Our first win >>
Patricia, THE MAKING OF EMILY In 1986, just one year after EMILY's List was founded, we helped Sen. Barbara Mikulski (MD) become the first Democratic woman elected to the Senate in her own right. This community takes on the fights others say are impossible -- and we win. Donate $3 now to help elect more fierce pro-choice Democratic women like Barbara: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170725_email_ELHistoryVol1 - the EMILY's List team
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FWD: Deciding Vote Dean
Patricia, Last night, "Deciding Vote Dean" moved Trumpcare one step closer to reality. In voting to take health insurance away from tens of millions of Americans, Nevada Senator Dean Heller just solidified his spot as the most vulnerable Republican in the Senate. We've got the perfect candidate ready to take his seat: Jacky Rosen. She's a champion for women and families, and she has a real shot at booting Heller from the Senate once and for all. Donate $3 to Jacky right now -- 100% of your donation will go straight to her campaign: www.emilyslist.org/donate/candidate/jacky-rosen1 Thanks, Lucinda Guinn Vice President of Campaigns, EMILY's List
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Deciding Vote Dean
Patricia, Senate Republicans JUST voted to advance Trumpcare by the margin of a single vote. The deciding vote was Nevada Senator Dean Heller -- the most vulnerable Republican in the Senate, and we are going to make sure he loses his seat because of it. We've already endorsed Jacky Rosen to take on and defeat Heller. Now we have to make sure she has the resources to win. Donate to Jacky right now to help her defeat Dean Heller -- the first of many Republicans we will make sure lose their seats because of this vote. 100% of your donation will go directly to Jacky's campaign: www.emilyslist.org/donate/candidate/jacky-rosen1 Heller waffled for weeks on this vote, but ultimately he sided with Trump over the thousands of Nevada families and tens of millions of Americans who could lose their insurance because of this legislation. As if losing their health insurance wasn't bad enough news for women and families in Nevada, the bill ALSO defunds Planned Parenthood. It is the worst bill for women in a generation. Heller deserves to lose his seat for this political cowardice. Donate to help Jacky defeat him -- 100% of your donation will go to her campaign: www.emilyslist.org/donate/candidate/jacky-rosen1 Thanks, Emily Cain Executive Director, EMILY's List
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Why are you a feminist, Patricia?
Patricia, EMILY's List is proud to be rooted in feminist values, so tell us... Why are you a feminist? Share your story: secure.emilyslist.org/page/s/20170724_email_whyfeminist - the EMILY's List team
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We can't let Republicans turn this Senate seat red >>
Patricia, In 2016, Trump turned Wisconsin red. Next year, Tammy Baldwin is running for re-election there, and Republicans are already attacking her relentlessly. They're spending over a million dollars on ads against Tammy -- including radio ads that deliberately malign her pro-choice record. Republicans might be pulling out all the stops, but guess what? We're not going to let them get away with it. Donate $3 to support Tammy's re-election to the Senate, and 100% of your donation will go directly to her campaign: www.emilyslist.org/donate/candidate/tammy-baldwin An out-of-state millionaire has already spent $3.5 million to support a GOP challenger who hasn't even announced he's running! That's why we need to make sure we don't leave anything on the table. We know who Tammy is, and we know who she fights for every day. We can thwart the negative attack ads against her with a strong show of support for the work she is doing every day -- from fighting to stop Trumpcare to defending Planned Parenthood in the most critical moments. We rely on Tammy to fight for the issues that matter, and she relies on us, as a community, to have her back. Donate $3 today, and 100% of your donation goes directly to her campaign: www.emilyslist.org/donate/candidate/tammy-baldwin Thank you, Lucinda Guinn Vice President of Campaigns, EMILY's List
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These ⑧ women need us >>
Patricia, Our slate of House endorsements this year is growing FAST. We've already endorsed two of our women running for re-election: Stephanie Murphy (FL-07) Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) And let's grow their ranks, starting with these six women: Abby Finkenauer (IA-01) Chrissy Houlahan (PA-06) Brittany Pettersen (CO-07) Katie Porter (CA-45) Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11) Mai Khanh Tran (CA-39) Donate $3 to help elect our eight endorsed House candidates: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170721_email_BasicHouse8 - the EMILY's List team
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As many months as it takes to stop Trump >>
Patricia, Six months. That's how long Donald Trump has been president. Five months and 30 days. Thanks to the Women's March on Washington, that's how long we've been a part of the resistance to his toxic, xenophobic, homophobic, anti-woman, anti-family, and truly life-threatening policies. We are as determined to stop Trump now as we were six months ago. Let's keep up the resistance. Donate $3 now to the Stop Trump Fund: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170720_email_6Months As women across the country are fighting at the grassroots level, EMILY's List women have been leading the resistance in Congress against the Trump White House. Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke out against the nomination of Jeff Sessions. And even after she was silenced, she persisted and refused to give up. Senator Kamala Harris grilled Jeff Sessions for answers during his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating Russian interference in the election. Freshman Rep. Stephanie Murphy -- a national security specialist and Vietnamese refugee -- introduced a bill to remove Steve Bannon from the National Security Council and stood up to Donald Trump's discriminatory refugee orders. And Rep. Pramila Jayapal introduced her first bill as a freshman in direct response to Trump's Muslim ban, guaranteeing that detained individuals trying to enter the United States have access to legal counsel. Want to see more resistance in Congress like this for another six months? And another six months? And as many months as it takes? Donate $3 now to support pro-choice Democratic women who fight back against Trump's agenda every step of the way: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170720_email_6Months Thank you, Stephanie Schriock President, EMILY's List
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The👕that supports votes for women
Patricia, 169 years ago today... hundreds united in Seneca Falls to demand VOTES FOR WOMEN. Get the shirt that celebrates women's suffrage AND helps elect more pro-choice Democratic women. GET YOURS: store.emilyslist.org/products/votes-for-women-long-sleeve-tee - the EMILY's List team
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I am so excited to be here
Patricia, When I called my dad to tell him I'd just been endorsed by EMILY's List a few years back, I wasn't sure he'd know what that meant. "EMILY's List? Of course I know it!" he said. "I'm a pro-choice Democrat, and my daughter's name is Emily." Safe to say, he was pretty excited when he got another call from me about EMILY's List a few weeks ago -- to let him know I'd just accepted the job to be executive director. From my decade as a state legislator to when I ran for Congress (twice!), this community has supported me throughout my political career. To give back to EMILY's List at such a critical juncture is the opportunity of a lifetime. It's an honor, and needless to say, I am so excited to be here. We're going to do some incredible things together, and I'm ready to get started now. Donate to elect pro-choice Democratic women, defeat Republicans, and train more women to run for office than ever before: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170718_email_WelcomeEmilyCain A bit more about me: My dad -- the EMILY's List fan -- is a shoe salesman and my mom is a sign language interpreter. I'm the oldest of three sisters (so you could say I have some experience supporting women). Growing up, my family moved around a lot, but when we got to Maine, we knew we'd found home. I met my husband, Danny, at the University of Maine, and I've lived in Maine most of my life. That's where I first ran for office when I was 24. I served five terms in the state legislature, chairing the Appropriations Committee and serving as the youngest woman to be the House Minority Leader in Maine history. During the 2012 elections, I worked hard to recruit top female candidates who helped Democrats take back the Maine House, and then I served in the Maine Senate from 2012 to 2014. I wish I could tell you that it was smooth sailing from there, but the truth of politics is that if the sailing is smooth, you probably aren't taking risks. I ran for Congress in 2014 and 2016 in a top-tier red-to-blue House seat, and while I didn't win, I know the power of having EMILY's List in your corner. I learned a lot along the way, and you can bet I'm bringing those lessons to EMILY's List. I can't wait to use my experiences to help the more than ​1​6,000 women who've reached out about running for office. And I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas about the races you want EMILY's List to focus on most as we gear up for what I'm sure will be an incredible election cycle. I'm excited to dive right in and get to work. Are you with me? secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170718_email_WelcomeEmilyCain Thanks, Emily Cain Executive Director, EMILY's List
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EMILY's List Senate 9 + Jacky Rosen =💯
Patricia, You already know our nine Senate candidates up for re-election next year: Tammy Baldwin (WI) Maria Cantwell (WA) Dianne Feinstein (CA) Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) Mazie Hirono (HI) Amy Klobuchar (MN) Claire McCaskill (MO) Debbie Stabenow (MI) Elizabeth Warren (MA) Now we're excited to add one more Senate endorsement to the crew: Jacky Rosen (NV)! Jacky can unseat a vulnerable Republican in a critical pick-up seat. While the election's next year, these campaigns are ramping up now. Donate to help elect the EMILY's List Senate 10: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170718_email_Senate10 - the EMILY's List team
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3x the staff. 2x the budget. Let's keep going >>
Patricia, When thousands of women started reaching out after Election Day to tell us they wanted to run for office, we knew we had to make our biggest investment EVER to help them run. That's why we launched Run to Win, and since then this community has stepped up big time to make sure it's a success. Here's where your support is going: Since February, we've tripled our state and local staff and doubled our budget for state and local races. We brought on not one or two, but eight regional directors and two finance advisors to counsel the thousands of women who are ready to put their name on the ballot for the first time. This has only been possible because of the enthusiasm and generosity of the EMILY's List community. Want to see even more? Donate $3 to help continue to grow Run to Win: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170713_email_RTWBigInvestment It doesn't end there! Over the last few months, we've also hired a brand-new Run to Win program director, are bringing on new Run to Win digital staff, and we're building out my training team so that we can teach thousands of women the nuts and bolts of running for office. We launched our most extensive training schedule to date in more than 25 cities across the country, AND we'll be doing training webinars for the first time. Thanks to the enthusiasm of our grassroots community, we've been able to help train hundreds of women so far. But we still have thousands more to go. Donate $3 now to keep this program growing -- and together we can help elect more women than ever before: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170713_email_RTWBigInvestment Thanks and talk to you soon, Mũthoni Wambu Kraal Vice President of National Outreach and Training, EMILY's List
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Patricia: This gear literally helps elect strong women >>
Patricia, NEW MERCH has just arrived in the EMILY's List Store. 1. Plan your next act of resistance with our Girl Power Notebook: store.emilyslist.org/collections/other-gear/products/girl-power-notebook 2. Stay hydrated while you hit the streets with our "Resist. Hydrate. Repeat." Water Bottle: store.emilyslist.org/collections/other-gear/products/resist-hydrate-repeat-water-bottle 3. Cool off, wind down, and get ready for the next one with our Girl Power Beach Towel: store.emilyslist.org/collections/other-gear/products/girl-power-beach-towel Get yours. Look now: store.emilyslist.org/collections/other-gear - the EMILY's List team
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We're going exactly where Republicans are being the worst >>
Patricia, One-third of the Planned Parenthood clinics in Iowa recently closed. Why? Because Republicans in the state legislature passed a law to defund them. Republicans in North Carolina's state legislature are shrugging their shoulders at a law that says a woman can't revoke consent during sex. And in New Hampshire, the state GOP was so eager to pass anti-choice legislation that they accidentally made it legal for a pregnant woman to commit murder. All of that was JUST IN JUNE. State-level Republicans are continuing their relentless pace of attacks on abortion access, birth control, and women's rights, and we have to do something about it. The best way to stop them? Replace them with pro-choice Democratic women: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170711_email_StateLegRoundup These attacks on choice are a direct result of Republicans taking over state legislatures and governors' mansions across the country. Since Roe v. Wade, states have enacted a shocking 1,142 restrictions on abortion, and nearly a THIRD of those have been passed in just the last six years. Women need a strong line of pro-choice defenders who can fight back in state legislatures across the country, and we're ready to make that a reality. More than 15,000 women have reached out to us about running for office since November, and we're determined to meet them where they are. We're holding 25 trainings in cities across the country this year -- including in Iowa, North Carolina, and New Hampshire -- so our sisters in those states can start directly fighting back against these attacks. We know the resistance will be and must be local. Donate now to recruit, train, and elect pro-choice Democratic women at the state and local level and stop the relentless attacks on choice: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170711_email_StateLegRoundup Thanks, Jenna Kruse Vice President of Research, EMILY's List
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[New Endorsement] Let's turn this Nevada Senate seat🔵
Patricia, We're proud to endorse JACKY ROSEN for Senate from Nevada! She is one of our best chances for a pick-up seat in the Senate, a fearless freshman congresswoman who has proven herself, and a pro-choice fighter ready to flip a key Republican seat. We were with her during her tough race for the House last year, and she WON. Now, we're going to send her to the Senate in 2018. Jacky just announced her run for Senate yesterday. Add your name today to help her campaign from the start: secure.emilyslist.org/page/s/20170707_email_JackyRosenEndorsement - the EMILY's List team
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A message from Hillary >>
Patricia, Someone who knows a thing or two about shattering glass ceilings helped break some big news from EMILY's List: Hillary Clinton. Here's what she tweeted: "For more than 30 years, @emilyslist has paved the way for women to run & succeed in elected office, including me." "Today, @emilyslist announced that 15,000+ women have reached out since Election Day about running for office! 7,000+ want to help them run." "Their determination & passion is truly inspiring. And I can't wait to see what this new generation of women leaders accomplishes. Onward!" Electing strong women like Hillary is WHAT WE DO! Want to help a woman run for office? Sign up: secure.emilyslist.org/page/s/20170130_website_HelpElectAWoman Ready to run for office yourself? RUN TO WIN: secure.emilyslist.org/page/s/20170130_website_RunForOffice - the EMILY's List team
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More of THIS in the Senate➡
Patricia, Our nine Senate champions up for re-election have been leading the fight against Trumpcare. Claire McCaskill called out the secretive, undemocratic drafting process: "There's a group of guys in a back room somewhere that are making these decisions." Mazie Hirono took to the Senate floor mere hours before her own cancer surgery: "We are fighting for universal health care that is a right, not a privilege, for every American." Tammy Baldwin defended millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions: "I will not support repealing the guaranteed health insurance protections and care that people with pre-existing conditions and others have today." We need more of this in the Senate, not less. Donate $3 to re-elect our nine Senate women and grow their ranks: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170705_email_TrumpcareRoundup - the EMILY's List team
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I hope this makes you smile
Patricia, June is coming to a close. Let's look back at what we did together this quarter. Helped dozens of candidates get their campaigns off the ground, including 3 governors races, 4 House women and 11 state and local candidates. Heard from more than 15,000 women from all 50 states and D.C. who want to run for office, and more than 7,000 people who want to help them run. Rolled out our most extensive first-time candidate training schedule EVER, featuring 25 trainings in cities across the country THIS year alone. Here's one more number: $250,000. That's how much we have to raise before June is out. Together, we can do even MORE next quarter. Make sure you're a part of it. Donate $3 by midnight tonight: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170626_email_EOQ - the EMILY's List team
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FWD: [Polls] Trump approval in 3 key Senate states
Patricia, WOW. It has been an absolute sprint to the end of this quarter, and I'm so impressed with how this community has stepped up. We set an ambitious goal of raising $250,000 by midnight tonight, and we've already raised $208,198. We have nine (nine!) Senate women who currently need resources for their tough re-election campaigns. Three of them are running in states Trump won, so they'll need all the help they can get. Donate $3 before midnight tonight to help reach our End-of-Quarter goal and support women like Tammy, Debbie, and Claire: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170626_email_EOQ Thanks for all you do, Leigh K. Warren Chief Operating Officer, EMILY's List
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Shame. Shame. Shame.
Patricia, The Senate may be on vacation, but we aren't. Republicans weren't able to pass their horrible Trumpcare bill before leaving, but they're determined to keep pushing for a vote. Just like the House, they're feeling the pressure from President Trump to pass a bill that takes health care from the poor to give tax breaks to the rich. Well -- we're determined, too. We've got a major fundraising deadline tonight. And I can think of no better way to show Senate Republicans how much they'll regret supporting this cruel and heartless legislation than by posting a huge number that shows we've got the resources to take their seats. Donate before midnight to help reach our $250,000 End-of-Quarter goal and send a message to Republicans who are considering supporting this travesty of a bill: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170626_email_EOQ Thanks, Leila McDowell Vice President of Communications, EMILY's List
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Patricia, Governors are a critical line of defense against attacks by Republicans that harm women. The only two pro-choice Democratic women governors in the entire country are up for re-election next year. We want to keep them in office and add to their ranks by electing five more -- and we can do it if this community steps up early to help their campaigns. Donate $3 before midnight to help hit our $250,000 End-Of-Quarter goal and elect our seven fantastic gubernatorial candidates: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170626_email_EOQ Thanks, Caitlin Mitchell Vice President of Digital, EMILY's List
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Everybody's working for the weekend☀
Patricia, There are only​​ 13 HOURS left to hit our $250,000 End-of-Quarter goal. Donate $3 before midnight: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170626_email_EOQ - the EMILY's List team
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Goal progress: ███████░░░ 71%
Patricia, We are making solid progress on our End-of-Quarter goal. We've already raised $177,521 -- that's over two-thirds of our $250,000 goal! The finish line is in sight, and I know we'll get there if everyone chips in a little bit. Step up and donate before midnight tomorrow to hit our goal before June is over: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170626_email_EOQ I'm so proud to see the surge in support from this community at the end of every month. The goals we set aren't easy, but it's critical that we hit them if we're going to do things like support all nine of our Senate women up for re-election and train thousands of women to run for office for the first time. Let's get the rest of the way there before midnight tomorrow -- I know we can do it. Donate to help reach our $250,000 goal: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170626_email_EOQ Thanks, Leigh K. Warren Chief Operating Officer, EMILY's List
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[Senate] Fight for these9⃣
Patricia, 9 of our 15 EMILY'S List senators are up for re-election next year: Tammy Baldwin (WI) Maria Cantwell (WA) Dianne Feinstein (CA) Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) Mazie Hirono (HI) Amy Klobuchar (MN) Claire McCaskill (MO) Debbie Stabenow (MI) Elizabeth Warren (MA) They're a united front fighting against Trumpcare, and now we need to fight for them. Donate before MIDNIGHT TOMORROW to help hit our $250,000 End-of-Quarter goal and keep these fighters in the Senate where they belong: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170626_email_EOQ - the EMILY's List team
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The worst bill for women's health in a generation >>
Patricia, The saying "If you're not at the table, you're on the menu" was meant for the Senate Republicans' Trumpcare bill. Mitch McConnell had 13 men put it together. Not a single woman was included, not even Republican ones who serve on the health care committee, and IT SHOWS. Between defunding Planned Parenthood, slashing Medicaid, curbing abortion access, and endangering essential health benefits like prenatal care, it's clear that this is the worst bill for women's health in a generation. While the Senate vote may now be delayed, we need to remain vigilant. And we need to make it clear that any Republican who supports this blatant attack on women won't be in the Senate for long. Donate to elect pro-choice Democratic women who can unseat anti-woman Republicans and help meet our $250,000 End-of-Quarter fundraising goal: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170626_email_EOQ As it's currently written, Trumpcare would put women between a rock and a hard place. Birth control, no longer covered by insurance, could be prohibitively expensive. With Planned Parenthood defunded, a critical source of access to contraception -- not to mention STI testing and treatment and cancer screenings -- would be in serious danger. Anyone who receives tax credits to buy insurance would be banned from buying a plan that covers abortion, making it much harder to access and pay for than it already is. (And it's already pretty bad.) Insurance companies could be allowed to simply not cover pregnancy, maternity, and newborn care -- forcing women and families to pay out of pocket. And, because that's just not enough, Medicaid would be slashed. Medicaid pays for about​ half of all births in this country. It keeps moms and babies healthy both during pregnancy and after the baby is born. The GOP seems to have it out for women like never before, and the cruel impacts of this bill are honestly mind-boggling. But there IS something we can do: Oust any Republican who supports this heartless legislation and replace them with a pro-choice Democratic wom​a​n who will actually protect our care. Donate to help take on Trumpcare-supporting Republicans and elect pro-choice Democratic women who will protect Planned Parenthood, Medicaid, and all the programs women and families rely on for health care: secure.emilyslist.org/page/contribute/20170626_email_EOQ Thanks, Jenna Kruse Vice President of Research, EMILY's List
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