Senator Manchin's Newsletter - Memorial Day 2017
Click here to open this e-mail in its own browser window < =SenManchin%2501217322%2501201921%2b-%2b05-23-2017%2beNewsletter%2501179 ed%2501Mr.%2bUnity%2bFeed%2501123%2bLane%253cbr%253e%250d%250aCi%252c%2b WV%2b90210%2501> Click here to open a plain text version of this email < n_text=Y&link=SenManchin%2501217322%2501201921%2b-%2b05-23-2017%2beNewsl %2501Mr.%2bFeed%2501Mr.%2bUnity%2bFeed%2501123%2bLane%253cbr%253e%250d%2 50aCi%252c%2bWV%2b90210%2501> < banner.jpg> May 24, 2017 A SPECIAL MEMORIAL DAY MESSAGE West Virginia is a deeply patriotic state. We have served at a higher rate than nearly every other state in all our nation's wars. We have more Veterans, per capita, on the Vietnam Wall than any other state. Because of our proud heritage of service, we in West Virginia celebrate Memorial Day each year with profound reflection, pride and respect. This a day to pay tribute to our Fallen Service Members and say thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts, to their families, and to all who served and continue to serve. If you see someone wearing the Gold Star Pin, which symbolizes the ultimate sacrifice, thank them. If you see a Veteran, thank them. If you see a Service Member, thank them. I'll be joining you in doing the same. Greenbrier CBOC Opening <> Senator Manchin speaks at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Veterans outpatient clinic in Greenbrier County on May 22. Vietnam veterans live by the creed, "Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another." Here in West Virginia, that creed is lived fully, every day. And I saw it lived more powerfully than in our successful fight to get a new outpatient health clinic for veterans in Greenbrier County. Three years ago, the veterans outpatient clinic in Maxwelton was permanently shut down, leaving a real void in this area. Not having a clinic was simply unacceptable to me and to our local veterans, so we got to work. Together with the Vietnam Veterans of Greenbrier County � especially Jim Smith and Jim Creasman � we held town halls and meetings. We sent countless emails. We had conference calls with people at the highest levels of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. We talked to anyone who would listen � including the Secretary of the VA, Bob McDonald, whom I invited and brought to Greenbrier County two years ago to underscore the great need for this clinic. On Monday, we celebrated the payoff of all that hard work � with the doors officially opening at the new Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) for Veterans in Ronceverte. After years with a temporary CBOC, veterans in the region now have permanent access to outpatient services including primary care, mental health, X-rays, telehealth, a laboratory, and a dedicated clinic for women. Veterans can seek these services at the new location � 228 Shamrock Lane in Ronceverte � from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. One of my biggest honors as West Virginia's United States Senator is serving on the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee. To best serve in this capacity, I have formed a statewide Veterans Advisory Group that provides direct feedback on legislation and issues facing the veterans community. With input from this group, right now in Washington, I am working on legislation to name the Huntington VA Medical Center after our Medal of Honor recipient Woody Williams. I'm working on the Homeless Veterans Prevention Act of 2017. I'm a proud forming member of the Congressional Veterans Jobs Caucus, which is focused on decreasing the unemployment rate among our nation's Veterans. And I've been so proud to champion legislative successes for our veterans � including the HIRE Vets Act, which we passed this year; legislation that allows all Purple Heart awardees to participate in the G.I. Education Enhancement Program; a bill that improves services for our homeless veterans; and legislation that removes regulations on information sharing so veterans have great care no matter where they receive treatment. The men and women who fought for all of us deserve nothing less than unending support. Whether it's pushing for policies that matter to veterans, getting this CBOC in Greenbrier County, helping veterans with their health care benefits or securing their long-overdue military medals, our veterans have always been there for us � and for each other � and I will always be there for them. Petition to Rename the Huntington VA after Woody Williams < ams.jpg> Senator Manchin with Woody Williams in 2014. Photo credit: Charleston Gazette-Mail. Last week, I petitioned to rename the Huntington Veterans Affairs Medical Center after Hershel "Woody" Williams. Woody is West Virginia's only living Medal of Honor recipient. Woody has dedicated his life to public service, and he has represented the state of West Virginia with the utmost honor and distinction. After retiring from the Marine Corps, Woody continued in public service at the Veterans Affairs Administration for 35 years. Even today, at the age of 93, Woody travels around the country to advocate for Veterans and their families, to include those who have given the most, Gold Star Families. It is only fitting that a West Virginia VA Medical Center be named to honor the service and sacrifice of Medal of Honor recipient and West Virginia icon, Woody Williams. I want to say to Woody how much I appreciate his friendship, his steadfast loyalty to his fellow Veterans, his selflessness, and his diligence in advocating for Veterans and their families. Veterans Recruitment Bill I proudly applaud the recent passage of the American Law Enforcement Heroes Act, bipartisan legislation to help state and local law enforcement hire veterans onto their forces.The legislation will prioritize the U.S. Department of Justice Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) funding of law enforcement agencies that use the funding to hire military Veterans. This legislation not only helps our Veterans find meaningful employment, it also benefits law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. Through grant funding, the COPS program encourages state and local law enforcement agencies to hire Veterans. Finding meaningful job opportunities after serving in the military is crucial to successfully transitioning back into civilian life. The legislation is supported by the Fraternal Order of Police, Major County Sheriffs of America, Major Cities Chiefs Association, Sergeants Benevolent Association, National Association of Police Organizations and Veterans of Foreign Wars. Veterans Homeless Bill This month, I introduced the Homeless Veterans Prevention Act of 2017. This legislation would build on existing homeless veterans programs at the Department of Veterans Affairs by investing in established programs that are proven to be effective and removing any residual barriers to housing for Veterans. West Virginia's Veterans and their families have made unimaginable sacrifices to keep us safe, and when these men and women return home they deserve the best care. The Homeless Veterans Prevention Act bill expands on existing VA partnerships to provide West Virginia's Veterans with housing, health care access and legal services to prevent and end homelessness. It's our responsibility to ensure every Veteran has access to these resources. Key Points for the Homeless Veterans Prevention Act of 2017: * Keeps Veteran families together by allowing the VA to house the children of homeless Veterans in transitional housing programs. * Requires the VA to enter into partnerships with public and private entities to provide legal services for homeless Veterans and Veterans at risk of becoming homeless. * Provides VA with the authority to provide dental care to homeless Veterans. * Extends and increases the amount of money available for supportive services to very low-income Veteran families in permanent housing. To contact me via email, please click here. To learn more, call my office Toll Free at (855) 275-5737 or find me on social media. < crop=17958.17845720.11686878.14212520&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2f> < crop=17958.17845720.11686878.14212520&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2f> < crop=17958.17845720.11686878.14212520&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2f> < crop=17958.17845720.11686878.14212520&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fw d0A395D97-7F7E-4406-A583-26EBE7BCF9B3&redir_log=073194175924666> Please do not respond to this email, the mailbox is unattended. To unsubscribe at any time, please click here < crop=17958.17845720.11686878.14212520&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fm 536383> . < es_footer.jpg> < rop=17958.17845720.11686878.14212520> < rop=17958.17845720.11686878.14212520>
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This is a pivotal week for health care
Friends, Donald Trump just released a budget that puts health care for our country's poorest communities on the chopping block. This plan would gut Medicaid funding by $610 billion, leaving low income children, the disabled, and seniors without health care. The effects on our public health system would be a disaster. We are in the midst of an opioid epidemic, and the Republicans' biggest priority is to give tax breaks to the pharmaceutical industry. These corporations have flooded our communities with highly addictive prescription drugs, yet haven't borne any of the responsibility for the damage they've caused. Stripping health care from people who have nowhere else to turn is a cruel sham to increase corporate profitability on the backs of the most vulnerable. Our Revolution is fighting to end this corporate profiteering. Health care is a human right, and it should never, ever be cut. Join our efforts to save Medicaid and build a Medicare for All system with a $27 donation today. DONATE » Health care budgets aren't just about line items and arithmetic. The decisions on how we fund our health care system mean life or death to the millions of people who rely on Medicaid. Congress has ignored the calls for universal coverage, which a majority of Americans want. Instead, they're propping up insurance and pharmaceutical industries whose businesses are predicated on profit, not prevention. It is morally wrong to take away health care from people who are already at risk of falling into the cracks. The Trump administration and Republicans in Congress don't care that people might have to choose between groceries and prescriptions, or that people can't pay for a visit to the doctor. We need a health care system that works for everyone, regardless of income, age, or socioeconomic status. Can you contribute $27 to Our Revolution to push back against the GOP assault on public health? Your donation will ensure we can run an organizing campaign in multiple states as we build up a national effort around Medicare for All. DONATE » We have to do more than stand against harmful policies. People want to hear a positive, progressive vision for the future of our country, and that's what we're doing, from supporting candidates that believe health care is a human right, to bills in state legislatures that would make it so. We've defeated the AHCA once before--with your help, I believe we can do it again. In solidarity, Shannon Jackson Executive Director Our Revolution
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Ask me your TrumpCare questions
Click here to open this e-mail in its own browser window < =quorum_merkley-iq%2501250362%2501210720%2b-%2b05-22-2017%2bACA%2bProact ive%2b-%2bPromoting%2bFB%2bLive%2bQ_A%250118515.123720972.20561964.77918 01> Click here to open a plain text version of this email < n_text=Y&link=quorum_merkley-iq%2501250362%2501210720%2b-%2b05-22-2017%2 bACA%2bProactive%2b-%2bPromoting%2bFB%2bLive%2bQ_A%250118515.123720972.2 %250190210%2501> < ley-iq&crop=18515.123720972.20561964.7791867&report_id=&redirect=http%3a email%26utm_campaign%3dlogo&redir_log=028068272374668> Dear Unity, Thousands of you have sent letters, called, emailed and commented on social media to voice your concerns about Trump's reckless plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with TrumpCare -- a dangerous agenda that would throw more than 20 million Americans off their health care, jack up premium prices, and give insurance companies the reins to YOUR care. As the TrumpCare debate moves to the Senate, I want to address your questions and concerns about the future of health care in America. That is why at 1:30pm PT on Wednesday, I will be hosting my first-ever Facebook Live Q&A to answer YOUR questions about TrumpCare. Please email me your questions at xxx. Then, tune in Wednesday afternoon to hear me answer your questions live. Hearing from you is an essential part of our "We the People" democracy. I look forward to a meaningful conversation with you! Visit my Facebook page on Wednesday to tune in >> < ley-iq&crop=18515.123720972.20561964.7791867&report_id=&redirect=https%3> All my best, Jeff Facebook < ley-iq&crop=18515.123720972.20561964.7791867&report_id=&redirect=https%3> Twitter < ley-iq&crop=18515.123720972.20561964.7791867&report_id=&redirect=https%3 r_log=590341330714427> This email was sent to xxx Visit < ley-iq&crop=18515.123720972.20561964.7791867&report_id=&redirect=http%3a email%26utm_content%3dfooter%26utm_campaign%3dproactive&redir_log=602377 66723870> | Contact Jeff < ley-iq&crop=18515.123720972.20561964.7791867&report_id=&redirect=http%3a _medium%3demail%26utm_content%3dfooter%26utm_campaign%3dproactive&redir_ log=196041837892927> | Unsubscribe < erkley-iq&__sid=100011&__crop=18515.123720972.20561964.7791867> Please note that any reply to this email address will be sent to an unmonitored email address. < k.gif?crop=18515.123720972.20561964.7791867> < k.gif?crop=18515.123720972.20561964.7791867>
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Honoring the Fallen
< KS01JM%2501159459%2501100278%2b-%2b05-22-2017%2beNewsletter%250115572.33 bFeed%250190210%2501> < _text=Y&link=KS01JM%2501159459%2501100278%2b-%2b05-22-2017%2beNewsletter y%2501Unity%2bFeed%250190210%2501> If you are having trouble viewing this email, please view it on my website < =15572.33512983.4274282.7719423&report_id=& 36-9A21-0944B1BD1682&redir_log=606758604558572> . < d.png>
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Building on last week's progress
A message from US Senator Todd Young < nner_logo2.png> Police mental health bill passes the Senate When our police forces are strong, our communities are strong and vibrant. It is imperative that we put officers in a position to succeed; ensuring they have access to robust mental health services is vital to their success. I was thrilled to see this bill pass the Senate and spoke about it on the Senate floor in conjunction with National Police Week. Click on the image below to watch remarks from the Senate floor. < op=13276.6306542.5223493.189397&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fyoutu. be%2f2l4Wfu7RcTk&redir_log=813399938918188> 3 steps Saudi Arabia can take to help save millions from starvation In advance of President Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia, I discussed the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, which the United Nations has declared "the worst on the planet". Senator Murphy and I discussed specific steps Saudi Arabia can take, in conjunction with the United States and other allies, to prevent millions from starving to death. You can find video and highlights from our conversation here < op=13276.6306542.5223493.189397&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fwww.yo n-address-humanitarian-crisis-yemen&redir_log=958733913812829> . Honoring the American Legion's 100 years of advocacy work The American Legion commemorative coin < op=13276.6306542.5223493.189397&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fwww.yo -honor-american-legion-100th-anniversary&redir_log=099585328617856> will honor the Legion's achievements along with helping to continue advocacy work that improves the lives of veterans. The Legion has been instrumental in providing support and programs for our nation's veterans, including influential work to help secure the passage of the G.I. Bill. The special, limited edition, commemorative coins would be available for purchase starting in 2019, marking the centennial of the organization which was originally chartered by Congress in September of 1919. Proceeds from the sale of the commemorative coins will go toward supporting American Legion programs and efforts to continue their invaluable work on behalf of our nation's veterans and their families. Protecting the Health and Safety of Olympic Athletes I questioned Shelly Pfohl, the CEO of the United States Center for SafeSport, on the independent nature of her organization. SafeSport was created to provide oversight of the U.S. Olympic program after revelations of abuse reported by the IndyStar. Watch our exchange here < op=13276.6306542.5223493.189397&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fyoutu. be%2fxXkUVL1mGeI&redir_log=688897385323188> . The VA's unacceptable performance at Indianapolis & Peru clinics Our veterans deserve to know that they will receive the best care and treatment available when they utilize the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs < op=13276.6306542.5223493.189397&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fwww.fa 390> . Last week, I met with the Director of Region 10's VA medical center network. I expressed concern with issues at the Indianapolis VA medical center and the Peru VA medical center. Specifically, I touched on another scandal at the Indianapolis center. Between 2014 and 2016, the Roudebush VA Medical Center lost nearly $1.5 million in medical equipment. This situation is unacceptable and proves that increased transparency, accountability, and reform is needed at the VA. You can watch WISH-TV's reporting on the matter here < op=13276.6306542.5223493.189397&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwishtv. com%2f2017%2f05%2f16%2fsenators-young-donnelly-troubled-by-missing-medic al-equipment-demand-answers-from-va-secretary%2f&redir_log=5134004727738 67> . One more thing before you go...honoring the 2017 graduating class of Trine University I spoke at the commencement ceremony of Trine University's 2017 Graduating Class. I implored graduates to consider and reflect on the idea that our happiness is rooted in the happiness of those around us. I also spoke to the value of knowing where the nearest Taco Bell. Watch my address here < op=13276.6306542.5223493.189397&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fwww.yo 6769458441> and congratulations to all of the graduates of the class of 2017! Thank you for the continued privilege in this post in the Senate. My mission is to fight on behalf of Hoosiers and the interests that are unique to our state. I look forward to working with you, and sharing our progress, in the days ahead. Until then� In Service, Todd Young Contact Todd < op=13276.6306542.5223493.189397&report_id=&> You can follow us on social media to receive constant updates on Senator Young's work on behalf of you: Facebook < op=13276.6306542.5223493.189397&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww.fac> Twitter < op=13276.6306542.5223493.189397&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww.twi> Unsubscribe < __sid=100001&__crop=13276.6306542.5223493.189397> Click here to open a plain text version of this email < _text=Y&link=SenYoung%2501100539%2501100042%2b-%2b05-22-2017%2beNewslett y%2501Unity%2bFeed%2501%2501> Click here to forward this email < rd=Y&link=SenYoung%2501100539%2501100042%2b-%2b05-22-2017%2beNewsletter% 501Unity%2bFeed%2501%2501> Click here to open this e-mail in its own browser window < SenYoung%2501100539%2501100042%2b-%2b05-22-2017%2beNewsletter%250113276. bFeed%2501%2501> < p=13276.6306542.5223493.189397> < p=13276.6306542.5223493.189397>
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Update from Senator Bob Corker - May 22, 2017
Bob Corker - U.S. Senator, Tennessee *Honoring Our Fallen Law Enforcement Officers* Senator Corker last week joined Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), as well as 61 Senate colleagues, to introduce a resolution designating the week of May 15 through May 21, 2017, as �National Police Week�. The resolution honors the 143 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty during 2016, including six Tennesseans. The resolution passed the Senate unanimously on Thursday.� �I am grateful for the bravery and dedication of the men and women who keep our communities safe,� *said Corker*. �In the Volunteer State last year, we lost six law enforcement officers in the line of duty, and I am proud to join my colleagues in honoring their lives and the lives of officers across the country who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect their fellow citizens.� The six Tennesseans honored in the resolution are: - Sean Lewis Allred, Livingston Police Department; - De�Greaun Reshun Frazier, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI); - Zachary Tyler Larnerd, Jackson County Sherriff�s Office; - Kenneth Ray Moats, Maryville Police Dept; - Verdell Smith, Sr., Memphis Police Dept; and - Martin Tase Sturgill, II, Humphreys County Sherriff�s Office Click�here [link 1]�to read the resolution.� The day after the resolution was introduced, Senator Corker met with the family of TBI Special Agent De'Greaun Frazier, who is honored in the resolution. [image =] *Senator Corker greets Special Agent Frazier's daughter.�* [image =] *Senator Corker talks with the son of Special Agent Frazier.* [image =] *Senator Corker thanks Special Agent Frazier's wife.* *Working With the White House to End Modern Slavery* On Wednesday, Senator Corker had a great meeting at the White House with Ivanka Trump about the fight against modern slavery and human trafficking, as well as the senator's�End Modern Slavery Initiative [link 2].� �Combating human trafficking and modern slavery is both a moral and strategic interest domestically and abroad,��*said Ivanka Trump*.� [image =] [link 3] *U.S. News & World Report: Ivanka Trump Holds Human Trafficking Talk [link 4]* *Memphis Commercial Appeal:�* [link 5]*Sen. Bob Corker's fight to end modern slavery catches Ivanka Trump's attention [link 6]* *Bill Hagerty Is One of the Most Outstanding Trump Appointments* At a hearing on Thursday to consider the nomination of William Hagerty of Tennessee to serve as U.S. ambassador to Japan, Senator Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, made the following remarks in support of the nomination. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) introduced Mr. Hagerty to members of the committee. �I think [Senator Lamar Alexander] has done an outstanding job of laying out these credentials, and I agree that you are one of the most outstanding appointments that President Trump has made,��*said Corker*.��The relationship between [the United States and Japan] speaks for itself, and having [Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo] Abe here as one of the first visitors, I think, speaks to how the Trump administration and our country feel about Japan... I have seen [Mr. Hagerty] in business and the outstanding things that he has done [in Japan]. I have seen him represent our state and cause it to be the most important state relative to job creation in our country and the most heralded. I have seen him come into an administration that had some really tough issues and clean up that needed to be done on some economic issues, and I�ve seen him negotiate those in an appropriate and steadfast manner, while at the same time bringing people together... So, I am really, really proud of this nomination and so glad that I believe he will be ascending to this position quickly. And I know that he will represent the very best of country.� [image =] [link 7] **Click here [link 8] or on the image above to watch the senator's remarks.** Prior to the hearing, Corker welcomed the Hagerty family to Capitol Hill.� [image =] *Welcoming Tennesseans to Washington* On Tuesday, Senators Corker and Alexander hosted more than 90 Tennesseans at �Tennessee Tuesday,� a regular breakfast held on Capitol Hill every week the Senate is in session for visitors from the Volunteer State. For more information, click�here [link 9]. [image =] [image =] Following Tennessee Tuesday, Senators Corker and Alexander met with members of Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry.� [image =] On Tuesday morning, Senator Corker met with Nashville-based Hope Through Healing Hands and Jennifer Nettles to learn more about their humanitarian work and global health advocacy.� [image =] [image =] On Wednesday, Senator Corker discussed a number of important issues with the Tennessee Association of Realtors.� [image =] Senator Corker talked with the University of Tennessee-Knoxville's new chancellor, Beverly Davenport, on Wednesday. [image =] On Wednesday afternoon, Senator Corker met with Memphis-based International Paper, which employs nearly 2,800 individuals across the region. The senator expressed his appreciation of the company's investment in the Volunteer State. [image =] Last week, Senator Corker spoke to students and teachers from T.A. Dugger Junior High School (Elizabethton), Rockwood Middle School and St. Ann Catholic School (Bartlett) on the Capitol steps.� [image =] [image =] [image =] A Real Opportunity to Complete Work on Housing Finance Reform* During a hearing on Thursday to receive an international and domestic policy update from U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Senator Corker, a member of the Senate Banking Committee, expressed optimism about the prospects of congressional action on housing finance reform. �It�s my sense that you�re strongly committed to finally dealing with housing finance reform in an appropriate way, is that correct?� *asked Corker*. �That is correct, and I hope that�s something we can do on bipartisan basis,�* replied Mnuchin*. �The only real way to do that is through congressional action, is that correct?��*continued Corker*. �My strong preference is to do it through congressional action and working with you and your colleagues,� answered Mnuchin*. �I will say that, obviously, the Treasury has a lot of exposure and taxpayers are at risk, but my strong preference is to do it exactly as you�ve described.� In closing, Corker thanked Mnuchin for his interest in housing finance reform and expressed his desire to complete the last major piece of unfinished business from the 2008 financial crisis. �I feel for the first time a real opportunity to align not just the interest of U.S. taxpayers and the fact that we want to have a housing finance system that is robust but also, in fairness, one that more fully aligns the public sector interest and the private sector interest,� *concluded Corker*. �I look forward to hopefully completing the work that� really should have been front and center on financial reform when we did it in 2010. And I want to thank you for your concern, your interest and, hopefully, involvement in bringing this to a close.� [image =] [link 10] **Click here [link 11] or on the image above to watch the senator's remarks.**
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E-News From Senator Dean Heller
Week in Review This week in Washington, D.C., we honored National Police Week, an opportunity to pay tribute to the law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. I took to the Senate floor to recognize a fallen law enforcement officer, North Las Vegas Detective Chad Parque, who tragically passed away after his vehicle was struck head-on earlier this year. He served our state with passion and dignity, and we will never forget his sacrifice or many contributions to the community. While there is nothing we can do to bring back those who have died in the line of duty, I’m committed to doing everything I can at the federal level to prevent it from happening to one more officer and one more family. For example, earlier this week, I introduced the Back The Blue Act—legislation designed to increase the penalties for criminals who intentionally target law enforcement officers and provide new tools for officers to protect themselves. The bill is also designed to expand opportunities to use grant funding to promote trust and improve relations between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Each day, our law enforcement officers put themselves at risk to protect our families and our communities. Their courage, selflessness, and commitment to serve is a reflection of what makes this country so great. And it’s important we recognize that. This month, we also celebrate members of our Armed Forces, and as a senior member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, I’m fighting to ensure that they are taken care of when they come home. As some of you may know, the VA Choice Program is not working for Nevada. During a recent Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee hearing, I highlighted the Choice Program’s failure to provide quality care to Nevada’s veterans, in particular those who rely on the William Bee Ririe Hospital in Ely, Nevada. While we secured a crucial contract extension that will help the hundreds of veterans in this rural community, we still need a permanent solution. This week, the debate over Yucca Mountain continued here in Washington and once again I am the only Republican Senator standing between this Administration and Yucca Mountain. There are many reasons why Yucca Mountain should not be revived, but this week I focused on how it could not only put Nevadans at risk, but all Americans. On Thursday, I spoke on the U.S. Senate floor about transporting nuclear waste from nuclear power plants around the country to Yucca Mountain and the threat the currently proposed transportation routes pose to millions of Americans. According to the Department of Energy, between 10 and 12 million people live within the radiological region of influence for routine shipments or within one-half mile of these rail and highway routes. Throughout the week, I met with several Nevadans to discuss important issues like health care, public lands, and the housing market. As always, I believe that your feedback is critical, and I appreciate the opportunity to hear your concerns and ideas for solutions to the challenges we’re facing in Nevada. My commitment remains the same for supporting any idea: if it’s good for Nevada, I will support it, and if it’s not, I will oppose it. That’s why I have no problem working with Democrats and Republicans to do what’s right for our state. In closing, I encourage you to visit my social media pages and stay up to date on my work in Nevada and Washington. As always, let us know how we can be of help.   In the News Senate honors North Las Vegas detective killed in line of duty Sen. Heller joins call for US Embassy move to Jerusalem VIDEO: Yucca Mountain Endangers the Entire Country Click here or above to watch
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Scoop: Rural Hospitals, Police Week, NAFTA, Obamacare
<> About Grassley < &crop=14086.9180337.5573724.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww> Constituent Services < &crop=14086.9180337.5573724.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww> News Center < &crop=14086.9180337.5573724.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww> Contact Grassley < &crop=14086.9180337.5573724.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww> Grassley Direct I spoke < &crop=14086.9180337.5573724.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww dir_log=786152769204517> with several agricultural journalists on my weekly call about trade with Mexico, recent work visa legislation, the North American Free Trade Agreement and the 1980s farm crisis. Q&A: Older Americans Month Q. How can public policy keep pace with the demographic shift taking place in the United States? Q. What measures are you pursuing to thwart abuse, neglect and exploitation among older Americans? < &crop=14086.9180337.5573724.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fme ir_log=41490280075474> Quick Links I re-introduced < &crop=14086.9180337.5573724.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww r-introduce-legislation-help-rural-hospitals-stay-open&redir_log=6484720 93065923> bipartisan legislation to help rural hospitals stay open while emphasizing emergency room and outpatient care. This proposal would fill a pressing need and offer hospital services where and when people need them most. I'm concerned that a hastily developed Department of Energy study < &crop=14086.9180337.5573724.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww ecretary-electricity-grid-study-seemingly-geared&redir_log=5114730131588 2> appears geared to undermine wind energy, which produces more than a third of Iowa's electricity and sustains thousands of jobs. I wrote to Secretary Rick Perry expressing my concerns that the study will not be viewed as credible, relevant or worthy of valuable taxpayer dollars. The Senate unanimously passed < &crop=14086.9180337.5573724.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww assist-families-fallen-officers-passes-senate-during&redir_log=004143636 839905> my bill to help families of fallen officers receive the survivor benefits they've been promised. My bill reduces the wait time many families are facing just to get a response on their applications for survivor benefits. This bipartisan bill and several other efforts to support law enforcement officers passed in the Senate during Police Week < &crop=14086.9180337.5573724.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww rcement-police-week-remarks&redir_log=743114917798730> , a time to reflect on the dedicated service police provide in our communities and to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our safety. I led a bipartisan group of Judiciary Committee leaders in calling on the FBI and White House to turn over records < &crop=14086.9180337.5573724.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww rs-seek-copies-reported-comey-memos-and-possible-trump&redir_log=6724960 54901919> related to former FBI Director James Comey's handling of two politically charged investigations. The FBI's probes into Secretary Clinton's email server and Russia's attempts to influence our elections have raised questions about the FBI's ability to function independently of politics. While a special counsel < &crop=14086.9180337.5573724.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww tment-special-counsel-russian-interference-probe&redir_log=9991525418778 84> will be taking over the Russian interference investigation, the American people still deserve a better understanding of what happened to restore faith in government. Several of my colleagues and I wrote < &crop=14086.9180337.5573724.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww tressing-economic-benefits-nafta-new-us-trade-rep&redir_log=096192251356 881> to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer stressing the economic benefits of the North American Free Trade Agreement. There are areas in which Americans would benefit from a strengthening and modernization of NAFTA, but any effort to abandon the agreement outright or impose unnecessary restrictions on trade with our North American partners would have devastating economic consequences, particularly for Iowa agriculture. If Medica leaves in October, 94 out of 99 counties in Iowa will be left with only one choice for health insurance on the individual market under Obamacare. After seven years of rising premiums, soaring deductibles and climbing co-payments, I'm committed < &crop=14086.9180337.5573724.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww fordability-under-affordable-care-act&redir_log=873736878087797> to fixing the damage < &crop=14086.9180337.5573724.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww psing-grassley-speech-senate-floor&redir_log=231602036269776> . Post of the Week < &crop=14086.9180337.5573724.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww> Weekly satellite news conference w Iowa TV reporters A photo < &crop=14086.9180337.5573724.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww> posted by @senatorchuckgrassley < &crop=14086.9180337.5573724.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fou 26crop%3d0000.0000.0000.0000%26report_id%3d%26redirect%3dhttps%253a%252f %253dSenGrassley%2526crop%253d0000.0000.0000.0000%2526report_id%253d%252 anet%25252fiqClickTrk.aspx%25253f%252526cid%25253dSenGrassley%252526crop %25253d0000.0000.0000.0000%252526report_id%25253d%252526redirect%25253dh ssley%2525252f%2525253fhl%2525253den%252526redir_log%25253d0550357694763 77%2526redir_log%253d107849028671509%26redir_log%3d166379939512664&redir _log=844280873313979> on May 17, 2017
· Sat, May 20 · grassley

One simple trick.
Dear Friend, In celebration of National Police Week, I wish to express my profound appreciation for Utah’s law enforcement community—the courageous men and women who, each day, put the safety of others before their own. Their success is impossible to fully measure. It can’t be counted in crime statistics, nor etched into medals. It can only be seen in the peace and order that their sacrifice makes possible.   Video Via Facebook Law enforcement is among the most noble of professions. Our men and women in blue are the brave guardians among us who fight for justice and protect the vulnerable from harm. On behalf of all Utahns, I wish to thank our brave police officers and their families for bearing the burden, shouldering the sacrifice, and making us all proud.  It’s important that we show cops our support in both word and deed. That’s why I have introduced and cosponsored a number of bills this Congress meant to assist law enforcement as they work to keep us safe. This week, I was grateful when my Senate colleagues joined me in supporting our cops by passing the Rapid DNA Act.  Once enacted into law, my commonsense proposal will enable law enforcement to analyze DNA in record time, reducing backlogs in rape kits and keeping violent criminals off our streets.  By facilitating the use of rapid DNA technology, this bill will also help to exonerate those wrongly accused of crime. There are investigations currently underway in Utah, and many surely to come, in which this technology will be supremely useful. There can be no greater tribute to those in uniform than our best efforts to give them every resource they need to get the job done. The Rapid DNA Act does just that. Know that I will always fight to protect those who fight so hard to protect us. May we ever honor the courage and sacrifice of our police officers—not only this week but every day.
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"Change never takes place from the top down. It always takes place from the bottom up."
Friends, More than a year ago, people from all backgrounds and across the political spectrum came together to work for a society and government that serves all people - not just the 1%. That work is more important now than ever, and we can't do it without YOU! Today, there are hundreds of local Our Revolution in communities across the country and beyond. These groups are started, led, and run by volunteers just like you. They are single mothers who've never been politically engaged before, farmers who make time to attend meetings and talk with their neighbors after a long day of work, high school students who knock doors for progressive champions after band practice. Thousands of volunteers are making significant impacts in their communities - and more join the work every day. Join a local Our Revolution group in your community today! JOIN A GROUP » Local groups are forming candidate research teams and backing progressive slates in City Council elections, holding rallies to fight proposed cuts to local health care clinics, and gathering to phonebank for progressive champions like khalid kamau and Rob Quist. They share a commitment to our country, to their communities, and to the progressive values that brought us together. Our Revolution groups are encouraged to be autonomous in how they engage in political action, but will generally focus on an amalgamation of Local, State, and National issues and campaigns, which may include: Electing real progressive champions at all levels of government Growing the movement at the local level through engaging Pushing for progressive legislation and issue campaigns that put people over profit Transforming state and local parties to meet the needs of working people, not the 1% We are working to build sustainable grassroots power in every community. To be poised for success in elections in 2018 and beyond, we need your perspective and participation! Join a local group today! JOIN A GROUP » Your involvement in a local group will make our communities and our country stronger. No matter the magnitude of challenges we face together in the coming years, we know we can weather them together, and our full strength remains to be seen. We can't wait for you to join us. In solidarity, Kyle Machado Director of Organizing
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It's time to invest in infrastructure
Click here to open this e-mail in its own browser window < =Sen_Carper%2501398206%2501403230%2b-%2b05-18-2017%2beNewsletter%2501179> Click here to open a plain text version of this email < n_text=Y&link=Sen_Carper%2501398206%2501403230%2b-%2b05-18-2017%2beNewsl> < crop=17999.20201552.11946258.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc> < crop=17999.20201552.11946258.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc> < crop=17999.20201552.11946258.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc 55> < crop=17999.20201552.11946258.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc 61590577447443> < crop=17999.20201552.11946258.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc> < crop=17999.20201552.11946258.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc 63376> < crop=17999.20201552.11946258.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc > e-Newsletter Header < crop=17999.20201552.11946258.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc> Carper's Connection May 19, 2017 Dear Friends, In March, it came as no surprise to me when the American Society of Civil Engineers gave America's infrastructure systems a grade of D+ for 2017. For years, Congress has underfunded our nation's road and highway systems, our rail lines and ports, and even our drinking water infrastructure. This week, to highlight "Infrastructure Week," I urged my colleagues in Congress to work together and come up with smart, sustainable ways to fund our critical infrastructure for years to come. < ureWeek.jpg> Across the country, we face an $836 billion backlog of good highway and bridge projects, and we have a $90 billion backlog for transit repairs. Years of underinvestment shows in the quality of our roads and the safety of our bridges. It also shows in our bank accounts. Our crumbling roads force us to take our cars in for repairs more often, and the 42 hours the average American spends in traffic adds up in wasted gas and productive time lost at the office � or lost time at home with our families. In all, our crumbling, inefficient transit systems costs every family more than $3,000 a year. Without common-sense, sustainable funding for our infrastructure, we'll continue to get embarrassing grades on our report cards, and families will continue to pay the price for our poor investments. At a hearing of the Environment and Public Works Committee on Wednesday, I reminded Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao that the federal gas and diesel taxes, which help to ensure that those who use our roads most often help to pay to maintain them, haven't changed at all in 24 years, not even an adjustment for inflation. < fbd7bfbb31_o.jpg> Clearly, our lack of infrastructure funding is unsustainable. In 2015, Congress voted to pilfer $70 billion from other parts of the government to fund long overdue infrastructure projects. I voted against this measure because of the damage it would do to other, unrelated programs and because it failed to find a long-term solution to our funding issues. That's why I was encouraged to hear President Trump's campaign pledge to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure. Making smart investments, instead of lurching from funding crisis to funding crisis, would help improve our infrastructure from the D+ grade we currently have, and cost families just one third of what we currently spend. < jpg> After years of constant underinvestment, funding much needed infrastructure projects would be a boon to our economy, create thousands of jobs and help build a 21st century infrastructure that's capable of supporting a growing, competitive 21st century economy. In the months ahead, I'll continue to work with Democrats and Republicans alike to help make this happen. < pg> Stay Connected with Senator Carper Email Icon < crop=17999.20201552.11946258.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc 48783626634436> Flickr Icon < crop=17999.20201552.11946258.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fw> Twitter Icon < crop=17999.20201552.11946258.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2ft> Facebook Icon < crop=17999.20201552.11946258.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fw> YouTube Icon < crop=17999.20201552.11946258.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fw> RSS Icon < crop=17999.20201552.11946258.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc 9349> Washington, D.C. 513 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 Phone: (202) 224-2441 Fax: (202) 228-2190 Wilmington 301 North Walnut Street, Suite 102L-1 Wilmington, DE 19801-3974 Phone: (302) 573-6291 Fax: (302) 573-6434 Dover 500 West Loockerman Street, Suite 470 Dover, DE 19904 Phone: (302) 674-3308 Fax: (302) 674-5464 Georgetown 12 The Circle Georgetown, DE 19947 Phone: (302) 856-7690 Fax: (302) 856-3001 Home < crop=17999.20201552.11946258.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc> | Privacy Policy < crop=17999.20201552.11946258.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc 35533396> | Unsubscribe < crop=17999.20201552.11946258.15290910&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fc 17376> < rop=17999.20201552.11946258.15290910>
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The Durbin Report: What do you stand to lose under Trumpcare?
The Durbin Report: A message from Senator Richard J. Durbin < er_3.png> Fellow Illinoisan, Though the news in Washington is dominated by almost daily bombshell revelations about President Trump's scandal-plagued White House, it is critically important for every Illinoisan to understand what exactly the Republican plan to repeal health care would mean for them. That is why, earlier this year, I released a report � "TrumpCare: Less for More, An Analysis of the Impact of Repealing the Affordable Care Act on Illinois < rop=15245.13005726.9303192.7246002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fwww Less%2520-%2520Durbin%2520Report%2520-%2520FINAL.pdf&redir_log=576548279 876700> " � that details what our state stands to lose if President Trump and Congressional Republicans are successful in passing their legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). < rop=15245.13005726.9303192.7246002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fwww n+Report+-+FINAL.pdf&redir_log=253138692572627> Read my report to learn what Illinoisans stand to lose if Trumpcare becomes the law of the land. < rop=15245.13005726.9303192.7246002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fwww Less%2520-%2520Durbin%2520Report%2520-%2520FINAL.pdf&redir_log=576548279 876700> After requesting information from every hospital, public health department, and major medical society in the state, the report summarizes how the ACA has helped individuals, families, and providers in all 18 Illinois congressional districts, and provides information on the increased out-of-pocket costs and number of people in each congressional district that stand to lose health coverage or benefits under the House-passed Republican repeal bill. Republicans' plan to repeal health care would mean deep cuts to Medicaid, higher premiums for seniors, low- and middle-income families and rural communities, loss of protection for people with pre-existing conditions, and cuts to mental health and substance abuse treatment options�all to pay for a huge tax giveaway for big businesses and the super rich. Next year alone, the bill would cause hundreds of thousands of Illinoisans to lose their health coverage. This repeal bill would have devastating impacts on cities and towns across Illinois � that is why my colleagues and I are working so hard to defeat it. Sincerely, Dick Durbin United States Senator < er.PNG> < rop=15245.13005726.9303192.7246002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww. 51375425> Click here to open a plain text version of this email < n_text=Y&link=SenDurbin%2501104559%250105-19-2017%2bThe%2bDurbin%2bRepor t_%2bWhat%2bdo%2byou%2bstand%2bto%2blose%2bunder%2bTrumpcare_%250115245. 01%2501> Click here to forward this email < ard=Y&link=SenDurbin%2501104559%250105-19-2017%2bThe%2bDurbin%2bReport_% 2bWhat%2bdo%2byou%2bstand%2bto%2blose%2bunder%2bTrumpcare_%250115245.130 2501> Click here to open this e-mail in its own browser window < =SenDurbin%2501104559%250105-19-2017%2bThe%2bDurbin%2bReport_%2bWhat%2bd o%2byou%2bstand%2bto%2blose%2bunder%2bTrumpcare_%250115245.13005726.9303> Click here to comment on this email < y=Y&link=SenDurbin%2501104559%250105-19-2017%2bThe%2bDurbin%2bReport_%2b What%2bdo%2byou%2bstand%2bto%2blose%2bunder%2bTrumpcare_%250115245.13005 01>
· Fri, May 19 · durbin

The Enzi Update - May 2017 Newsletter
Mike Enzi, United States Senator for Wyoming *Make federal government more effective and efficient for taxpayer* U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, held a hearing focused on running the federal government for less money. He said there were more than $1 trillion in improper payments reported since 2003. � �It�s important for Congress to ask if we are using taxpayer dollars wisely, and operating the government as efficiently and effectively as the managers of a private sector company would,� said Enzi. �It is time to make the federal government more efficient and effective for hardworking taxpayers.� Learn more here [link 1].� [image =] *(Click image for video)* *Senators introduce bipartisan bill to protect law-abiding knife owners* Enzi and Ron Wyden, D-Ore., introduced legislation to ensure that those traveling with a properly secured knife are not prosecuted under local or state laws which ban certain knives. �Growing up in Wyoming, I know that knives are an essential tool for hunters, ranchers, farmers and other various everyday uses,� Enzi said. �But with conflicting knife laws across the country, it can make it difficult for responsible knife owners to know if they are violating the law if they are travelling with a knife. This bill would help fix that by ensuring that if you�re traveling from point A to point C with a knife that is legal in both locations, you shouldn�t have to worry about being charged with a knife possession crime in between at point B.� The Interstate Transport Act would provide safe harbor to individuals travelling with a knife where it is lawful for the knife to be possessed at both the points of origin and destination, so long as the knife is transported in a locked container or is not directly accessible from the passenger compartment of a mode of transportation.� Learn more here [link 2].� *Enzi votes to fund government, strengthen Wyoming priorities* Enzi voted earlier this month to support a government funding bill, which the Senate passed with bipartisan support and which stayed within the budget caps set to control annual federal spending. �This bipartisan spending bill provides billions in additional funding for our military, the largest border security increase in a decade and support for programs on which communities and families throughout Wyoming rely,� Enzi said. A partial list of what Enzi said were wins for Wyoming include: *21st Century Community Learning Centers*�- The bill provides a $25 million increase to 21st Century Community Learning Centers (afterschool programming). *Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program -�*�The bill provides $3.39 billion to fund the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). *Payments In Lieu of Taxes -�*The bill provides $465 million for the �Payments In Lieu of Taxes� (PILT) program, which compensates counties for local tax revenue lost to federal land ownership. *Greater Sage Grouse -*�Continues a one-year delay on any further Endangered Species Act status reviews, listing determinations and rulemakings for Greater Sage-Grouse. *Reduces EPA funding*�� Provides $81.4 million less funds to the EPA then they received last year. *No funding for United Nations climate funds*�� The bill provides no funding for the United Nation�s Green Climate Fund or Climate Change Panel. *ICBMs ��*The bill contains language that prevents reductions in strategic delivery vehicles and launchers, including the Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) overseen by F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, from previously established levels. *Rural health -*�Additional funding is included for Rural Hospital Flexibility Grants ($2 million increase) and Telehealth programs ($1.5 million increase). Wyoming receives funding through the �Flex� grant to develop critical access hospital networks and foster collaborative linkages between Wyoming�s primary, secondary and tertiary hospitals. *Wildland firefighting and prevention -*�The bill fully funds the 10-year average for wildland fire suppression costs. *Oil and gas inspection and grazing fees -�*The bill rejects the previous administration�s proposal to increase oil and gas inspection fees and raise fees on ranchers for grazing. *Impact Aid Program*�- The bill provides a $23 million increase to the Impact Aid Program. The Impact Aid program fulfills the federal obligation to assist school districts that experience a loss in their local property tax base because the district includes federal or Indian land.� *Wolf management returning to Wyoming* Last month the Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. allowed for the return of gray wolf management to the state of Wyoming. Enzi commended the court�s decision. �This means a lot to Wyoming and brings wolf conservation back to where it belongs,� Enzi said. �It is Wyoming wildlife managers who know best how to manage Wyoming�s wildlife. I applaud all those who have worked so hard with stakeholders and the federal government over the years to create an effective and balanced wolf management plan.� Learn more here [link 3].�
· Fri, May 19 · enzi

Improving College Affordability
Richard Burr, US Senator North Carolina Improving access to higher education isn�t a partisan issue. I�m proud to work on a bipartisan basis to improve options and lower costs for students and families. This week, Senator Angus King (I-ME) and I introduced the Repay Act [link 1] to simplify the complex maze of federal student loan repayment programs. The current student loan repayment programs are too complicated and too expensive. The Repay Act has two very simple goals: first, give students straightforward options on how to repay their student loan debt; and second, limit the excessive taxpayer-funded subsides that are incentivizing families and students to borrow too much. I am also proud to report that a law I wrote to reduce student loan interest rates is continuing to help students save money. In 2013, when government-set student loan interest rates were scheduled to double, I worked with Senators Angus King (I-ME) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) to write the Bipartisan Student Loan Certainty Act to let student borrowers take advantage of lower marketplace interest rates. Treasury Department recently announced [link 2] that, due to our law, federal student loan interest rate will remain near a historic low at 4.45 percent, down from a peak of 6.8 percent in 2012. To date, our bipartisan law has saved students and families nearly $60 billion. Does the media pay enough attention to bipartisan cooperation in Congress?[survey]
· Fri, May 19 · burr

We need the truth
Click here to open this e-mail in its own browser window < =quorum_merkley-iq%2501250336%2501210646%2b-%2b05-15-2017%2bRosenstein%2 ity%2501Unity%2bFeed%250190210%2501> Click here to open a plain text version of this email < n_text=Y&link=quorum_merkley-iq%2501250336%2501210646%2b-%2b05-15-2017%2 bRosenstein%250118327.123543440.20533732.7791867%2501merkley%2540unityfe> < ley-iq&crop=18327.123543440.20533732.7791867&report_id=&redirect=http%3a email%26utm_campaign%3dlogo&redir_log=028068272374668> Dear Unity, Today, my fellow Senators and I met with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. His appointment of Robert Mueller as a special prosecutor is a critical first step, but we are a long way from uncovering the truth about Trump's ties to Russia. In order to get to the bottom this, Mueller's investigation must be given the full resources and independence it needs to succeed. This investigation must be coupled with a bipartisan effort in Congress to further push for answers. We must follow the facts wherever they lead, and demand complete accountability for any wrongdoing that is found. Too many questions remain about the tangled web Trump and his associates have woven. We need the truth and we need it now. Watch my floor speech about Rosenstein's appointment of Mueller and the need to fight for the truth >> < ley-iq&crop=18327.123543440.20533732.7791867&report_id=&redirect=https%3 dir_log=041120506856383> All my best, Jeff Facebook < ley-iq&crop=18327.123543440.20533732.7791867&report_id=&redirect=https%3> Twitter < ley-iq&crop=18327.123543440.20533732.7791867&report_id=&redirect=https%3 r_log=590341330714427> This email was sent to xxx Visit < ley-iq&crop=18327.123543440.20533732.7791867&report_id=&redirect=http%3a email%26utm_content%3dfooter%26utm_campaign%3dproactive&redir_log=602377 66723870> | Contact Jeff < ley-iq&crop=18327.123543440.20533732.7791867&report_id=&redirect=http%3a _medium%3demail%26utm_content%3dfooter%26utm_campaign%3dproactive&redir_ log=196041837892927> | Unsubscribe < erkley-iq&__sid=100011&__crop=18327.123543440.20533732.7791867> Please note that any reply to this email address will be sent to an unmonitored email address. < k.gif?crop=18327.123543440.20533732.7791867> < k.gif?crop=18327.123543440.20533732.7791867>
· Thu, May 18 · merkley

Larry Krasner wins the Philly DA race
Friends, We just helped Larry Krasner and his team pull off a major upset in the Democratic primary for the Philadelphia District Attorney's office. It is likely that Larry will win in November, and if he does it will be huge. I grew up in Philadelphia facing the triangle of the District Attorney, Police, and Magistrate Courts pressuring young adults, often black, into guilty pleas and sentencing. This victory is transformative for the criminal justice system in Philadelphia. Please help us take advantage of the momentum Larry's victory has created and double down on our efforts in local elections. Your $27 contribution goes to helping real progressives like Larry who are committed to real change. DONATE » We cannot understate how impactful this upset victory will be for the people of Philadelphia. Larry's goals include ending cash bail, civil asset forfeiture, and racist stop and frisk policies that target the city's minority communities. This is a DA who will never pursue the death penalty, and comes to the top prosecutor's office with the experience of representing Black Lives Matter and others in the activist community over a long career. And there are hundreds more candidates for local office who share Larry's values like we do and need our support. They're winning races for school boards, like Rita Moore and Valdez Bravo in Oregon, or for seats to their city council, like Gil Cedillo in Los Angeles -- all last night. But there's more that we can be doing. Steve Zimmer and Imelda Padilla came up short in their race for the Los Angeles school board, as the charter school industry backed their opponents and turned the race into the most expensive in the country. Please make a $27 contribution to Our Revolution so that we can continue to support exceptional progressives like these in elections across the country. DONATE » Make no mistake: the Trumpster fire that we see every day in Washington and on the cable news networks is not representative of what is really going on in this country. Local elections like these are where the grassroots can make a difference right now. Please consider a $27 contribution today to be one of the difference makers. DONATE » As always, thank you for everything you do. Progress like this wouldn't be possible without your support. In solidarity, Larry Cohen Board Chair Our Revolution
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Senator Manchin's Newsletter - May 17, 2017
Click here to open this e-mail in its own browser window < =SenManchin%2501217264%2501201881%2b-%2b05-16-2017%2beNewsletter%2501178 ed%2501Mr.%2bUnity%2bFeed%2501123%2bLane%253cbr%253e%250d%250aCi%252c%2b WV%2b90210%2501> Click here to open a plain text version of this email < n_text=Y&link=SenManchin%2501217264%2501201881%2b-%2b05-16-2017%2beNewsl %2501Mr.%2bFeed%2501Mr.%2bUnity%2bFeed%2501123%2bLane%253cbr%253e%250d%2 50aCi%252c%2bWV%2b90210%2501> < s_banner.jpg> May 17, 2017 Upcoming Events Riverside High School Commencement, May 19 Senator Manchin will join the Riverside High School Commencement on Friday, May 19. Strawberry Festival this Saturday, May 20 Senator Manchin will walk in the Strawberry Festival Parade on Saturday, May 20. Come join the fun! Job and Resource Fair in Charles Town on Saturday, May 20 Senator Manchin's staff is co-hosting the 20th Job and Resource Fair on Saturday, May 20 along with the American Legion and other partners. It will take place at the American Legion Post 71 in Charles Town from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Senator Manchin's staff will be on hand to assist Veterans and anyone who attends. Dedication of Greenbrier Veterans Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC), May 22 Along with Veterans of the Greenbrier Valley, Senator Manchin will participate in this event on Monday, May 22 in Ronceverte. In 2015, Senator Manchin and Greenbrier County Veterans invited the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to visit this clinic, and during a public town hall, the Secretary committed to reopening this clinic. This is a great day for West Virginia Veterans! Grafton Memorial Day Parade, May 29 Senator Manchin will march alongside Veterans during the Grafton Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 29. This is the 150th Memorial Day Parade in Grafton, the longest running Memorial Day Parade in the nation! Commonsense Connections Week, May 22 - 26 Representatives from Senator Manchin's office will make more than 80 stops across the state, touching every county, to bring the federal government to West Virginians, hear their commonsense priorities and concerns, and take feedback to the Senator. To view the entire list of stops for the week, click here. < crop=17833.17605454.11668428.14212520&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2f 7FAD-9BAF-4F68-97B1-42D1C788E791&redir_log=435733980301620> Commonsense Connections Kickoff, May 22 To kick off the week, on Monday afternoon, each of Senator Manchin's three state offices � in Charleston, Fairmont and Martinsburg � will host an "Open House" for constituents to drop by, meet his staff and share their thoughts. Time: 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. Locations: Senator Manchin's Charleston Office 900 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 629 Senator Manchin's Fairmont Office 230 Adams Street Senator Manchin's Martinsburg Office 261 Aikens Center, Suite 305 To invite the senator to your event, click here . From the Hill to the Mountains Keeping the Full Promise to Our Miners Two weeks ago, we finally passed a permanent fix that secured healthcare for more than 8,400 retired miners in West Virginia. Although this in itself is a huge victory, we're still only halfway there to keeping the promise made to coal miners 70 years ago. Now, more than 26,000 retired miners' pensions are on the line in West Virginia. We cannot waste any more time and that's why I introduced the Miners Pension Protection Act last week, to secure the pensions that these miners have earned and paid for over a lifetime of backbreaking and dangerous work. Seventy years ago, President Harry Truman recognized the importance of the coal that our miners produced for this country and promised that the government would guarantee our brave coal miners' benefits in return for their service. In turn, our coal miners propelled the American economy, ushered in decades of economic growth, started an energy boom that made the U.S. a superpower, and helped our nation to victory in two World Wars. This agreement was a sacred promise between worker and country, and it captured the very best of America. Just as I did to secure permanent healthcare, the Miners Pension Protection Act will be my highest priority and I will bring everyone together to get this done. I will be working with the West Virginia delegation, my Senate colleagues and the administration to pass this important legislation. And I will continue to stress how important these modest pensions are to our coal miners in my conversations with President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence. As we are working to pass the Miners Pension Protection Act, I know our retired miners will work with us just as hard as they did when their healthcare was going to be ripped away from them. The strength, energy and openness they displayed made the difference in getting a permanent healthcare fix and we couldn't have done it without them sharing their deeply personal stories with lawmakers. Securing these healthcare benefits demonstrates what Congress can do when we work together and put partisan politics aside. It's a philosophy that I have followed throughout my life in public service � in the West Virginia State Legislature, as your Governor, and now as your U.S. Senator. Members of Congress are here for one reason: to do what is right on behalf of the people we represent. West Virginia coal miners are among the hardest working people in America, and they have dedicated their lives to powering this nation and keeping it the strongest in the world. While we have more work to do to protect the pensions our miners earned, they will never again have to worry about their healthcare. We cannot allow for the issue of their pensions to be put off until the deadline only to kick the can down the road with a temporary extension. Our retired miners deserve better than to receive letters notifying them that they will no longer receive their modest pension, which many count on for survival. For most of these retired miners, their pension is the difference between paying the bills or being kicked out of their home, putting food on their tables or going hungry. I know my colleagues will stick by them this time just like they did with healthcare and I look forward to working with them to finally keep our full promise. On the Road with Senator Manchin Meeting with UMWA Miners < s.jpg> Last week, Senator Manchin met with United Mine Workers in Beckley to discuss his legislation, the Miners Pension Protection Act, which will secure the pensions of retired coal miners. Capital High School Awards Ceremony < h.jpg> Senator Manchin addressed high school seniors at Capital High School's Scholarship Awards Ceremony on May 12. WV State Fittest School Challenge < ool_challenge.jpg> Also last Friday, Senator Manchin addressed students participating in the Fittest School Challenge, which promotes the Healthy Lifestyles Act enacted by then-Governor Manchin to improve student health and combat childhood obesity. Spotlight On... Weston's Mountaineer Military Museum < seum_12.jpg> The Mountaineer Military Museum in Weston features personal and historical items from the Korean, Vietnam and Civil War. <> This museum honoring our nation's heroes became possible with the help of residents, the Lewis County Board of Education, and the Lewis County Commission. Do you have a nomination for a Spotlight Feature? Click here to inform my office. How May We Help You? I truly appreciate the opportunity to hear from West Virginians. As your U.S. Senator, I am proud to be your voice with government agencies during your time of need. My goal is to provide top-notch customer service for every West Virginian who contacts me, or who may need help. I have a team of caseworkers in each of my four offices to help you with matters of concern. While I have no direct jurisdiction in the administrative matters of any federal, state, or local agency, I welcome the opportunity to assist you with whatever problem you may be experiencing and ask that full consideration be given to your case. Recently my office was able to help Blanch Benfield from Sophia, West Virginia. Blanch's late husband, George, worked in the coal mines for over 39 years and filed a federal Black Lung claim. After George passed away, Blanch kept up the fight and appealed to the Department of Labor for five years before she received the award in November 2016. Four months later, Blanch had not yet received her benefits. My office was able to contact the Department of Labor successfully and urge them to release the funds to Blanch. If you are a coal miner, or know of someone in need of assistance with Black Lung benefits, disability, healthcare or recognition, please let me know. < eld.jpg> Blanch Benfield from Sophia, West Virginia To contact me, please click here < crop=17833.17605454.11668428.14212520&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fm 5458387> to visit my website. To learn more, call my office Toll Free at (855) 275-5737, email me,or find me on social media: < crop=17833.17605454.11668428.14212520&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2f> < crop=17833.17605454.11668428.14212520&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2f> < crop=17833.17605454.11668428.14212520&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fw d0A395D97-7F7E-4406-A583-26EBE7BCF9B3&redir_log=073194175924666> < crop=17833.17605454.11668428.14212520&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2f> Please do not respond to this email. The mailbox is unattended. To UNSUBSCRIBE at any time, please click here < crop=17833.17605454.11668428.14212520&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fm 536383> . < es_winter_footer.jpg> < rop=17833.17605454.11668428.14212520> < rop=17833.17605454.11668428.14212520>
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A tribute to our men and women in blue
A message from US Senator Todd Young < nner_logo2.png> I Highlighted Police Week and Passed Legislation to Improve Mental Health Services for Officers Yesterday marked the start of #NationalPoliceWeek < op=13348.6189662.5214269.189397&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fwww.fa 514954073960&redir_log=812470095385587> . To all of our men and women in blue, thank you for standing on the front lines to protect our communities. A couple of weeks ago, Senator Donnelly and I introduced the "Law Enforcement Mental Health and Wellness Act". Today, that bill passed the Senate and will now move on to the House of Representatives. This bill works with the relevant federal agencies, mental health providers, and broader law enforcement community to offer opportunities for care. When our police force is healthy and strong, our communities are healthy and strong too. You can watch the video by clicking on the photo below. < op=13348.6189662.5214269.189397&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fwww.yo> Anderson, Indiana Family Harmed by Ethiopian Government's Adoption Freeze The Ethiopian government has indefinitely suspended foreign adoptions, which leaves dozens of near completed and completed adoptions in limbo. The Oren family from Anderson is caught in the middle of this tug of war. Thanks to the Oren family for letting us tell their story, and Kevin Rader and WTHR-TV for helping us shed light on this issue. Click on the image below to watch their story: < op=13348.6189662.5214269.189397&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fyoutu. be%2fcCPALq-sDNw&redir_log=457995285458187> Our Happiness is Always Linked to Each Other's Happiness I gave the commencement address at the graduation ceremony of Trine University. I emphasized the importance of using our shared mission of attaining the common good in order to create a better world for everyone. I also shared some thoughts on the value of knowing where the nearest Taco Bell is. Click here to read the full text of my remarks to the graduates. < op=13348.6189662.5214269.189397&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fmedium com%2f%40Senator_Todd_Young%2four-happiness-is-linked-to-each-others-ha ppiness-commencement-address-to-trine-university-83ef02645fdf&redir_log= 408795116233974> One more thing before you go... I participated in an interview with WISH-TV about reports of missing taxpayer-funded medical equipment at Roudebush VA Medical Center in Indianapolis. Look for the story on WISH-TV newscasts tonight. Thank you for the continued privilege to serve you in the U.S. Senate. My mission is to fight on behalf of Hoosiers and the interests that are unique to our state. I look forward to working with you, and sharing our progress, in the days ahead. Until then� In Service, Todd Young Contact Todd < op=13348.6189662.5214269.189397&report_id=&> You can follow us on social media to receive constant updates on Senator Young's work on behalf of you: Facebook < op=13348.6189662.5214269.189397&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww.fac> Twitter < op=13348.6189662.5214269.189397&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww.twi> Unsubscribe < __sid=100001&__crop=13348.6189662.5214269.189397> Click here to open a plain text version of this email < _text=Y&link=SenYoung%2501100516%2501100037%2b-%2b05-15-2017%2beNewslett y%2501Unity%2bFeed%2501%2501> Click here to forward this email < rd=Y&link=SenYoung%2501100516%2501100037%2b-%2b05-15-2017%2beNewsletter% 501Unity%2bFeed%2501%2501> Click here to open this e-mail in its own browser window < SenYoung%2501100516%2501100037%2b-%2b05-15-2017%2beNewsletter%250113348. bFeed%2501%2501> < p=13348.6189662.5214269.189397> < p=13348.6189662.5214269.189397>
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Meeting with Kansas Healthcare Providers
< KS01JM%2501159358%2501100277%2b-%2b05-15-2017%2beNewsletter%250115693.33 bFeed%250190210%2501> < _text=Y&link=KS01JM%2501159358%2501100277%2b-%2b05-15-2017%2beNewsletter y%2501Unity%2bFeed%250190210%2501> If you are having trouble viewing this email, please view it on my website < =15693.33433584.4269665.7719423&report_id=& C2-A485-5E2CB54CA296&redir_log=565446966804582> . < d.png>
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Update from Senator Bob Corker - May 15, 2017
Bob Corker - U.S. Senator, Tennessee *A Better Way to Help the World* Senator Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, penned an op-ed in the New York Times on Wednesday with his colleague Senator Chris Coons (D-Del.) about their recent trip [link 1] to the world's largest refugee camp and the need to reform the way the U.S. delivers food aid: *Taxpayers deserve to know that the way we deliver food aid is as efficient as the American people are generous. That is why we�ve written another bill, the Food for Peace Reform Act, which would eliminate decades-old regulations that require food aid to be grown in the United States � often thousands of miles away from the people who need it � and shipped on American-flagged vessels. We estimate these reforms could free up as much as $500 million annually and allow us to reach five million to eight million more people with food in less time.* *As a result of a civil war for which they bear no responsibility, far too many South Sudanese, including those we met in Bidi Bidi, have known far too much violence, far too much suffering and far too little opportunity. Following our visit to Uganda, we are rededicating ourselves to common-sense reforms that will feed more people and save more lives without asking more of the American people � the most generous people on earth.* Click here [link 2] to read the op-ed in its entirety.� [image =] Welcoming Tennesseans to Washington* On Tuesday, Senators Corker and Alexander hosted more than 80 Tennesseans at �Tennessee Tuesday,� a regular breakfast held on Capitol Hill every week the Senate is in session for visitors from the Volunteer State. For more information, click�here [link 3]. [image =] [image =] At Tennessee Tuesday, Senator Corker thanked the Volunteer State's 2017 Prudential Spirit of Community award winners, Mallory and Wills, for their dedication to community service. [image =] [image =] Senator Corker had a good discussion with the Tennessee Hospital Association on Tuesday morning about the need for health care policy that works for the American people.� [image =] On Thursday, Senator Corker welcomed students and parents from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School (Germantown) to the Capitol.� [image =] *Ongoing FBI Investigations Must Be Free of Political Interference* On Tuesday, Senator Corker released the following statement on Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey. �While the case for removal of Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey laid out by Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein was thorough, his removal at this particular time will raise questions,�*�said Corker*. �It is essential that ongoing investigations are fulsome and free of political interference until their completion, and it is imperative that President Trump nominate a well-respected and qualified individual to lead the bureau at this critical time.� *Assad Should Be Locked up for Life* Appearing on CNN�s �The Lead� with Jake Tapper on Tuesday, Senator Corker responded to new video [link 4] that shows victims in the immediate aftermath of the recent chemical weapons attack carried out by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, which provoked U.S. missile strikes authorized by President Donald Trump last month. �I imagine like every American, horror. This barbaric leader has been doing this for years,� *said Corker* after being asked for his reaction to the footage. �I thanked President Trump for responding in the way that he did, but [the conflict] continues. [Assad]�s supported by Russia. He's supported by Iran. He needs to be put away in a tribunal and locked up for life.� �I know this has captured the imagination, I hate to say, of the world that is able to view this [video],� *continued Corker*. �But this is what we have been seeing for years. We visit people in refugee camps. We know this is underway. America has stood by, as has the rest of the world, and let this occur� There are no easy answers.� [image =] [link 5] **Click here [link 6] or on the image above to watch the interview.** *FHFA Should Not Hinder Congressional Housing Finance Reform Efforts* During a hearing on Thursday on the status of our nation�s housing finance system after nine years of conservatorship, Senator Corker, a member of the Senate Banking Committee, pressed Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) Director Mel Watt to explain how a draw on government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac�s line of credit at the Department of Treasury could disrupt the mortgage market, calling it a �baseless� argument. Corker also warned Watt against any unilateral action that would hinder or slow congressional efforts to reform the entities. �[Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac] have $258 billion worth of capital available to them,� *said Corker*. �This whole notion of them running out of resources is just a baseless issue, and I don�t know why that, even at this time, is being discussed because what it does, [Mr. Watt], is it changes the dynamic of what�s been happening. It makes it appear as if there�s a different approach that�s being taken by the [Trump] administration. The administration is working with us. We�re working with others to move ahead with reform, but all of a sudden, a unilateral step by you when they�ve got $258 billion in capital available� If you draw upon it � that�s what it�s for, by the way � it in no way affects the credit or anybody�s perception of the securities that are being put out.� In response to a claim by Watt that a draw from the $258 billion credit line could interrupt the market, Corker said that the risk is �nonexistent� and that a draw would have no effect on the market. �It�s one of the most baseless arguments I�ve ever heard,� *added Corker*. Corker also pressed Watt to acknowledge that it is the role of Congress, not FHFA, to determine the future of the GSEs. �It�s your belief, as we�ve discussed in multiple conversations, that the future of housing finance reform is totally Congress� job to do, and you�re relying upon us to make that happen,� *said Corker*. �It�s my sense that the [Senate Banking Committee] Chairman [Mike Crapo] and Ranking Member [Sherrod Brown] wish to take that up in the near future. And from your perspective that�s our job to do, and that�s how we determine the future of these entities?� �I absolutely agree,� *replied Watt*. [image =] [link 7] **Click here [link 8] or on the image above to watch the senator's remarks.�** *Strongly Supporting John Sullivan as Deputy Secretary of State* At the conclusion of a hearing on Tuesday to consider the nomination of John J. Sullivan to serve as deputy secretary of state, Senator Corker expressed his intention to �strongly support� Sullivan�s confirmation. �Short of something unusual happening, I have to tell you [that] I look forward to very strongly supporting your nomination,� *said Corker*. �I think you�ve acquitted yourself exceptionally well today. It is evident that in your private meetings with members on both sides of the aisle you�ve done the same there. And I really do believe that the experiences that you�ve had in other departments and the professionalism that you have [shown] as an individual have equipped you to be an exceptional deputy secretary. We thank you for your willingness to serve [and] for your family�s willingness to allow you to do something that we know is going to be a seven-day-a-week job, at least in the beginning, and probably all the way through.� [image =] [link 9] **Click here [link 10] or on the image above to watch the senator's remarks.�**
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The Scoop: Student Debt, Branstad, Foster Care, Hearing Aids
<> About Grassley < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww> Constituent Services < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww> News Center < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww> Contact Grassley < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww> Grassley Direct I spoke with < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww =187736513651454> AJ Taylor of KIOW Radio in Forest City and Tom Cullen of the Storm Lake Times about lowering prescription drug costs, federal and state water quality regulations, bipartisan legislation to increase access to and lower the cost of hearing aids and the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Q&A: Foster Youth Q.What prompted your leadership on foster care issues in Congress? Q. What other reforms are you proposing to help at-risk youth? < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fme 5938372421409> Quick Link I urged < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww urge-irs-treasury-clarify-rules-would-allow-more-lenders&redir_log=49906 5669506936> the IRS and Treasury Department to clarify rules on refinancing options for student debt. Empowering nonprofits operating in the student loan space is one tool we should unleash to better deal with the student debt problem. Governor Branstad was unanimously approved < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww ad%25E2%2580%2599s-unanimous-committee-approval-be-ambassador-china&redi r_log=37203864869952> by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to serve as the next U.S. ambassador to China. I look forward to voting to confirm him to serve the nation in this new role. At a Judiciary Committee hearing < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww deral-bureau-of-investigation&redir_log=942250118145696> earlier this month, now-former FBI Direct Comey committed the Bureau to providing follow-up briefings for several matters that were discussed. I requested < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww t-briefings-rosenstein-mccabe&redir_log=015039955599748> the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe to provide such a briefing in a timely manner. I also called on them to brief the full committee on the investigation into Russian interference in the U.S. election. The bipartisan request is intended to ensure that all Judiciary Committee senators, both Republicans and Democrats, have a better understanding of what went on and where the investigation stands. Fellow senators and I called < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww urge-full-funding-office-national-drug-control-policy&redir_log=61288300 8909913> on the Trump Administration to prioritize funding for the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Since its inception, the program has achieved statistically significant reductions in youth drug use. We must also maintain strong law enforcement efforts to address the trafficking of dangerous substances. A bipartisan bill < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww act-advances-through-committee&redir_log=84811544116748> I wrote with Senator Elizabeth Warren that would make certain types of hearing aids available over the counter passed through committee this week. Consumers are interested in new hearing aid products to improve their quality of life at an affordable price. The committee was right to advance this bill, and I look forward to seeing it continue to move forward. In recent years, I've raised many concerns about flaws in the EB-5 investor visa program, which was designed to create jobs in rural and economically depressed urban areas through foreign investments in exchange for visas. Unfortunately, the program has been riddled with fraud, abuse and national security vulnerabilities.I called < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fou 26crop%3d14438.9132574.5566921.7338375%26report_id%3d%26redirect%3dhttps assley-pushes-quick-executive-actions-curb-eb-5-visa-abuse%26redir_log%3 d882400882887775&redir_log=611960787811970> on the Department of Homeland Security to expedite proposed regulations to address these flaws and return integrity to the program. The department must also clarify that no foreign investors will receive preferential treatment and applications will be processed in the order in which they are received. Post of the Week < PNG> Appreciate the recognition from the National Association of Police Organizations for my work in support of law enforcement including the Public Safety Officers' Benefits Program A photo < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww 6hl%3den&redir_log=857956830947557> posted by @senatorchuckgrassley < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fou 26crop%3d0000.0000.0000.0000%26report_id%3d%26redirect%3dhttps%253a%252f %253dSenGrassley%2526crop%253d0000.0000.0000.0000%2526report_id%253d%252 huckgrassley%25252f%25253fhl%25253den%2526redir_log%253d055035769476377% 26redir_log%3d107849028671509&redir_log=166379939512664> on May 9, 2017 Keep in Touch < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww> < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww> < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2ftw> < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fme> < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww> < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fin> < &crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fww> Unsubscribe < ey&__sid=100003&__crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002> Open a plain text version of this email < _text=Y&link=SenGrassley%2501103982%2501The%2bScoop_%2bStudent%2bDebt_%2 bBranstad_%2bFoster%2bCare_%2bHearing%2bAids%250114128.9149808.5566317.7 erly%2bHills%252c%2bCA%2b90210%2501> Forward this email < rd=Y&link=SenGrassley%2501103982%2501The%2bScoop_%2bStudent%2bDebt_%2bBr anstad_%2bFoster%2bCare_%2bHearing%2bAids%250114128.9149808.5566317.7038 y%2bHills%252c%2bCA%2b90210%2501> Open in its own browser window < SenGrassley%2501103982%2501The%2bScoop_%2bStudent%2bDebt_%2bBranstad_%2b Foster%2bCare_%2bHearing%2bAids%250114128.9149808.5566317.7038002%2501gr 252c%2bCA%2b90210%2501> < crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002> < crop=14128.9149808.5566317.7038002>
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The big play.
Friend,  This week, we saw a promise fulfilled.  Five months ago, I held a private meeting with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke in which I enlisted his help in addressing the devastation caused by President Obama’s federal overreach at Bears Ears. After I conveyed the fears and frustrations of thousands of Utahns who had been personally hurt by Obama’s reckless monument designation, Secretary Zinke promised to make a personal visit to the Beehive State so that he could see the damage for himself.    Fox News Recap: President Trump signing the Antiquities Act Executive Order On Sunday, Secretary Zinke came through on his word when he kicked off a listening tour to review the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase National Monuments. On the first day of his Utah tour, Secretary Zinke and I met to discuss how best to resolve the public lands issue. Our conversation left me confident that Utahns will finally have a seat at the table in major decisions regarding federal lands. The Interior Secretary’s visit to Utah was the culmination of months of hard work that began when I first met with President Trump in the Oval Office to discuss the debacle at Bears Ears. From our very first conversation at the White House, President Trump has been steadfastly committed to helping us fix this disaster. Our state scored another victory when, just last month, I convinced the President to sign an executive order calling for a review of Utah’s national monuments.  The President’s executive order and Secretary Zinke’s visit bring us one step closer to achieving our ultimate goal: To give Utahns a greater voice in the management of public lands.  Take a moment to learn more about the leading role I have played to rein in federal overreach by reading the Deseret News front-page story below. 
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The Durbin Report: The American people deserve to know the truth about Russia's cyber act of war on the 2016 election
The Durbin Report: A message from Senator Richard J. Durbin < er_3.png> Fellow Illinoisan, On Tuesday, President Trump made history by firing FBI Director James Comey. Only once in the FBI's 109-year history had an FBI director been dismissed. Director Comey joins former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates and former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara in a growing list of Justice Department officials fired after leading investigations that appeared to be getting close to President Trump. According to news reports, Comey last week went to the Justice Department and requested more resources to devote to an investigation into Russia's interference with the 2016 election and possible connections between President Trump's inner circle and the Russians. < rop=15371.12910979.9277052.7246002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fwww 57> The Trump Administration's obstruction of the FBI investigation and refusal to acknowledge Russia's responsibility for an act of cyberwar on America raises serious questions. The American people deserve to know the truth. They deserve to know with certainty that their President is putting their interests before his own or those of any foreign government. It's time for Republicans and Democrats to show the appropriate concern for this breach of our national security by calling for an independent investigation into the Russian connection. To do nothing would be a stunning abdication of responsibility to protect the United States and our democratic values. < rop=15371.12910979.9277052.7246002&report_id=&redirect=https%3a%2f%2fwww 57> Sincerely, Dick Durbin United States Senator < er.PNG> < rop=15371.12910979.9277052.7246002&report_id=&redirect=http%3a%2f%2fwww. 51375425> Click here to open a plain text version of this email < n_text=Y&link=SenDurbin%2501104513%250105-12-2017%2bThe%2bDurbin%2bRepor t_%2bThe%2bAmerican%2bpeople%2bdeserve%2bto%2bknow%2bthe%2btruth%2babout %2bRussia%25e2%2580%2599s%2bcyber%2bact%2bof%2bwar%2bon%2bthe%2b2016%2be 2501Friend%2501%2501%2501> Click here to forward this email < ard=Y&link=SenDurbin%2501104513%250105-12-2017%2bThe%2bDurbin%2bReport_% 2bThe%2bAmerican%2bpeople%2bdeserve%2bto%2bknow%2bthe%2btruth%2babout%2b Russia%25e2%2580%2599s%2bcyber%2bact%2bof%2bwar%2bon%2bthe%2b2016%2belec 1Friend%2501%2501%2501> Click here to open this e-mail in its own browser window < =SenDurbin%2501104513%250105-12-2017%2bThe%2bDurbin%2bReport_%2bThe%2bAm erican%2bpeople%2bdeserve%2bto%2bknow%2bthe%2btruth%2babout%2bRussia%25e 2%2580%2599s%2bcyber%2bact%2bof%2bwar%2bon%2bthe%2b2016%2belection%25011 01%2501%2501> Click here to comment on this email < y=Y&link=SenDurbin%2501104513%250105-12-2017%2bThe%2bDurbin%2bReport_%2b The%2bAmerican%2bpeople%2bdeserve%2bto%2bknow%2bthe%2btruth%2babout%2bRu ssia%25e2%2580%2599s%2bcyber%2bact%2bof%2bwar%2bon%2bthe%2b2016%2belecti riend%2501%2501%2501>
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The Laudable Pursuit: An Obamacare Repeal Update
May 12, 2017 "to elevate the condition of men--to lift artificial weights from all shoulders, to clear the paths of laudable pursuit for all, to afford all an unfettered start and a fair chance, in the race of life." --Abraham Lincoln Chairman's Note: An Obamacare Repeal Update This week a working group of United States senators began meeting on a bi-weekly basis to reach a consensus on how to repeal and replace Obamacare. We are still very early in the process but it is clear already that there is much work to be done before we can find the votes needed to reform our failing health care system. The first topic the group focused on was rolling back Obamacare's Medicaid expansion, a program that has given insurance cards to 11 million able bodied adults without kids at a cost of $64 billion a year without improving their actual health care outcomes. Conservatives in the room have three big priorities when it comes to Medicaid reform: 1) ending the enhanced federal spending on Medicaid expansion recipients; 2) setting an inflation rate for the per capita allotment that is fiscally responsible; and 3) increasing the flexibility of states to best provide quality health care for the low-income and vulnerable populations in their state. Unfortunately, the House health care bill concedes that states will continue to receive federal Medicaid dollars for the new expansion population. This categorical expansion is already a huge concession and should, at the very least, be part of a program reform that grows at a low rate closely resembling historical growth. That is why many of my colleagues and I want to put the reformed per capita allotment Medicaid program on a sustainable fiscal path with a growth rate of CPI-U. Conservatives in the room have three big priorities when it comes to Medicaid reform: 1) ending the enhanced federal spending on Medicaid expansion recipients; 2) setting an inflation rate for the per capita allotment that is fiscally responsible; and 3) increasing the flexibility of states to best provide quality health care for the low-income and vulnerable populations in their state. Hopefully we will be able to also include additional flexibility for states to innovate and adopt new mechanisms that serve the unique needs of each state's vulnerable populations. The health care working group also addressed the individual insurance market, where conservatives pushed to repeal as many of Obamacare's insurance regulations as possible. The Obamacare regulations drive up the cost of health care the most. They force insurers to cover everyone at the same price without respect to age, gender, or health status--even if these customers use drastically different amounts of health care each year or if they wait to purchase coverage until they fall ill. Another major regulation forces insurers to pay for an expansive list of "essential health benefits," even when the customer doesn't need or want to pay for that coverage. Finally, another burdensome regulation tightly dictates how much insurers must pay out on each health care plan. All of these regulations have driven up the price of premiums by 100 percent nationwide--in some places monthly premiums cost more than someone's mortgage. Conservatives would like to clear the books of Obamacare's most costly regulations and free the states to regulate their markets how they wish-even if that means re-applying these regulations to their market. Should this not be possible, we should at the very least give states the ability to choose which Obamacare regulations they do or do not want to keep. All states would start off without any of these federal health insurance regulations and then they would be able to pick and choose which ones they wanted to keep. After the debate in the House, it is no longer news that the differences between the moderates and conservatives in the Republican Party on health care policy are substantial. It is unclear right now whether they can be bridged. But my colleagues and I will keep trying. We will keep meeting every week to hash out our differences and find common ground until we get something done that will lower premiums for millions of Americans while strengthening our safety net programs for those who truly need them. Restoring Trust in the FBI Click here to watch video Issue in Focus: Bringing Higher Education into the 21st Century Over the past 20 years, the price of wireless service has fallen 46 percent, the price of software has fallen 68 percent, the price of televisions has fallen 96 percent, and the quality of these services and technologies has improved markedly. But over that same time, the price of college tuition has risen 199 percent, and most parents would agree that the quality has not greatly improved. But if prices typically fall as competition spurs quality advancement, as seen by the technological achievement of the last two decades, how has that not happened in education? There is no one simple answer to this question, but the different regulatory environment facing higher education is a significant factor. One-hundred years ago, there were six regional, voluntary, non-governmental institutions that helped universities and secondary schools coordinate curricula, degrees, and transfer credits. These institutions had no power to prevent the creation of higher education institutions. This changed with the 1952 GI Bill. After congressional investigators found thousands of sham colleges were created overnight to take advantage of the benefits provided in the first 1944 GI Bill, the federal government turned these voluntary institutions into accreditors. As the federal government steadily ramped up its financial support for higher education benefits, it continued outsourcing the vetting of higher education institutions to these regional accreditors. This make-shift system worked well for decades, but in recent years these regional accreditors have come under heavy criticism for both lax oversight over some online institutions and a heavy hand in killing some promising innovations. No regulator is ever going to be perfect, but if they are going to be gatekeepers for a sector of the economy as important as higher education they must be transparent and accountable to the American people. Unfortunately, our nation's regional accreditors are neither. They do not share how they make their accrediting decisions with anyone and their board members do not face accountability at the ballot box. This needs to change. That is why I have introduced the Higher Education Reform and Opportunity Act. This bill would allow states to create their own accreditation system for institutions that want to be eligible for federal financial aid dollars. Each state could then be as open or closed to higher education innovation as they saw fit. They could even stick with their current regional accreditors if they chose to do so. But they could also enable innovators like Purdue University President Mitch Daniels, who recently signed a deal with the online provider Kaplan University, to go even further in their mission to expand higher education access to those who had limited access before. Our higher education system should not be held captive to 100 year-old institutions that were never intended to be regulatory gatekeepers in the first place. Instead we should allow those communities that want to experiment with higher education policy the freedom and accountability to do so. Washington, D.C. Office 361A Russell Senate Office Building Washington, D.C., 20510 Phone: 202.224.5444 Fax: 202.228.1168 Salt Lake City Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building 125 South State, Suite 4225 Salt Lake City, UT 84138 Phone: 801.524.5933 Fax: 801.524.5730 St. George Office of Senator Michael S. 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