Heritage Education Conference, to share my thoughts on the value of incorporating Native culture into education. I was also honored to be introduced by Joe Zuboff, leader of my adopted Tlingit clan � the Deisheetaan � who gave me the Tlingit name Aan shaaw�tk'I, which means �Lady of the Land�. [image =] The eyes of the Arctic were on Fairbanks in mid-May, and I was pleased to be there to celebrate the success of the U.S. Chairmanship of the Arctic Council and transfer the chairmanship to Finland. When the U.S. assumed the chair of the Arctic Council two years ago, I advocated for the ministerial meeting to be held in Fairbanks. The community of Fairbanks did an excellent job hosting the dignitaries from the eight Arctic nations and from around the globe. It was an opportunity to speak with Secretary Tillerson, who led the U.S. delegation, as well as with leaders from within Alaska and from around the globe about the importance of the Arctic. We discussed everything from broadband, economic development, science and research, to community resilience.� [image =] [image =] I visited the Arctic village of Kaktovik to meet with elders, community leaders, as well as teachers and students at Harold Kaveolook School. �� [image =] [image =] [image =] [image =] Early summer kicks off the beginning of fishing season! I had the luck of being in town when the first Copper River Salmon was flown into Anchorage. Celebrity chefs prepared samples at the Alaska Air Cargo loading dock. Fabulously fresh!� [image =] [image =] [image =] In Anchorage, I cheered on those participating in the Law Enforcement Torch Run to support the Special Olympics! It was truly inspiring to witness members of law enforcement and Special Olympics athletes come together to carry the �Flame of Hope� � symbolizing courage and celebrating diversity. [image =] [image =] I also had the opportunity to take part in the Barefoot Mile � the largest human trafficking awareness event in Alaska�s history. This one-mile walk through downtown Anchorage raises awareness in the fight against human trafficking and provides support and assistance to victims. [image =] *Washington D.C.* During National Police Week, I spoke to remember and honor the officers who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, including Officer Allen Brandt of Fairbanks. Police Week is an opportunity to focus on how these officers lived their exemplary lives, pay our respects, and look to help those who have suffered a law enforcement tragedy to grieve and ultimately recover. Click here [link 4]�to watch my floor speech. [image =] [image =] As co-chair of the Senate Oceans Caucus, I hosted an event on Capitol Hill on the importance of ocean acidification research and understanding the impact it has on our economy. Over the past decade, ocean acidification has emerged as one of the most prominent marine conservation issues affecting our coastal communities.� [image =] [image =] Alaskans in D.C. [image =] [image =] (*With students from the Nenana City School District�s STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) Education Program*) [image =] (*With Spirit of the Youth Recipients, Adam Skelton of Anchorage and Leena Robinson of Nenana*) [image =] (*With longtime Mat-Su mathematics educator Bob Williams, who was inducted into the National Teacher Hall of Fame, and his wife Connie)* [image =] (*With Small Business Administration�s Persons of the Year for the state of Alaska, Jason Motyka and David McCarthy of 49th State Brewing Company in Anchorage.)* *Family Time* I had a fantastic Mother�s Day picking fiddlehead ferns with my son Nic in Girdwood! [image =] [image =] Thanks for all the birthday greetings. I had a spectacular birthday weekend with my family. I spent Saturday helping my son Matt at the farmers market in Anchorage, and had a dream picnic in the Sheldon Amphitheater on Denali�s Ruth Glacier with my family. I am so blessed! [image =] [image =] *Keep in Contact:* Please stay connected and up to date with me via my office number, email, or on social media! My contact information is: For email, go to this URL: Twitter: @LisaMurkowski Facebook: @SenLisaMurkowski Instagram: @SenLisaMurkowski Snapchat:� LisaMurkowski Washington, D.C. Phone: 202-224-6665
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Hearing the Voices of Kansans
< KS01JM%2501159738%2501100286%2b-%2b06-19-2017%2beNewsletter%250115625.34 bFeed%250190210%2501> < _text=Y&link=KS01JM%2501159738%2501100286%2b-%2b06-19-2017%2beNewsletter y%2501Unity%2bFeed%250190210%2501> If you are having trouble viewing this email, please view it on my website < =15625.34783571.4304966.7719423&report_id=& CF-BF62-A3F6A133A200&redir_log=55361509479580> . < d.png>
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My Decision Should Come as a Surprise to No One
A message from US Senator Todd Young < nner_logo2.png> Welcome Home, Genene! Everyone was all smiles at the Indianapolis Airport this Saturday. Dozens of friends and neighbors turned out to welcome home the Oren family, from Anderson, IN, and their son Genene. His homecoming was a long-awaited reunion. Although, Genene was legally adopted from Ethiopia over a year ago, his journey home had been delayed due to Ethiopia halting international adoption proceedings. According to the US State Department, this has left dozens of American families unable to obtain the necessary paperwork to bring their legally adopted children home. It was a privilege to be at the airport to celebrate with the Oren family < op=13325.6781550.5264375.189397&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fwww.yo 5002291447> . I'm thrilled to welcome Genene home to Indiana, and see a family finally become whole. < 017-06-19_at_3.57.00_PM.png> Revamping International Development with Incoming USAID Director Mark Green President Trump's nominee to lead USAID appeared in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last week for his confirmation hearing. During our discussion, I asked about possible USAID reform and reorganization, along with other National Security development strategies. Each of these efforts would improve USAID operations and help advance American interests abroad. Senator Shaheen and I introduced legislation to implement common-sense collaboration between numerous U.S. Government agencies in order to optimize our international development and aid operations. It's long past time to reform these areas in order to provide more effective services along with ensuring taxpayer money is spent effectively. Mr. Green expressed a strong interest in reviewing our recommendations and I look forward to working with him. My Decision Should Come as a Surprise to No One After months of efforts to alleviate suffering in Yemen, I voted to block certain weapons from being transferred to Saudi Arabia < op=13325.6781550.5264375.189397&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww.huf ith-saudi-arabia_us_593fec86e4b0b13f2c6de84b&redir_log=86969589451849> My decision is not based on an opposition to arms sales, but on the persistent and misguided refusal of the Saudi government to take specific steps to alleviate suffering in Yemen. I recognize that�despite our differences�the Saudi government is an important regional security partner for the United States. However, when we work through allies and partners, we should not set aside our national security interests, and we certainly should not set aside our support for universal humanitarian principles. That principle certainly applies to the Saudis and to the situation in Yemen. Starting a Bipartisan Dialogue on Healthcare Last month, I reached out to my Democratic colleagues to discuss < op=13325.6781550.5264375.189397&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww.ind oric-over-obamacare-indianas-freshman-senator-tries-reaching-across-aisl e%2f102854970%2f&redir_log=719248180141049> the state of our healthcare system. This is a genuine effort to try to earn the trust of my fellow colleagues and let them know that on this issue, as with other issues, it's my intent to try to find common ground. Our healthcare system is in dire straits as the number of choices dwindle, costs continue to skyrocket, and quality remains unacceptably subpar. One More Thing Before You Go: Hoosier Students Keller, Jason, Geoffrey and Ryun are four outstanding young men from Warsaw, Indiana. They used their research, writing, and acting skills to tell the story of Pearl Harbor for a National History Day project. Their hard work and dedication over several months earned them a first-place award in the Indiana State competition and an opportunity to compete in the national competition this past week at the University of Maryland. In recognition of their achievements, I was honored to recognize their work and accomplishment in the official congressional record of Congress and present it to them at this week's #HoosierHuddle. They reported history and now, they are a part of it. Congratulations to them, their sponsor and parents. It was a privilege to meet you all. < op=13325.6781550.5264375.189397&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fwww.fa 99625693227414> Thank you for the continued privilege to serve you in the Senate. My mission is to fight on behalf of Hoosiers and the interests that are unique to our state. I look forward to working with you, and sharing our progress, in the days ahead. Until then� In Service, <> Contact Todd < op=13325.6781550.5264375.189397&report_id=&> You can follow us on social media to receive constant updates on Senator Young's work on behalf of you: Facebook < op=13325.6781550.5264375.189397&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww.fac> Twitter < op=13325.6781550.5264375.189397&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww.twi> Unsubscribe < __sid=100001&__crop=13325.6781550.5264375.189397> Click here to open a plain text version of this email < _text=Y&link=SenYoung%2501100608%2501100046%2b-%2b06-19-2017%2beNewslett y%2501Unity%2bFeed%2501%2501> Click here to forward this email < rd=Y&link=SenYoung%2501100608%2501100046%2b-%2b06-19-2017%2beNewsletter% 501Unity%2bFeed%2501%2501> Click here to open this e-mail in its own browser window < SenYoung%2501100608%2501100046%2b-%2b06-19-2017%2beNewsletter%250113325. bFeed%2501%2501> < p=13325.6781550.5264375.189397> < p=13325.6781550.5264375.189397>
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Watch this! 🎦
Marco Rubio
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Heroes among us.
Dear Friend, This week, our nation witnessed a tragedy when an active shooter—with evil intentions and malice in his heart—opened fire on Members of Congress at a morning practice for the Congressional Baseball Game. Injured in the incident were congressional staff, two Capitol Police officers, and a dear friend, Representative Steve Scalise, who is currently hospitalized and in critical condition. I shudder to think what may have happened Wednesday morning were it not for the quick action taken by Representative Scalise’s security detail. These courageous special agents returned fire to apprehend the perpetrator of this senseless and appalling act of violence.  Through their heroic actions, they prevented a massacre, saving the lives of dozens of elected Members of Congress and congressional staff. Video Via Facebook Today, I wish to pay special tribute to these humble heroes. And in doing so, I would also like to recognize the 23 members of my own security detail who work around the clock to keep Elaine and me safe.  In all my years of public service, these are among the most honorable men and women I have ever worked with. Whether in Utah or in the Capitol, you’ve probably seen these police officers walking by my side; wherever I go, they go. They are like family to me, and over the past two and a half years, I’ve built a special bond with each of them. Elaine and I love each of these special agents dearly, and we love their families too. Scripture tell us, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” That these special agents are willing to put their lives on the line to protect others speaks to their selflessness, their bravery, and their love of country. As Members of Congress we stand united in the aftermath of Wednesday’s attack. And thanks to our brave Capitol Police officers, we also stand protected from those who would do us harm. Today, I would like to thank the men and women of my security detail and also recognize the thousands of police officers across our state who make tremendous sacrifices to keep us safe. Sincerely,   Orrin
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The Scoop: General Surgeon Shortage, Rx Drug Prices, Dow-DuPont Merger
<> About Grassley < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww> Constituent Services < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww> News Center < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww> Contact Grassley < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww> Grassley Direct I spoke < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww =550877239716454> with Dennis Morris of KLEM radio in Le Mars and Jamie Whitney of the Pocahontas Record-Democrat about the Congressional baseball practice shooting, the Senate health care replacement plan, the firing of FBI Director Comey and misleading VA wait times. Q&A: Backlogs Continue at the VA Q. What new action has Congress taken to fix systemic flaws at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)? Q. < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fme 1a&redir_log=342170818999512> What have you learned about wait times for veterans seeking treatment at Iowa's VA facilities? < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fme 1a&redir_log=342170818999512> Quick Links Underserved and rural communities need access to general surgeons. I introduced bipartisan legislation < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fou 26crop%3d14417.9294908.5611555.7338375%26report_id%3d%26redirect%3dhttps 3f%2526cid%253dSenGrassley%2526crop%253d14331.9294622.5611273.7338375%25 26report_id%253d%2526redirect%253dhttps%25253a%25252f%25252fwww.grassley y-schatz-bucshon-bera-would-help-document-areas%2526redir_log%253d986241 106863853%26redir_log%3d72924028532048&redir_log=090314893063258> that would produce high quality data on where general surgeons are in short supply around the country. Policymakers and the medical community would will be able to place surgeons where they'd do the most good. The White House is working on an executive order < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fou 26crop%3d14417.9294908.5611555.7338375%26report_id%3d%26redirect%3dhttps 3f%2526cid%253dSenGrassley%2526crop%253d14331.9294622.5611273.7338375%25 26report_id%253d%2526redirect%253dhttps%25253a%25252f%25252fwww.grassley ration-fix-misclassification-epipen-other-drugs-under%2526redir_log%253d 296688039853904%26redir_log%3d389711732812102&redir_log=013038864933317> to address the high cost of prescription drugs. I have been pressing the current and previous administrations for months to accurately classify prescription drugs under the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program to save taxpayer money. I'm very interested in the executive order, and the Administration is right to focus on the high cost of prescription drugs. In recent years, we've seen a rapid trend toward concentration in the ag industry, which has rightly put American farmers and ranchers on edge. I was glad to see < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fou 26crop%3d14417.9294908.5611555.7338375%26report_id%3d%26redirect%3dhttps 3f%2526cid%253dSenGrassley%2526crop%253d14331.9294622.5611273.7338375%25 26report_id%253d%2526redirect%253dhttps%25253a%25252f%25252fwww.grassley dupont-merger%2526redir_log%253d817311794108619%26redir_log%3d6729516148 61807&redir_log=395116691443016> that the Justice Department listened to the concerns < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fou 26crop%3d14417.9294908.5611555.7338375%26report_id%3d%26redirect%3dhttps 3f%2526cid%253dSenGrassley%2526crop%253d14331.9294622.5611273.7338375%25 26report_id%253d%2526redirect%253dhttps%25253a%25252f%25252fwww.grassley ciary-committee-hearing-consolidation-and-competition-us%2526redir_log%2 53d661655249829925%26redir_log%3d164423955922124&redir_log=5828332293233 39> I raised about the Dow-DuPont merger and required < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fou 26crop%3d14417.9294908.5611555.7338375%26report_id%3d%26redirect%3dhttps 3f%2526cid%253dSenGrassley%2526crop%253d14331.9294622.5611273.7338375%25 26report_id%253d%2526redirect%253dhttps%25253a%25252f%25252fwww.justice. gov%25252fopa%25252fpr%25252fjustice-department-requires-divestiture-cer tain-herbicides-insecticides-and-plastics%2526redir_log%253d095043378099 818%26redir_log%3d199319491232013&redir_log=011081816053226> those companies to divest portions of their businesses in order to maintain a more fair and open marketplace. The Obama Administration established a practice of funneling money from settlement agreements with the Justice Department to third party, politically active organizations instead of sending those funds directly into the U.S. Treasury or to victims. Thankfully the Justice Department under Attorney General Sessions recently discontinued < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fou 26crop%3d14331.9294622.5611273.7338375%26report_id%3d%26redirect%3dhttps assley-lauds-end-settlement-agreements-requiring-payments-parties-unrela ted%26redir_log%3d953226374222913&redir_log=937558317772109> that policy. But I'm seeking information < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fou 26crop%3d14331.9294622.5611273.7338375%26report_id%3d%26redirect%3dhttps assley-seeks-details-obama-admin-settlement-agreements-tied-third-party- %26redir_log%3d485945373257880&redir_log=435286735412076> on all of these previous settlements so we have a full accounting for victims and for the American taxpayers. Post of the Week < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww 6hl%3den&redir_log=214823288783555> 23 RuralElectricCoop students on annual D.C. Trip met me at4am at my home to do my 3mi run This is our 7th annual meeting A photo < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww 6hl%3den&redir_log=214823288783555> posted by @senatorchuckgrassley < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww 76377> on June 15, 2017 Keep in Touch < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww> < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww> < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2ftw> < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fme> < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fin> < &crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww> Unsubscribe < ey&__sid=100003&__crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002> Open a plain text version of this email < _text=Y&link=SenGrassley%2501104372%2501100366%2b-%2b06-15-2017%2beNewsl 501Unity%2501Unity%2bFeed%2501Beverly%2bHills%252c%2bCA%2b90210%2501> Forward this email < rd=Y&link=SenGrassley%2501104372%2501100366%2b-%2b06-15-2017%2beNewslett Unity%2501Unity%2bFeed%2501Beverly%2bHills%252c%2bCA%2b90210%2501> Open in its own browser window < SenGrassley%2501104372%2501100366%2b-%2b06-15-2017%2beNewsletter%2501140 Unity%2bFeed%2501Beverly%2bHills%252c%2bCA%2b90210%2501> < crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002> < crop=14048.9309329.5609242.7038002>
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Let's talk about our movement
Friends, It was great seeing many of you last weekend at the People's Summit in Chicago. Still more of you tuned in to watch Bernie's speech from home, or got out the vote for Tom Perriello and our progressive slate of candidates running in the Virginia primary. Every one of you made a difference, and it is when we come together that we are strong. Working as one united movement is precisely what we must do going forward. Our Revolution has four main planks that contribute to our work: We unify to organize and build local power Cultivate, nominate, and support electoral candidates and ballot initiatives Work collectively around national issue campaigns Work inside and outside political parties to build power In order to put our progressive values into practice, each plank of this work is vital. There are phenomenal candidates running for school board, city council, and county commissioner, but it's only through a grassroots infrastructure that we can effectively identify, support, and advocate on their behalf. The same is true for ballot initiatives--groups that can organize, collect petitions, and pass them with voter support hinge on the work we do together. Each local group is autonomous in how they choose to engage in the above issues, but most importantly: we are all growing this movement together. We're fighting for national issues like Medicare for All, comprehensive immigration reform, and a $15 minimum wage. And while only a few years ago people would have called us crazy for trying, these causes all now enjoy the support of the majority of the American people. There are hundreds of Our Revolution local groups active across the states, in Puerto Rico, and internationally. We're working towards our common goal of representation for the many, not the few. And though we've only been active in an official capacity for a few months, the hard work that you've put in laid the foundation for the victories that we've achieved together. Please visit our interactive map to find a local group near you, or start one of your own. VISIT THE MAP » We're looking forward to what the future holds. In solidarity, Kyle Machado Organizing Director Our Revolution
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The Durbin Report: Senate Republicans' Health Care Bill Is So Secret, Not Even HHS Secretary Price Knows What's In It
The Durbin Report: A message from Senator Richard J. Durbin < er_3.png> Fellow Illinoisan, Yesterday, I asked U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price�the person responsible for implementing any changes to our nation's health care system�if he or anyone at his agency has seen the Senate Republicans' secret health care repeal bill, which they intend to bring to a vote before the Fourth of July. He admitted that he had not. That's because only thirteen male Republican senators know the contents of that bill. It is being crafted behind closed doors and closely guarded by Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. The American public has not seen this repeal bill, and there hasn't been a single hearing on the legislation or any opportunity to offer an amendment. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office hasn't yet published an analysis of the bill, so we don't know how many people would lose insurance under the Republican plan, how out-of-pocket costs would increase, or how people with preexisting conditions would fare. Remember that, in 2009, when we were working on the Affordable Care Act, the Senate held more than 50 bipartisan public hearings, meetings, and roundtables on the legislation. We debated the bill on the Senate Floor for twenty-five consecutive days, considered hundreds of Republican and Democratic amendments, and accepted more than 170 Republican amendments. < rop=15466.13309896.9393626.7246002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fwww 1007999757442> Why are Republicans hiding the details of legislation that will affect every American and one-sixth of the U.S. economy? Why are they moving at a break-neck pace to have us vote on it before the Fourth of July? If the Senate Republican repeal bill looks anything like the version passed in the House of Representatives�which throws 23 million people off health care, including one million Illinoisans; once again allows insurance companies to discriminate against people with preexisting conditions; increases out-of-pocket costs for Americans aged 55 to 64 and those in rural communities; and jeopardizes 60,000 Illinois jobs� I understand why they want to do it in secret. The American people deserve better. They deserve quality health care for themselves and their loved ones. And they deserve for their elected representatives to be honest with them. < rop=15466.13309896.9393626.7246002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2ftwi 89284364> Sincerely, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin < er.PNG> < rop=15466.13309896.9393626.7246002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww. 51375425> Click here to open a plain text version of this email < n_text=Y&link=SenDurbin%2501104789%250106-16-2017%2bThe%2bDurbin%2bRepor t_%2bSenate%2bRepublicans%25e2%2580%2599%2bHealth%2bCare%2bBill%2bIs%2bS o%2bSecret_%2bNot%2bEven%2bHHS%2bSecretary%2bPrice%2bKnows%2bWhat%25e2%2 580%2599s%2bIn%2bIt%250115466.13309896.9393626.7246002%2501durbin%2540un> Click here to forward this email < ard=Y&link=SenDurbin%2501104789%250106-16-2017%2bThe%2bDurbin%2bReport_% 2bSenate%2bRepublicans%25e2%2580%2599%2bHealth%2bCare%2bBill%2bIs%2bSo%2 bSecret_%2bNot%2bEven%2bHHS%2bSecretary%2bPrice%2bKnows%2bWhat%25e2%2580 %2599s%2bIn%2bIt%250115466.13309896.9393626.7246002%2501durbin%2540unity> Click here to open this e-mail in its own browser window < =SenDurbin%2501104789%250106-16-2017%2bThe%2bDurbin%2bReport_%2bSenate%2 bRepublicans%25e2%2580%2599%2bHealth%2bCare%2bBill%2bIs%2bSo%2bSecret_%2 bNot%2bEven%2bHHS%2bSecretary%2bPrice%2bKnows%2bWhat%25e2%2580%2599s%2bI 501Friend%2501%2501%2501> Click here to comment on this email < y=Y&link=SenDurbin%2501104789%250106-16-2017%2bThe%2bDurbin%2bReport_%2b Senate%2bRepublicans%25e2%2580%2599%2bHealth%2bCare%2bBill%2bIs%2bSo%2bS ecret_%2bNot%2bEven%2bHHS%2bSecretary%2bPrice%2bKnows%2bWhat%25e2%2580%2 599s%2bIn%2bIt%250115466.13309896.9393626.7246002%2501durbin%2540unityfe>
· Fri, Jun 16 · durbin