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· Sat, Aug 19 · grassley

The "Alt-Left"
Friends, We have a president who insists on siding with white supremacists. He will not denounce those with hate in their heart who murdered a young woman for supporting equality. For so many of us, we are now living in a nightmare. It is unconscionable to compare those who fight for equality with those who believe that the color of one's skin determines superiority. As I said recently, my heart is skipping beats to think about all that my fore-parents endured to get to this point in time in America's history. And to have, in the 21st century, the president of the United States not boldly stand up and denounce racial violence is atrocious. Not only does he refuse to condemn the actions of people who would protest the funeral of someone they murdered, but he also dares to try and equivocate the actions of liberal protesters, the so called "alt-left," with those of Nazis and white supremacists. It is a disgusting false equivalency. There is no such thing as the "alt-left." Those who believe Medicare should be available to all Americans are not the same as Nazis. Those who believe that we must fix a broken criminal justice system that is unfair to black, brown and poor are not the same as Nazis. Those who think we should remove statues that were erected as a reminder of white supremacy are not the same as Nazis. What happens next is crucial for the future of our country. We must stand united for a better life for all, regardless of color, gender, sexual orientation, religion or class. It has never been more clear what the differences between the two sides are. There is the side of justice and the side of injustice. It is obvious what side Trump is on. There are more of us standing on the side of justice and together we will overcome the forces seeking to regress our nation. Our stories are our strength share yours with us. What motivates you to fight for social justice? Visit In solidarity, Nina Turner President Our Revolution
· Wed, Aug 16 · sanders

Moving our health care system forward
Click here to open this e-mail in its own browser window < =quorum_merkley-iq%2501256112%2501211640%2b-%2b08-15-2017%2bACA%2bProact 501Unity%2501Unity%2bFeed%250190210%2501> Click here to open a plain text version of this email < n_text=Y&link=quorum_merkley-iq%2501256112%2501211640%2b-%2b08-15-2017%2 bACA%2bProactive%250118212.135709500.21427200.7791867%2501merkley%2540un> < ley-iq&crop=18212.135709500.21427200.7791867&report_id=&redirect=http%3a email%26utm_campaign%3dlogo&redir_log=028068272374668> Dear Unity, As I traveled across Oregon to host town halls last week, it was great to see local community leaders, students and residents come together to discuss the next steps in working to improve our health care system. It didn't matter whether I was in red counties or blue counties. Folks all over the state < ley-iq&crop=18212.135709500.21427200.7791867&report_id=&redirect=http%3a ounty&redir_log=569916693989509> were concerned about Trump's attacks on affordable, accessible health care. Trump's threats to not pay federal insurance payments < ley-iq&crop=18212.135709500.21427200.7791867&report_id=&redirect=http%3a s-subsidies-cut-240684&redir_log=078451990153564> have caused more insurers to leave markets and raise premiums. We must keep fighting to fend off these attacks on our care, and work together to actually improve health care in America. For example, we should lower sky-high prescription drugs costs and lower the Medicare eligibility age from 65 to 55 < ley-iq&crop=18212.135709500.21427200.7791867&report_id=&redirect=https%3 e-care-act-by-letting-people-55-64-buy-into-medicare%2f%26refURL%3dhttps redir_log=959018379181640> . As I heard in my town halls, Oregonians from both sides of the aisle agree that it will take a bipartisan approach to improve health care. Please know I'll work to get it done with anyone who's going to put problem solving ahead of politics. All my best, Jeff Facebook < ley-iq&crop=18212.135709500.21427200.7791867&report_id=&redirect=https%3> Twitter < ley-iq&crop=18212.135709500.21427200.7791867&report_id=&redirect=https%3 r_log=590341330714427> This email was sent to xxx Visit < ley-iq&crop=18212.135709500.21427200.7791867&report_id=&redirect=http%3a email%26utm_content%3dfooter%26utm_campaign%3dproactive&redir_log=602377 66723870> | Contact Jeff < ley-iq&crop=18212.135709500.21427200.7791867&report_id=&redirect=http%3a _medium%3demail%26utm_content%3dfooter%26utm_campaign%3dproactive&redir_ log=196041837892927> | Unsubscribe < erkley-iq&__sid=100011&__crop=18212.135709500.21427200.7791867> Please note that any reply to this email address will be sent to an unmonitored email address. < k.gif?crop=18212.135709500.21427200.7791867> < k.gif?crop=18212.135709500.21427200.7791867>
· Tue, Aug 15 · merkley

Senator Manchin's Newsletter - August 15, 2017
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