[Senate] ⑩ women who need our help + ① new sticker >>
Patricia, Every time Senate Republicans try to attack health care, these women stand strong against them: Tammy Baldwin (WI) Maria Cantwell (WA) Dianne Feinstein (CA) Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) Mazie Hirono (HI) Amy Klobuchar (MN) Claire McCaskill (MO) Debbie Stabenow (MI) Elizabeth Warren (MA) AND we're going to help Jacky Rosen join their ranks. Donate to reach our $250,000 End-of-Quarter goal and help elect all of them: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170925_email_SeptEOQ PLUS, we'll send you the NEW EMILY's List "Elect Women" sticker (that this community overwhelmingly voted for) when you donate. - the EMILY's List team
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Heller + Flake are in trouble
Patricia, How did Dean Heller and Jeff Flake wind up "On Notice"? They voted to defund Planned Parenthood. They voted to repeal Obamacare with no replacement in sight. In fact, Heller was the deciding vote to move one shoddy repeal bill forward just in July. And they're the two most vulnerable Republican senators -- meaning we're confident that if we work hard, we can oust them next year. Americans deserve better than to be represented by people like this. Donate to help defeat Heller and Flake and replace them with pro-choice Democratic women: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170922_email_HellerFlakeTrumpcare Despite the fact that Americans overwhelmingly oppose Republican proposals to repeal Obamacare, Heller and Flake are still determined to make it happen. Flake is expected to support it, and Heller's so supportive of taking health care from millions that he put his name on it. But that's par for the course for two senators more concerned about playing politics with our rights than protecting them. We've already endorsed Jacky Rosen to take on Dean Heller in Nevada. And we are determined to recruit a candidate in Arizona to defeat Jeff Flake. Donate to help defeat Heller and Flake -- because Americans deserve better than these two Republicans and their dangerous agenda: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170922_email_HellerFlakeTrumpcare Thanks, Jenna Kruse Vice President of Research, EMILY's List
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[Map] 4 new Democratic governors
Patricia, Republican governors outnumber their Democratic counterparts more than two to one. But four EMILY's List women are working to flip governors' seats from red to blue: Stacey Abrams (GA) Gwen Graham (FL) Michelle Lujan Grisham (NM) Gretchen Whitmer (MI) Donate $3 to help all of them win and shift the balance of power: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170922_email_GovsBlueMap - the EMILY's List team
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Which sticker do you like, Patricia?
Patricia, As the head of membership services at EMILY's List, I know this community loves to show their support -- whether it's with shirts, buttons, totes, or stickers. So I'm really excited to announce that we're launching a brand-new sticker for the fall! But first we need your help -- will you vote on the design for our newest sticker? Cast your vote, then donate any amount, and we'll send you the winning design: secure.emilyslist.org/page/s/20170922_email_vote2017sticker Do you want to tell the world you elect women? Or maybe you're more into the retro suffragist slogan of "Votes for Women"? Or perhaps you're like me and love doing everything local -- resisting, voting, and WINNING. We're only printing one of these new designs, so pick your favorite. And if you donate any amount after you cast your vote, we'll send you the winner: secure.emilyslist.org/page/s/20170922_email_vote2017sticker Thanks, Kelly Biggs Membership Services Manager, EMILY's List
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A swing state and a candidate who needs our help >>
Patricia, Helped expand Medicaid to more than 600,000 Michiganders. Blocked a Republican-led "license to bully" bill. Led a party caucus in the Michigan state Senate, making history as the first woman to do so. Gretchen Whitmer accomplished all of these things (and more!) in the Michigan state legislature. Just imagine what she would be able to do as the chief executive -- that's why she's running for governor of Michigan, and that's why we're proud to have endorsed her. Gretchen has a big end-of-month deadline coming up. Donate to support her, and 100% of your donation will go directly to her campaign: www.emilyslist.org/donate/candidate/gretchen-whitmer In an important swing state that President Trump narrowly won, we need Gretchen fighting to protect Michigan's women and families as governor. She's had plenty of experience doing just that. When Michigan Republicans introduced a "rape insurance" bill to ban private insurance companies from covering abortion in the state (essentially asking women to predict if they might be raped and need an abortion), Gretchen took to the floor to share her personal story of surviving rape so that Republicans could see exactly who their bill was affecting. Trump has already endorsed a Republican in this race, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, who has spent his tenure working to shut down abortion clinics. With Trump behind Schuette, and the state just barely tipping to Trump in 2016, we are taking nothing in this race for granted. Donate now to have Gretchen's back for governor of Michigan. 100% of your donation will go right to her campaign: www.emilyslist.org/donate/candidate/gretchen-whitmer Thank you, Lucinda Guinn Vice President of Campaigns, EMILY's List
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Every woman we train = a campaign getting off the ground
Patricia, When thousands of women come knocking on your door, you have to figure out a way to answer. That's exactly what we had to do in the weeks after the election and around the women's march when an unprecedented influx of women came to EMILY's List asking how to run for office. So we launched Run to Win. Eight months later, I am proud to report that more than 18,000 women have reached out to us about running for office -- almost half with plans to run in the next two years for state and local office! The time for these women to start filing the paperwork to run and launching their campaigns is fast approaching. Donate to continue building the infrastructure we need to help these thousands of women run -- and WIN: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170921_email_RunToWinUpdate Earlier this year, we announced our most extensive training schedule EVER. We've already traveled to 14 cities across the map (with 11 more to go before the year is over!) and have already trained nearly 1,500 women, with more to come in the months ahead. We held our first-ever online training. We created an online community for women to ask questions and learn from the experts and folks who've done it. And we've held two Facebook Live events to help women get prepared to run. And there's plenty more on the way! None of this work would be possible without your support. With every woman we train, we can help get another campaign off the ground. Donate to help thousands of pro-choice Democratic women run for office for the first time: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170921_email_RunToWinUpdate Thanks, and go team! Emily Cain Executive Director, EMILY's List
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From coast to coast🗺
Patricia, From coast to coast, we have women ready to flip competitive seats from red to blue. HOUSE: Katie Porter (CA-45) Mai Khanh Tran (CA-39) Andrea Ramsey (KS-03) Abby Finkenauer (IA-01) Chrissy Houlahan (PA-06) Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11) SENATE: Jacky Rosen (NV) GOVERNOR: Michelle Lujan Grisham (NM) Gretchen Whitmer (MI) Stacey Abrams (GA) Gwen Graham (FL) Ready to turn all these seats blue? Donate $3 to help our women win in red-to-blue races across the country: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170921_email_RedtoBlueMap - the EMILY's List team
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The number of pro-choice Democratic women📈
Patricia, EMILY's List works. The proof is in the numbers. We were founded in 1985, and just one year later, the number of Democratic women in Congress started to climb. The number of Republican women? Not so much. That's because there's no Republican equivalent to EMILY's List. Our record of winning is long, but we're not done yet; not while women still make up less than half of Congress. Donate $3 to build on our record of success and help elect even more pro-choice Democratic women: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170919_email_NYTchart This chart from the New York Times makes our impact crystal clear: In 2015, they analyzed the percentage of women by party in the House and Senate. Following the founding of EMILY's List in 1985, the share of women in the Democratic caucus went from about 5 percent to more than 30 percent in 2015. For Republicans, women went from about 5 percent in 1985 to about 9 percent in 2015. It is clear that, without us, the number of Democratic women in Congress would not have risen as fast as it has. That chart is proof that when we organize and rally behind candidates together, we can make a difference. And as the new executive director of EMILY's List, I am committed to keep pushing that blue line upward with you. Help elect even more pro-choice Democratic women this year and beyond. Donate $3: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170919_email_NYTchart Thanks, and go team! Emily Cain Executive Director, EMILY's List
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Our 2018 Senate Girl Gang💁
Patricia, Nine of our Senate champions are up for re-election: Tammy Baldwin (WI) Maria Cantwell (WA) Dianne Feinstein (CA) Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) Mazie Hirono (HI) Amy Klobuchar (MN) Claire McCaskill (MO) Debbie Stabenow (MI) Elizabeth Warren (MA) And we've already endorsed one woman to join their ranks: Jacky Rosen (NV) Donate $3 to help make sure ALL of them can keep fighting for us: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170919_email_Senate10 - the EMILY's List team
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FWD: [You're invited] Run to Win training in Detroit
Patricia, Signups are closing soon for our Run to Win 101 training on Sunday, October 1st in Detroit. We can't wait to get to work training women to run for state and local office. There are only a few spots left, so make sure to sign up before they're gone: secure.emilyslist.org/Run-To-Win-Detroit Hope to see you there, Mũthoni Wambu Kraal Vice President of National Outreach and Training, EMILY's List P.S. Know a woman who should think about running for office? Forward this email to her and ask her to come too!
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What the resistance looks like in 3 states Trump won >>
Patricia, Three of our EMILY's List Senate women are running in states that Trump won: Debbie Stabenow (MI) Claire McCaskill (MO) Tammy Baldwin (WI) Republicans would love to see these three seats turn red, but they have to go through the EMILY's List community to get to them. Donate $3 to help defend these critical blue seats and send our women back to the Senate where they belong: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170913_email_SenateMapTrumpStates - the EMILY's List team
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[You're invited] Run to Win training in Detroit
Patricia, Run to Win is coming to Detroit! In just a few weeks, my team and I will be in Michigan to train women about the basics of running for office. And you're invited! Run to Win 101 is a free, half-day introductory training for women thinking about running for office. You don't need to be a declared candidate or even actively planning to run to attend. You just have to have an interest in learning the basics of being a candidate for state and local office. Sign up to attend our Run to Win 101 training in Detroit on Sunday, October 1st: secure.emilyslist.org/page/s/20170907_email_RunToWinDetroit WHAT: Run to Win 101 A free, half-day training for pro-choice Democratic women thinking about running for elected office WHEN: Sunday, October 1st, 2017 12:30 p.m. -- 5:30 p.m. WHERE: Detroit, MI Location TBA In this training we'll guide you through the nuts and bolts of planning your run, teach you how to get your house in order, and get you ready to take the first steps toward running -- and winning. Space is limited and seats are being offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up to attend Run to Win 101: secure.emilyslist.org/page/s/20170907_email_RunToWinDetroit Hope to see you there, Mũthoni Wambu Kraal Vice President of National Outreach and Training, EMILY's List P.S. Can't make the training but know someone who might be interested? Forward this email to them!
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A message from President Obama (on DACA)
"Ultimately, this is about basic decency. This is about whether we are a people who kick hopeful young strivers out of America, or whether we treat them the way we'd want our own kids to be treated. It's about who we are as a people -- and who we want to be." --Barack Obama Stand with President Obama and Democrats -- tell Congress to protect DREAMers: my.democrats.org/Help-Protect-DREAMers
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8 women who can win (with your help!)
Patricia, So far, we've endorsed eight women running for House seats next year: Abby Finkenauer (IA-01) Chrissy Houlahan (PA-06) Stephanie Murphy (FL-07) Katie Porter (CA-45) Andrea Ramsey (KS-03) Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11) Mai Khanh Tran (CA-39) Donate $3 to help elect all eight of them and recruit EVEN MORE: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170824_email_BasicHouse8 - the EMILY's List team
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The most diverse Congress EVER!💃
Patricia, THE MAKING OF EMILY, Vol. VI. 2016: We elected the most diverse Congress in American history, including: Catherine Cortez Masto (NV), 1st Latina in the Senate Kamala Harris (CA), 1st Indian American in the Senate and 2nd African American woman in the Senate Tammy Duckworth (IL), 1st Thai American in the Senate Pramila Jayapal (WA), 1st Indian American woman in Congress Lisa Blunt Rochester (DE), 1st woman and person of color elected to Congress from Delaware Stephanie Murphy (FL), 1st Vietnamese American woman elected to Congress Perspectives matter and EMILY's List women bring much-needed voices to Congress. Donate to elect more diverse pro-choice Democratic women: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170824_email_ELHistoryVol6 - the EMILY's List team
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When Trump's approvals go low, we go high
Patricia, Trump's approval is dropping in swing states he once won. That's good news for our women running in these critical House seats: PENNSYLVANIA Trump approval: 43% approve / 52% disapprove Our candidate: Chrissy Houlahan (PA-06) [Gallup, 6/30/2017] IOWA Trump approval: 45% approve / 49% disapprove Our candidate: Abby Finkenauer (IA-01) [Gallup, 6/30/2017] FLORIDA Trump approval: 42% approve / 51% disapprove Our candidate: Stephanie Murphy (FL-07) [Gallup, 6/30/2017] With Trump's approval rating continuing to drop, there could be a wave election next year. Help our women get ready to meet that momentum. DONATE: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170823_email_HousePolls - the EMILY's List team
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We're going to the states where Republicans are attacking women >>
Patricia, State Republicans can't get enough of attacking women. Texas just passed a sweeping anti-choice bill that includes mandatory "fetal funerals" and bans one of the safest forms of abortion. In Iowa, when lawmakers were debating an abortion ban, a Republican official said a woman should carry a nonviable pregnancy to term regardless of her own health. Thanks to Republican inaction, North Carolina is the only state in the country that doesn't consider it rape if a woman revokes consent during sex. After all that bad news, I promise there's some good news too: We are going to these states and more to train pro-choice Democratic women on how to run for state and local office. These are the women who can take on the anti-choice Republicans who care more about controlling women than improving life for families. Donate $3 to help train and support women who can defeat Republicans at the local level and stop these attacks: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170823_email_StatesAntiWomenAttacks In state legislatures nationwide, Republicans have made it their personal business to go after women's rights. State legislatures have successfully passed a whopping 300 abortion restrictions in the past seven years. In June, Iowa lost nearly one-third of its Planned Parenthood clinics -- the result of a GOP campaign to defund the provider in the state. And in Florida, accessing women's health care is becoming increasingly difficult as an estimated 73 percent of counties have no abortion clinics. Bottom line: As long as Republicans control 32 state legislatures and 34​ governorships, we can expect to see more bad legislation like this. That's why we have to train as many women as we can to take them on in 2018 and beyond. Donate $3 to help recruit, train, and elect a wave ​of ​pro-choice Democratic women at the state and local level who can put us back on a path to progress: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170823_email_StatesAntiWomenAttacks Thanks, Jenna Kruse Vice President of Research, EMILY's List
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[NEW] Senate race rankings
Patricia, National Journal's new Senate race rankings are out and EMILY's List women are in 3 of the top 10 races: Claire McCaskill (MO) A state Trump won in 2016 Jacky Rosen (NV) One of the best chances to turn a red seat blue Tammy Baldwin (WI) A state Trump narrowly turned red in 2016 The rankings also featured Republican Jeff Flake (AZ) who we just put ON NOTICE for his anti-choice record. Help pro-choice Democratic women win in these highly competitive Senate races. DONATE $3: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170822_email_NJrankings - the EMILY's List team
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2x endorsements in Virginia
Patricia, Something amazing is happening in Virginia: Since the election, more women than ever before have launched campaigns to win state legislative seats. In June, we announced our support for eight strong progressive women running for House of Delegates seats. And, now we're thrilled to be throwing our support behind EIGHT MORE -- and every single one of them is running for a seat currently held by a Republican. These eight new women are key to helping flip the Virginia House from red to blue. Ready to help turn red statehouses blue? Donate $3 to help our 16 women in Virginia and other endorsed women running in local races across the country build strong campaigns: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170822_email_AugustVAEndorsements Here's some background on our eight newly endorsed candidates ready to flip seats and unseat Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates: ​​ Dawn Marie Adams (HD-68) is a registered nurse practitioner running against a Republican incumbent to flip a key seat. If she and Danica Roem (HD-13) -- another woman we've endorsed -- are elected, they will be the first LGBTQ women to serve in the Virginia Legislature! ​​​​ Karrie Delaney (HD-67) is the daughter of a veteran, and she is a community leader dedicated to ensuring women receive equal pay for equal work, paid family leave, and access to critical health care services. Karrie is running to flip a red seat blue in a district that voted 58 percent for Hillary Clinton last year. ​​​​ Elizabeth Guzman (HD-31) is a public administrator, social worker, and mother. She emigrated from Peru as a single mother looking for better opportunities for her child.​ ​She could be the first Latina to be elected to the House of Delegates. ​​​​ Djuna Osborne (HD-17) has spent more than a decade in community mental health. As a licensed clinical social worker, she understands how important access to health care and mental health services is for Virginians. She will be the first Democrat to challenge the Republican incumbent in this seat since 2013. ​​ ​​ Debra Rodman (HD-73) is an associate professor at Randolph-Macon College. She works as an expert witness helping women and children refugees seeking political asylum in federal courts. She is running against a Republican incumbent in a district that is becoming increasingly blue. ​​​​ Shelly Simonds (HD-94) is an elected school board member, advocating for public school summer programs that keep kids in classrooms and out of the criminal justice system. Shelly is up against a three-term Republican incumbent in a district that narrowly turned blue last November. ​​ ​​Kathy Tran (HD-42) came to this country as a refugee who fled Vietnam with her family when she was just seven months old. For her and her family, this country has always represented opportunity, freedom, and hope. She's running for an open seat against an extreme right-wing Republican in a district that voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton in 2016. ​​​​ Tia Walbridge (HD-33) is a farmer and small business owner who is dedicated to fighting for the values of her local community in the General Assembly. Her strong primary turnout means she could flip this deep-red seat blue. When we say the resistance is local, we aren't kidding! Right now, Republicans control the state Senate and House of Delegates in Virginia, meaning Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe has been the only thing stopping a dangerous Republican agenda. (He's vetoed defunding Planned Parenthood TWICE!) We've literally DOUBLED our list of endorsed candidates running for state legislative seats in Virginia because of the local enthusiasm to elect more Democrats. Donate $3 to help our women run strong campaigns that can shake up the Virginia House and state legislatures across the country: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170822_email_AugustVAEndorsements Thanks, Lucinda Guinn Vice President of Campaigns, EMILY's List
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3 terrible Republicans vs. 3 pro-choice Democratic women
Patricia, Here are just a few of the Republicans we've put ON NOTICE and the women we've endorsed to run against them: HOUSE Rep. Ryan Costello (PA-06) voted for a national abortion ban. vs. Chrissy Houlahan (PA-06) served in the Air Force and created hundreds of jobs as a businesswoman. Rep. Ed Royce (CA-39) voted multiple times to defund Planned Parenthood. vs. Mai Khanh Tran (CA-39) provided medical care to under-served areas as a physician. SENATE Deciding Vote Dean Heller (NV) voted to deny health care coverage to millions of Americans. vs. Jacky Rosen (NV) spoke with domestic violence survivors about how Trumpcare would impact them. Donate $3 to help defeat these Republicans and the 47 others we've put On Notice and replace them with pro-choice Democratic women: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170821_email_OnNoticevsELWomen - the EMILY's List team
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Celebrate #19🎉AND help elect women🙌
Patricia, On this day in 1920, the 19th Amendment was finally ratified, granting VOTES FOR WOMEN. Check out the shirt that celebrates this historic moment and supports pro-choice Democratic women. LOOK NOW: store.emilyslist.org/collections/apparel/products/votes-for-women-long-sleeve-tee - the EMILY's List team
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[On Notice] 50 Republicans
Patricia, We've put a record 50 Republicans "On Notice" for their horrible anti-choice records, and that means we're planning to flip their seats in 2018. This is our most robust Republican opposition program ever. Voters know they deserve better than these guys. They deserve EMILY's List women. And we already have several EMILY's List women running against these Republicans with more to come. Donate to make sure we have the resources to recruit and train strong candidates to run against these 50 Republicans next year: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170811_email_OnNoticeText We've already endorsed women running against these three On Notice Republicans: Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (NJ-11) once sent a fundraising letter to a bank calling out an employee who worked there for being one of his vocal opponents. She later resigned after being required to write a statement to the CEO. It's unacceptable for an elected official to intimidate their constituents like this. Our EMILY's List candidate running against him: Mikie Sherrill Rep. Ed Royce (CA-39) once attended an anti-Muslim protest outside a fundraiser for disaster relief and women's shelters. He told the crowd that multiculturalism was paralyzing America. Our EMILY's List candidate running against him: Mai Khanh Tran And Trumpcare's Deciding Vote Dean Heller (NV-Senate) is one of our best opportunities to flip a Senate seat blue next year. After protesting about the heavy human cost of Trumpcare, Heller folded and was the deciding vote to advance the legislation. Our EMILY's List candidate running against him: Jacky Rosen If we have these three women's backs, they all can flip critical seats. Donate to help Mikie, Mai Khanh, Jacky, and the dozens of women we're recruiting to unseat On Notice Republicans: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170811_email_OnNoticeText Thank you, Jenna Kruse Vice President of Research, EMILY's List P.S. These 50 Republicans are just the start. We'll be putting more vulnerable Republicans On Notice over the next couple of months. Donate to help recruit and support pro-choice Democratic women to run against them: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170811_email_OnNoticeText
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[Senate] The map we're looking at >>
Patricia, We've endorsed 10 women running for Senate seats: Tammy Baldwin (WI) Maria Cantwell (WA) Dianne Feinstein (CA) Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) Mazie Hirono (HI) Amy Klobuchar (MN) Claire McCaskill (MO) Debbie Stabenow (MI) Elizabeth Warren (MA) Jacky Rosen (NV) Donate $3 to help all 10 of our endorsed women win their campaigns: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170816_email_SenateMap - the EMILY's List team
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Health insurance for EVERY child
Patricia, Roe v. Wade? Codified in law. The Paris Climate Accord? Still in it. Health insurance? It's now guaranteed for every single child and 95% of adults. No, this isn't a parallel universe. This is what Kate Brown has been able to accomplish as Oregon's governor. She's just one example of the progress our women make once they're in office -- particularly governors, a role with a lot of power. Kate, along with Gina Raimondo in Rhode Island, is up for re-election next year, and we've endorsed FIVE other women for governor, too. Donate to elect these progressive champions: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170811_email_AwesomeGovs Like Kate, our other gubernatorial candidates have records of getting things done. As a Georgia state legislator, Stacey Abrams pushed legislation that expanded kinship laws -- so a child's grandparents or other relatives have an easier time taking care of them if their parents aren't able to. If elected, Stacey would be the first EVER African American woman governor in the country. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who's running for governor of New Mexico and currently serves in the U.S. House, recently introduced a bill to shut down Trump's commission investigating voter fraud. Michelle is having none of Trump's thinly veiled attempts to attack voting rights. Gwen Graham and Gretchen Whitmer will bring Democratic leadership to two states currently hurt by Republican governors. As a Florida congresswoman, Gwen joined the Democratic sit-in to demand commonsense gun reform. And while in the Michigan Legislature, Gretchen passed a bill to expand Medicaid access to more than 600,000 Michiganders. And Cary Kennedy is competing in a crowded primary to keep Colorado blue after serving as state treasurer where she helped develop a billion-dollar program to repair and replace aging school buildings for Colorado kids. Imagine these women leading their respective states, showing the entire country what pro-choice Democratic women can do. Donate to help elect them: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170811_email_AwesomeGovs Thanks, Lucinda Guinn Vice President of Campaigns, EMILY's List
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