Obamacare sneak attack (also, nice to meet you =?utf-8?q?=E2=98=BA?=)
Patricia, I want to introduce myself: I'm Christina, the new vice president of communications at EMILY's List. And I am fired up to officially join this community and stand up to Trump and his fellow Republicans' backward agenda with you. I've spent my career, from the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign to the Obama administration all the way back to my first political job working on a Senate race, calling out Republican attacks on women, working families, immigrants, and the LGBTQ community. And in this current political moment, there's no place I'd rather be than EMILY's List. I know our best bet for stopping Republicans' anti-woman, anti-family policies in their tracks is electing pro-choice Democratic women to office to have our backs. Donate to help elect EMILY's List women, so they can keep fighting back against the dangerous, disastrous Republican agenda: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171120_email_Christina As a proud North Carolina Tar Heel, I've seen what happens when Republicans take over -- from attacking a woman's right to choose to rigging electoral maps so they can keep their grip on power. Republicans aren't changing their ways any time soon. In fact, just last week, House Republicans passed an awful tax bill that will raise taxes on middle-class workers while benefiting the super-rich. Senate Republicans even snuck in a provision repealing a key part of Obamacare (yes, AGAIN). But things are changing in North Carolina and across the country. President Trump's approval ratings keep sinking for a reason. Americans want a different future than the one Republicans keep trying to push. Nearly 66 million of us voted AGAINST Trump and his dark vision of our country -- and yes, we will remind Republicans of that every day. Our women offer the progress voters are looking for. And I'm so excited to work side by side with you to get more champions like Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters, and Kate Brown elected. Donate to help our women WIN and put a stop to the GOP's harmful agenda: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171120_email_Christina So glad to be joining the team, Christina Reynolds Vice President of Communications, EMILY's List
Wed, Nov 22 clinton-hillary

Don't mess with Texas women馃挭
Patricia, These Texas women need our help to win critical House races. Veronica Escobar (TX-16): An El Paso County judge who wants to be a champion for border communities. Lizzie Pannill Fletcher (TX-07): A co-founder of Planned Parenthood Young Leaders, she's taking on a 16-year incumbent. And our newest endorsement... Gina Ortiz Jones (TX-23): An Air Force veteran running to flip a red seat blue in a district Hillary Clinton won in 2016. Donate to help elect Veronica, Lizzie, and Gina -- 100% of your donation will go to their campaigns: www.emilyslist.org/donate/page/20171121_email_texas - the EMILY's List team
Tue, Nov 21 clinton-hillary

2馃啎women we've endorsed for the House!
Patricia, Democrats need to flip 24 seats and protect the 194 we currently hold in order to TAKE BACK THE HOUSE. These EMILY's List candidates are key to making that happen. 15 are running to FLIP red seats blue: Mary Barzee Flores (FL-27) Angie Craig (MN-02) Betsy Dirksen Londrigan (IL-13) Abby Finkenauer (IA-01) Chrissy Houlahan (PA-06) Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ-02) Kelly Mazeski (IL-06) *new endorsement!* Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (FL-26) Gina Ortiz Jones (TX-23) *new endorsement!* Lizzie Pannill Fletcher (TX-07) Katie Porter (CA-45) Andrea Ramsey (KS-03) Kim Schrier (WA-08) Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11) Mai Khanh Tran (CA-39) Four are running to HOLD blue seats: Veronica Escobar (TX-16) Susie Lee (NV-03) Aruna Miller (MD-06) Stephanie Murphy (FL-07) Donate $3 to help our women win and recruit even more to help take back the House: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171121_email_FlipHouse - the EMILY's List team
Tue, Nov 21 clinton-hillary

A Rising Star, an environmental champ, and more...
Patricia, 34 current governors are Republicans. That's WAY too many, so we've endorsed 8 pro-choice Democratic women for this critical office: Stacey Abrams (GA): Our first鈥-鈥媏ver 鈥婫abrielle Giffords 鈥婻ising Star 鈥婣ward winner 鈥媤ho's proven herself as Georgia House minority leader Kate Brown (OR): Making Oregon a national leader in progressive, pro-woman policies Gwen Graham (FL): Aiming to turn the Florida governor's seat blue for the first time in 鈥媙early 鈥嬧媡wo decades Cary Kennedy (CO): An environmental champion battling a crowded primary field in a true swing state Michelle Lujan Grisham (NM): Running to replace a scandal-ridden Republican governor Gina Raimondo (RI): In her first re-election, facing Republican challengers who want to bring Trump's agenda to Rhode Island Maya Rockeymoore Cummings (MD): Challenging a Republican governor who failed to protect Planned Parenthood funding and vetoed earned sick leave Gretchen Whitmer (MI): Running to turn the governor's mansion blue after 7 years of failed Republican leadership by Gov. Rick Snyder Donate to help all 8 of them win and recruit more women to take over governors' seats across the country: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171120_GovsOneLine - the EMILY's List team
Mon, Nov 20 clinton-hillary

[Elections] 3 women who still need help in Georgia
Patricia, We aren't finished with 2017 elections! Last week, three of our women running in special elections for Georgia state legislative seats earned enough votes to head into runoffs in December. Want to keep adding to our state and local wins this year? Donate $3 to help elect our three women in Georgia and our state and local candidates across the country: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171117_email_GASpecial We've had our eye on the Georgia legislature ever since we met Stacey Abrams, our first-ever Gabrielle Giffords Rising Star Award winner, who we're excited is now running for governor! These women will make us just as proud as Stacey has in the Georgia Capitol: Jen Jordan (SD-06) is a publicly educated lawyer who stands up for the people the government has failed. When the Georgia secretary of state unlawfully distributed the personal information of every single Georgia voter, Jen sued -- helping to make sure victims got legal notice and access to credit repair insurance. Nikema Williams (SD-39) is the vice president of public policy for Planned Parenthood Southeast and spends her time fighting for women's health care and reproductive rights. So you can count on her to protect Georgia women and families once she gets to the state legislature. Bee Nguyen (HD-89) is the daughter of immigrants who taught her the critical value of education. She started her own nonprofit to educate and empower girls in under鈥媠erved communities and is an active fighter in the state for social justice issues. These women are SO CLOSE to the finish line and are counting on our help to get the rest of the way there. Donate $3 to keep the energy from last week going into the Georgia special elections on December 5th and support our candidates across the country who are running for state and local office: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171117_email_GASpecial Thanks, Lucinda Guinn VIce President of Campaigns, EMILY's List
Sat, Nov 18 clinton-hillary

I'm disgusted
You are receiving this sponsored message from the DCCC because of your interest in Hillary for America. With Syria signing onto the Paris climate agreement, the United States is now the ONLY country that refuses to join. President Trump should be ashamed. We need to fight back. 1,5OO,OOO SIGNATURES NEEDED: Condemn President Trump and his Republicans for their attacks on our environment >> action.dccc.org/petition/trump-epa Sign Your Name >> action.dccc.org/petition/trump-epa I'm disgusted. Thanks to President Trump, the United States just became the only country on the entire planet NOT in the Paris climate agreement. It's unthinkable. This President and his Republicans are turning our country into an international disgrace -- not to mention putting our planet at risk. And it's all part of their scheme to erase every bit of progress we made under President Obama. If you're as angry as me, will you speak up? Sign our petition and condemn the Republicans for their attacks on our planet. >> action.dccc.org/petition/trump-epa Failing to act on climate change is dangerous. We cannot let this Administration and Republicans in Congress get away with it. I need grassroots Democrats to take a stand. Will you sign on and fight to protect our environmental progress from President Trump and his Republicans? >> action.dccc.org/petition/trump-epa Thank you, Nancy
Fri, Nov 17 clinton-hillary

[Elections] From Virginia to Georgia
Patricia, If you liked helping these women win in Virginia last week: Jennifer Carroll Foy (HD-02) Wendy Gooditis (HD-10) Danica Roem (HD-13) Kelly Fowler (HD-21) Elizabeth Guzman (HD-31) Kathleen Murphy (HD-34) Kathy Tran (HD-42) Hala Ayala (HD-51) Karrie Delaney (HD-67) Dawn Marie Adams (HD-68) Delores McQuinn (HD-70) Debra Rodman (HD-73) Cheryl Turpin (HD-85) Then make sure we can help these women in Georgia who are facing runoffs on December 5th: Jen Jordan (SD-06) Nikema Williams (SD-39) Bee Nguyen (HD-89) Donate to help our 鈥嬧嬧嬧媠tate legislative candidates continue to rack up wins this year and next: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171117_email_FromVAtoGA - the EMILY's List team
Fri, Nov 17 clinton-hillary

17 congressional Republicans are OUT
Patricia, Republicans are scared. This year, 1鈥7 congressional Republicans have announced they're retiring or resigning, 鈥媐our of them in November alone. That's not a coincidence. Republicans are reading the signs just like we are. They can see how unpopular Trump and their policies are and how hungry voters are to elect progressive champions -- like the pro-choice Democratic women we're recruiting and endorsing. Donate to show Republicans they should be running scared, because we're going to help pro-choice Democratic women candidates defeat them: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171116_email_GOPRetirements We already have three women running to replace these Republicans -- including Mary Barzee Flores (FL-2鈥7鈥), who we just endorsed today! And it was just a few weeks after Kyrsten Sinema launched her campaign that Jeff Flake, one of the most vulnerable Senate Republicans, announced he wouldn't be running for re-election. This is just the start. We're getting ready to endorse even more women to replace retiring and vulnerable Republicans. Donate to help recruit and elect even more pro-choice Democratic women to defeat Republicans: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171116_email_GOPRetirements Thanks, Lucinda Guinn Vice President of Campaigns, EMILY's List
Thu, Nov 16 clinton-hillary

Plain old hard work
Patricia, Electing the first openly LGBTQ women, first Latinas, and first Asian American women to the Virginia House of Delegates last week -- all of them first-time candidates -- wasn't an accident. It was the result of months of hard work -- from recruiting top-tier candidates and hosting in-state trainings to working with dozens of partners to get voters to the polls. With your support, Patricia, we're going to repeat that process again and again over the next year so we help even more women win at the state and local level. Donate $3 to help pro-choice Democratic women continue to win state and local races: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171115_email_HowWeWonVA Our team got on the ground in Virginia back in January. We started by recruiting stellar candidates -- women with unique backgrounds who were willing to give their all to win -- and supporting them through the primaries. Since many of them were first-time candidates, we hosted a Run to Win training in July to give鈥嬧 them more tools to build strong campaigns for the general election. And we had a dedicated advisor (part of the tripling of our state and local staff this year) who was there to support their campaigns. What some would call a wave is really plain old hard work. And if we keep it up, there will be even more to celebrate next year. Donate $3 to help recruit and train top-tier candidates for next year's state and local races: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171115_email_HowWeWonVA Thanks, Geri Prado Senior Director of State & Local Campaigns, EMILY's List
Thu, Nov 16 clinton-hillary

[Governors] These 8 women are just the start
Patricia, There are 36 governors' seat up for election next year. And we've already endorsed eight women running for these powerful positions: Stacey Abrams (GA) Kate Brown (OR) Gwen Graham (FL) Cary Kennedy (CO) Michelle Lujan Grisham (NM) Gina Raimondo (RI) Gretchen Whitmer (MI) Including our newest endorsement: Maya Rockeymoore Cummings (MD) Donate to help elect our current candidates for governor and recruit more women to run: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171115_email_GovsPlus - the EMILY's List team
Thu, Nov 16 clinton-hillary

Republicans are scared of this number dropping
Patricia, Republicans control 32 state legislatures. But if Election Day 2017 is any indication, that number may soon drop. That's bad news for Republicans who need 34 states on board to call a constitutional convention without a single Democratic vote. And it's good news for those of us who don't want to see the Constitution re-written by radical Republicans. Donate to help elect EVEN MORE pro-choice Democratic women to state legislatures so they can stop Republicans from calling a constitutional convention: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171115_email_ConstitutionalConvention Twenty of the women we endorsed for state legislative seats WON last Tuesday. In Virginia, our women helped shrink Democrats' deficit in the House of Delegates from 32 seats to just two -- and several close recounts mean there's still a chance to turn it blue. If we can keep up those kinds of gains in 2018 -- when many more state legislative seats are up -- we can throw the brakes on Republican efforts to rewrite the Constitution. Donate to stop a constitutional convention by recruiting and electing even more pro-choice Democratic women to state legislatures around the country: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171115_email_ConstitutionalConvention Thanks, Jenna Kruse Vice President of Research, EMILY's List
Wed, Nov 15 clinton-hillary

[House] 鈶 and counting ...
Patricia, We've endorsed 12 pro-choice Democratic women to replace House Republicans: Angie Craig vs. Jason Lewis in (MN-02) Betsy Dirksen Londrigan vs. Rodney Davis in (IL-13) Abby Finkenauer vs. Rod Blum in (IA-01) Chrissy Houlahan vs. Ryan Costello in (PA-06) Ann Kirkpatrick vs. Martha McSally in (AZ-02) Debbie Mucarsel-Powell vs. Carlos Curbelo in (FL-26) Lizzie Pannill Fletcher vs. John Culberson in (TX-07) Katie Porter vs. Mimi Walters in (CA-45) Andrea Ramsey vs. Kevin Yoder in (KS-03) Kim Schrier vs. Dave Reichert in (WA-08) Mikie Sherrill vs. Rodney Frelinghuysen in (NJ-11) Mai Khanh Tran vs. Ed Royce in (CA-39) Defeating incumbents isn't easy, and we need MORE challengers if we're going to turn the House blue. Donate to help our endorsed candidates DEFEAT Republicans and recruit more women to turn red seats blue: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171114_email_HouseRtB - the EMILY's List team
Wed, Nov 15 clinton-hillary

Our biggest group of Senate incumbents... EVER
Patricia, We have nine women running for re-election to the Senate next year: Tammy Baldwin (WI) Maria Cantwell (WA) Dianne Feinstein (CA) Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) Mazie Hirono (HI) Amy Klobuchar (MN) Claire McCaskill (MO) Debbie Stabenow (MI) Elizabeth Warren (MA) That is the BIGGEST group of incumbents we've had to re-elect... EVER. Plus, we need to add these two champions to their ranks: Jacky Rosen (NV) Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) Donate $3 to help elect all 11 of our Senate candidates: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171114_email_BasicSenate - the EMILY's List team
Tue, Nov 14 clinton-hillary

More wins like Virginia and Washington State >>
Patricia, Our women won BIG last week -- and it wasn't by luck or chance. Last Tuesday's elections proved that when women put their names on ballots and have the resources to bring their ideas to voters, they can win. But our work doesn't stop there. We're taking what we saw happen in Virginia, Washington State, and all across the country last week and using it to inform what we do in 2018 and beyond. Donate to help recruit and elect even more pro-choice Democratic women at every level of government: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171113_email_WinsLastWeek Our women's wins last week are significant for so many reasons. But one huge reason is: They're changing the map as we know it. Manka Dhingra turned the Washington State Senate blue. Deborah Gonzalez flipped Georgia's 117th House District, breaking up a Republican supermajority. And we're already planning how we're going to repeat those wins tenfold next year. We've targeted 11 U.S. House seats and two more in the Senate that our candidates can flip from red to blue. And we have our eyes on even more races. We're not taking anything as a given. That also means we can't slow down our support -- in fact, we've got to ramp it up if we're going to help more candidates across the expanding map. Donate to help recruit and elect a wave of pro-choice Democratic women over the next year: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171113_email_WinsLastWeek Thanks -- and go team! Emily Cain Executive Director, EMILY's List
Tue, Nov 14 clinton-hillary

Kate's Republican challenger raised $1,000,000
Patricia, When Kate Brown announced she was running for re-election, EMILY's List was proud to stand with her. Kate has been a leading example of what we can do when we elect women governors: In just two years, she has expanded voting rights, oversaw the passage of anti-discrimination legislation, and made Oregon a national leader in protecting women's access to health care. But Republicans think they have a shot at flipping this seat and are dumping money into Oregon to defeat Kate. Donate $3 to support Kate for Oregon governor and 100% of your donation will go directly to her campaign: www.emilyslist.org/donate/candidate/kate-brown18 In the first month of his campaign, Kate's Republican challenger -- who's backed by big business -- raised more than $1 million. We really can't afford to lose this seat or Kate. She is one of only 15 Democratic governors in the country and one of just two pro-choice Democratic women. And she is the only openly LGBTQ person to ever be elected governor. Kate's been a ferocious progressive fighter and an outstanding example of what it looks like when pro-choice Democratic women lead. We need to have her back as Republicans go after her with everything they've got. Help her build a strong campaign. Make a $3 donation and 100% of your contribution will go directly to Kate: www.emilyslist.org/donate/candidate/kate-brown18 Thanks, Lucinda Guinn Vice President of Campaigns, EMILY's List
Mon, Nov 13 clinton-hillary

3 numbers you need to know if we're going to flip the House
Patricia, In 2018, Democrats can FLIP THE HOUSE. Here's how we make that happen: We need to flip 24 seats to take back the majority. There are 23 districts Hillary Clinton won that are currently represented by a Republican. We've already endorsed 11 women to turn red seats blue: Angie Craig (MN-02) Betsy Dirksen Londrigan (IL-13) Abby Finkenauer (IA-01) Chrissy Houlahan (PA-06) Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ-02) Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (FL-26) Katie Porter (CA-45) Andrea Ramsey (KS-03) Kim Schrier (WA-08) Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11) Mai Khanh Tran (CA-39) And that's only the beginning! We have even more House endorsements yet to come. Donate to help elect ALL of our House candidates and flip the House from red to blue: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171113_email_HouseMath - the EMILY's List team
Mon, Nov 13 clinton-hillary

Feel that energy? Let's carry it to 2018 >>
Patricia, After Donald Trump was elected a year ago, women weren't just devastated. THEY WERE INFURIATED. Many were so fed up they decided to run for office THEMSELVES. Here's how this community has spent the last 365 days helping them: NOVEMBER 2016: In the first 4 weeks after Trump's win, 1,000 women told us they want to run for office (the same amount that reached out to us in the 2 years prior). JANUARY 22, 2017: The day after the Women's March on Washington, we trained 500 women to run for office. FEBRUARY 6: We officially launched Run to Win, our nationwide recruitment and training program for first-time candidates, AND tripled our staff who help get these women ready to run. THROUGHOUT 2017: We travelled to 24 cities to teach women the basics of getting ready to run: Phoenix, AZ: 3/18/2017 Milwaukee, WI: 4/22/2017 Washington, DC: 4/30/2017 Chicago, IL: 6/24/2017 Seattle, WA: 7/8/2017 Richmond, VA: 7/24/2017 Lansing, MI: 7/29/2017 Atlanta, GA: 8/12/2017 Columbus, OH: 8/19/2017 Pittsburgh, PA: 8/26/2017 Des Moines, IA: 8/27/2017 Denver, CO: 9/10/2017 Albuquerque, NM: 9/16/2017 Minneapolis, MN: 9/23/2017 Detroit, MI: 10/1/2017 San Francisco, CA: 10/14/2017 Los Angeles, CA: 10/15/2017 Portland, ME: 10/21/2017 Las Vegas, NV: 10/21/2017 New York, NY: 10/28/2017 Raleigh, NC: 11/11/2017 Miami, FL: 11/18/2017 Manchester, NH: 12/2/2017 Dallas, TX: 12/9/2017 JULY 12: We conducted an in-depth training for our declared candidates in Virginia. JULY 31: We hosted our FIRST-EVER online training for potential candidates. AUGUST 1: We launched a Facebook community for women who want to run 鈥媐or office 鈥媋nd those who want to help them WIN. OCTOBER 28: The Women's Convention in Detroit helped us grow to over 20,000 WOMEN who want to run for office. NOVEMBER 7: 32 EMILY's List women WON on Election Day, a true sign that the resistance is here to stay. WHAT'S NEXT: - Launching an online toolkit for candidates - More in-person trainings - Helping the over 2,000 women we've trained鈥 this year鈥 launch their campaigns Want to turn the energy from 2017 into wins at the ballot box in 2018? Donate to help support the next generation of women lawmakers: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171109_email_RtWtimeline - the EMILY's List team
Fri, Nov 10 clinton-hillary

The march never stopped
Patricia, What a difference a year makes. Last year, we were mourning the results of the 2016 election. Today, we are celebrating a Democratic sweep in state and local elections across the country. That difference comes down to millions of people across this country deciding to get involved. And, wow, did this community step up big time in the last 365 days. Since Election Day 2016, more than 20,000 women have told us they want to run for office. More than 8,000 people have told us they want to help those women win. And we launched our biggest Republican opposition program ever. And on Election Day 2017, we won 37 races together. We have come so far in a year. And we're not slowing down now. Donate to keep our movement going strong as we resist by electing pro-choice Democratic women to every level of government. secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171108_email_OneYearSince We are certainly in an unprecedented moment in our nation's history. But this community's unprecedented response is what helped Democrats win up and down the ballot on Tuesday night, particularly diverse Democratic women. Thanks to this community's help, the first Latinas, transgender woman, and Vietnamese American will serve in the Virginia House of Delegates next year. We have so much to be proud of. And I am fired up thinking about all that we can accomplish in the next year, too -- and have no doubt, 2018 will be a big year for us. Whether it's our slate of 11 Senate candidates, the possibility of flipping the House, or electing a record number of women to state and local office, we are on the precipice of monumental change. But we also know we can't get there without hard work. So, if you are still fired up to resist, persist, and show what women can do... Please donate to help train and build winning campaigns for the next generation of women lawmakers: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171108_email_OneYearSince Thanks for being in the fight, Stephanie Schriock President, EMILY's List
Thu, Nov 9 clinton-hillary

Meet the EMILY's List House 鈶
Patricia, Meet the EMILY's List House 15: Angie Craig (MN-02) Betsy Dirksen Londrigan (IL-13) Veronica Escobar (TX-16) Abby Finkenauer (IA-01) Chrissy Houlahan (PA-06) Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ-02) Susie Lee (NV-03) Aruna Miller (MD-06) Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (FL-26) Stephanie Murphy (FL-07) Katie Porter (CA-45) Andrea Ramsey (KS-03) Kim Schrier (WA-08) Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11) Mai Khanh Tran (CA-39) They're running to help turn the House blue. Donate $3 to help them build strong campaigns that can win next year: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171107_email_BasicHouse - the EMILY's List team
Thu, Nov 9 clinton-hillary

[Update] A really, REALLY good night for Democrats
Patricia, You may have been asleep when I sent my last email, but here's what you need to know: It was a really, really good night for Democrats. And it was a GREAT night for pro-choice Democratic women. In Democrats' sweeping victory in Virginia, we flipped 11 House of Delegates seats with EMILY's List candidates. And we could still add more because Shelly Simonds' race is too close to call. Manka Dhingra, an immigrant and mental health advocate, won her special election in Washington State, successfully turning the state Senate there blue. And Deborah Gonzalez turned Georgia's state House District 117 blue, too! Across the country at the city, county, and state level, Democrats are still counting up our wins, many of them featuring history-making women, immigrants, people of color, and the LGBTQ community. We won these races because we put the resources behind our candidates to win. Donate $3 to help our women who are running in 2018 build strong campaigns that can win, too: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171107_email_ElectionNightWins Thanks, Stephanie Schriock President, EMILY's List
Wed, Nov 8 clinton-hillary

A really, REALLY good night for Democrats
Patricia, Results are still coming in, but we Democrats have a LOT to celebrate tonight. So far Democrats have: - Secured governorships in Virginia and New Jersey, including New Jersey Lieutenant Governor-elect Sheila Oliver - Elected at least 12 pro-choice Democratic women to the Virginia House of Delegates, including * Hala Ayala and Elizabeth Guzman, the FIRST Latinas elected to the House of Delegates * Danica Roem, the FIRST openly transgender person elected to the Virginia General Assembly * Kathy Tran, the FIRST Vietnamese American elected to the House of Delegates - Elected a historic number of women of color to the Boston City Council, including our endorsed candidates Lydia Edwards and Kim Janey This is what happens when Democrats unite against hate. When we all put everything we have on the field, WE WIN. This is just the beginning. I am so proud of our candidates who had the courage to run. I am so grateful to our partners who rallied to help these women win. And I am so grateful to you, Patricia. These wins belong to the EMILY's List community, too. If you want to keep winning in the months to come, donate right now to help build MORE strong campaigns for pro-choice Democratic women: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171107_email_ElectionNightWins Thanks, Stephanie Schriock President, EMILY's List
Wed, Nov 8 clinton-hillary

We don't stop after election night
Patricia, ELECTION DAY 2017 is almost over. Polls are closing on the East Coast. And we are watching results come in as anxiously as our candidates. But no matter what happens, we're going to keep having pro-choice Democratic women's backs when they run for office -- today, tomorrow, next year, and beyond. Donate to show your support for pro-choice Democratic women who are stepping up to put their names on the ballot: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171108_email_FinishLine Thanks, Lucinda Guinn Vice President of Campaigns, EMILY's List
Wed, Nov 8 clinton-hillary

The biggest election since Nov 8th, 2016
Patricia, We have 55 pro-choice Democratic women on the ballot in state and local elections TODAY. Every one of them needs our help to WIN: GEORGIA Jen Jordan (SD-06) Nikema Williams (SD-39) Bee Nguyen (HD-89) Deborah Gonzalez (HD-117) MASSACHUSETTS Yvonne Spicer (Framingham Mayor) Lydia Edwards (Boston City Council) Kim Janey (Boston City Council) MICHIGAN Sara Cambensy (HD-109) Raquel Casta帽eda鈥-鈥婰鈥嬅硃ez (Detroit City Council) MINNESOTA Betsy Hodges (Minneapolis Mayor) MISSOURI Hillary Shields (SD-08) NEW HAMPSHIRE Joyce Craig (Manchester Mayor) NEW JERSEY Sheila Oliver (LG) Carol Murphy (HD-07) Laurie Poppe (SD-16) Jill LaZare (SD-21) Lacey Rzeszowski (HD-21) Laura Shaw (HD-23) Christine Lui Chen (SD-23) Lisa Bhimani (SD-25) Linda Schwager (SD-39) Jannie Chung (HD-39) Annie Hausmann (HD-39) NEW YORK Juanita Perez Williams (Syracuse Mayor) Lovely Warren (Rochester Mayor) Laura Curran (Nassau County Executive) NORTH CAROLINA Vi Lyles (Charlotte Mayor) OHIO Paula Hicks-Hudson (Toledo Mayor) Yvette Simpson (Cincinnati Mayor) Michaela Burriss (Upper Arlington City Council) PENNSYLVANIA Rebecca Rhynhart (Philadelphia Controller) VIRGINIA Jennifer Carroll Foy (HD-02) Wendy Gooditis (HD-10) Danica Roem (HD-13) Djuna Osborne (HD-17) Kelly Fowler (HD-21) Elizabeth Guzman (HD-31) Tia Walbridge (HD-33) Kathleen Murphy (HD-34) Kathy Tran (HD-42) Hala Ayala (HD-51) Karrie Delaney (HD-67) Dawn Marie Adams (HD-68) Delores McQuinn (HD-70) Debra Rodman (HD-73) Cheryl Turpin (HD-85) Shelly Simonds (HD-94) WASHINGTON Karen Hardy (SD-07) Michelle Rylands (SD-31) Rebecca Salda帽a (SD-37) Manka Dhingra (SD-45) Patty Kuderer (SD-48) Vandana Slatter (HD-48) Lorena Gonz谩lez (Seattle City Council) Teresa Mosqueda (Seattle City Council) Donate to help elect pro-choice Democratic women across the country running at the state and local level: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171106_email_CandReportElectionDay - the EMILY's List team
Tue, Nov 7 clinton-hillary

[Supporter Record] From Election Day to Election Day
Patricia, We have 55 endorsed state and local candidates on the ballot today. With polls opening across the country, I am doing one final check of our supporter records. I am reviewing who has stepped up since Election Day last year to help elect women who will stand up to President Trump's agenda. Here is what we have associated with this email address: EMILY's List Resistance Donor Status: Inactive Suggested Action: Donate $3 before the polls close tonight: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171106_email_SupporterRecord Today is the first big election day since Trump won nearly a year ago. And we are so proud of all the women who decided to throw their hat in the ring and challenge the hate coming from the White House. Now we need to make sure this group of women who will take the resistance into the halls of power know that we are with them as they near the finish line. Donate $3 to help elect pro-choice Democratic women across the country: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171106_email_SupporterRecord Thank you -- and go team! Emily Cain Executive Director, EMILY's List
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This is what hustle looks like >>
Patricia, With just three days to go until 鈥婨lection Day 2017, every last one of our candidates is on the ground hustling to reach voters. And of course we're doing everything we can to help. Which means we're doing what we do best -- gathering support from across the country to tip the scales in some really close races. Donate $3 now to help our candidates' campaigns in this final stretch: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171103_email_ElectionDay2017 Here's what some of our candidates have been up to in the last couple of weeks: In Washington State, state Senate candidate Manka Dhingra kicked off a canvass and knocked doors with more than 200 campaign volunteers. In Virginia, first-time 鈥嬧媍andidate Jennifer Carroll Foy traveled across her district -- from local county fairs to churches -- introducing herself to residents and making the pitch on why they should vote for her鈥 for the House of Delegates鈥. In North Carolina, Charlotte mayoral candidate Vi Lyles debated her opponent and shared her vision for the city. And in Ohio, Cincinnati mayoral candidate Yvette Simpson had a GOTV rally with rapper Talib Kweli to get residents fired up to turn out to the polls. When we say our women are HUSTLING, we mean it. Let's make sure to have their backs. Donate $3 now to help all of our candidates win on Tuesday: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20171103_email_ElectionDay2017 Thanks, Lucinda Guinn Vice President of Campaigns, EMILY's List
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