Schumer's Shutdown.
Dear Friend,  Ensuring that America’s kids have access to quality medical care is among my top priorities in the Senate. That’s why, long ago, I reached across the aisle to create the revolutionary Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP.
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Don’t Count Me Out.
Dear Friend,  Last week, I announced that my current term of service would be my last. Since then, many of you have asked how I feel with my Senate tenure drawing to a close. I think some expect me to say that I feel an overwhelming sense of satisfaction or relief.  Hardly. If anything, the decision to retire has imbued me with a sense of urgency as I have never felt before. With a year left in office, I have an agenda that is as ambitious as ever. And the ticking shot clock is a constant reminder of just how much I have left to accomplish.  Yesterday I spoke about my aggressive agenda for 2018 on the Senate floor. Fortunately, the stars have aligned for this year to be among my most successful yet, so don’t expect me to “go gentle into that good night.” Expect me to be on the Senate floor, early and often, pushing the most critical reforms of this Congress. Expect me to take the lead on a Finance Committee agenda that will equal in ambition our accomplishments of 2017. Expect me to be the same steady presence in the Senate that I have been for the last four decades. Above all, expect a flurry of legislative activity from my office. I have a dedicated staff determined to drive this old workhorse into the ground. And I have arguably the best working relationship with the White House of anyone on Capitol Hill. Add to this the advantages that accrue from a lifetime of legislative experience and bipartisan deal-making. The point I wish to make is simple: In legislative terms, my final year could very well be the most fruitful yet. In the months ahead, I am eager to capitalize on our tax reform victory by putting the nation back on the path to fiscal sustainability, finding a way forward on immigration, and securing long-term funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program. But this brief overview doesn’t cover even half of my agenda for 2018. Nor does it include some of the legislative surprises I plan for later this year. The virtue of being a seven-term Senator with a reservoir of goodwill is that you have a little bit of latitude in your final year. That’s why my plan is to go big and to go bold. Because unless you’re Michael Jordan, you only retire once—so you might as well make the most of it.  The truth is, I put the pieces in place long ago to ensure that my final year in office would be a legislative knockout. So no one should count me out—not for a single second. And anyone who does should be reminded that I can do in just a few months what it takes most Members a decade to complete. Tough, old birds like me don’t have lame-duck years. We just dig in and get tougher. For me, 2018 is not a victory lap but a sprint to the finish—and I plan to finish strong. Sincerely,   Orrin
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What every good fighter knows
Dear friend,  I came up during the Great Depression, living in a ramshackle house built with recycled lumber from the local scrapyard. My parents gave us everything they had, but we still had next to nothing. Only in a nation like ours could someone like me—the scrappy son of a simple carpenter—grow up to become a United States Senator. This country gave me the opportunity to escape the poverty of my youth. And so, in return, I have made it my life’s mission to expand opportunity for others.   I made my announcement on video earlier last week. See it here!  Looking back on more than four decades of public service, I can confidently say that I have accomplished that goal. Whether it was legislation to strengthen economic freedom, protect the rights of religious persons, or improve healthcare for millions of Americans, I have always sought to fight for those who could not fight for themselves.  And to be honest, I still have a little fight left in me. But every good fighter knows when to hang up the gloves. And for me, that time is soon approaching. That’s why, after much prayer and consultation with family and friends, I have decided to retire at the end of this term. To be sure, there is still much I could accomplish were I to continue serving in the Senate beyond 2018. But my sights have turned to educating the next generation of lawmakers and to spending time with my own family, whose unwavering love and support has made all of this possible. On Tuesday, I published an op-ed in which I thanked my family—and the good people of Utah—for allowing me to serve for so many years. My announcement this week was a moment to reflect on the past, but it was also an invitation to focus on the future. With the ambitious agenda we have ahead of us, I recognize that my final year of service may well be the most consequential yet. As Finance Chairman, I am eager to capitalize on our tax reform victory by putting the nation back on the path to fiscal sustainability, finding a way forward on immigration, and securing long-term funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program. As my Senate tenure draws to a close, I have much to be proud of—and much to look forward to in the next chapter of my service as I continue fighting to defend freedom and opportunity for others. Thank you for all your support through these many years. May God bless you all. Sincerely,   Orrin  
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My top 10 of 2017.
As the year comes to a close, I want to take a minute to share with you what I think were the top 10 most important things we accomplished in 2017.   On Fox News, public opinion guru Frank Luntz analyzed an exchange I had with one of my Democrat colleagues about our tax reform efforts. He called it the “exchange of the year.”    10. My teen suicide prevention bill advanced: Via Twitter   9. My RAPID DNA bill was signed into law:   View on Twitter    8. I introduced a bill to help teachers pay off their student loan debt, so that the best teachers in our Utah schools can afford to stay there:   View on Twitter   7. I showed where I stand on white supremacy in Charlottesville:   View on Twitter   6. I convened a high-level meeting on human trafficking with Ivanka Trump, Operation Underground Railroad’s Tim Ballard, and a number of my Senate colleagues:   View on Twitter     5. We came a step closer to extending my Children’s Health Insurance Program for another five years. We plan to pass it in early January: View on Twitter   4. I introduced a bill to make it easier to study the benefits of medical marijuana as a safe, non-addictive alternative to opioids:   View on Twitter   3. The President accepted my invitation to come to Utah to strike a compromise on our national monuments:   View on Twitter   2. We confirmed Justice Neil Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court:   View on Twitter   1. We delivered on a key promise by passing tax reform that will benefit the vast majority of working families in Utah:   View on Twitter   I look forward to continuing to work hard for you in 2018. Thank you for your love and support, and happy New Year!   -Orrin  
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Don't take my word for it..
Last night, we made history. For the first time in more than three decades, we cleared a comprehensive overhaul of the nation’s tax code and delivered on our promise of advancing pro-growth policies that will lift the economy and build a better future for the American people.   After the bill passed last night I joined my colleagues in talking about what this means for American families With this legislation, we maintained our commitment to creating a tax code that is both simple and fair. We lowered rates across the board and ensured that Utah’s businesses, both large and small, can succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy. Most importantly, we revamped the tax code in a way that empowers individuals and families to invest more in their future. The end result is better jobs, bigger paychecks, and higher savings. Democrats knew that tax reform would be a huge Republican victory, which is why they fought tooth and nail to oppose it. In doing so, they resorted to fearmongering and scare tactics to distract Americans from the truth.  Progressive attacks grew increasingly unmoored from reality as the legislation reached the finish line. Take, for example, Nancy Pelosi’s last-hour prophecy that the tax plan would usher in “Armageddon.” If my bill marks the end of anything, it’s the end of an outdated, unworkable tax code that put America’s families and small businesses at a constant disadvantage. Let’s put hysterics aside for a moment to examine the facts: Under the new tax regime, the vast majority of Utah families will see a significant tax cut. Consider the estimated savings below from my staff, specific to Utah families:  A family of 6 (with 4 children under the age of 17) making $60,000 a year could save approximately $2,424. A family of 4 (with 2 children under the age of 17) making $40,000 a year could save approximately $1,440.   A family of 8 (with 6 children under the age of 17) making $50,000 a year could save approximately $1,505 Below, you’ll also find a full table of estimates for families (married, filing jointly) with 0-10 children and incomes ranging from $30K to $100K a year. It’s important to note that my staff could not find a single scenario in which a family within these salary ranges would pay more in taxes due to this tax reform proposal.   *these numbers are estimates for a sample range, but we believe they are representative of the positive impact Senator Hatch's tax reform proposal will have for a majority of Utahns.   I also encourage you to use the tax calculators below for more estimates how this bill could benefit you and your family: Tax Plan Calculator   Washington Post Tax Calculator CNN Tax Calculator  With my tax bill, the proof is in the paycheck. And Utahns will begin to see bigger paychecks as soon as February. Now that comprehensive tax reform has cleared Congress and moved to the President’s desk, we have secured a major victory for the American people.  Sincerely,
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The proof will be in your paycheck
Dear Friend, After months of intense negotiation, we are finally nearing the finish line on tax reform. On Wednesday, I met with the President at the White House to iron out differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill, setting the stage for final passage ext week. The end product is even better than expected and achieves our ultimate objective: to provide lasting financial relief for America’s families and businesses.
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Why was the President pushing a shopping cart?
Dear Friend,  It’s been an exciting few days—both for Utah and the nation. On Monday, I accompanied the President on his visit to Salt Lake, where he announced his decision to scale back the national monuments at Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante. This long-awaited executive order was the culmination of months of hard work and close coordination with the White House, and it all started when I met with the President in the Oval Office back in January. During the President’s first week on the job, I asked for his help in fixing the disaster at Bears Ears—and boy, did he come through.   Watch some of the President's Remarks from his Utah Visit!  The President’s action reins in decades of federal overreach and gives Utahns a much-needed voice in the debate over public lands. As I stood by the President during Monday’s signing ceremony, I was humbled when he formally recognized my leadership on this issue by giving me the same pen he used to sign the executive order. For years, we have been fighting against federal overreach, and this week, we scored a significant victory. Of course, Monday wasn’t all Bears Ears. We were also able to set politics aside during a special visit to Salt Lake City’s Welfare Square. There, I introduced the President to LDS leaders, who explained the ins and outs of the church’s humanitarian program. The President was blown away by the sheer magnitude of the church’s humanitarian efforts, and he even said that the highlight of his trip was pushing a shopping cart through the Bishop’s Storehouse to fill a food order.
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Come see the President in Utah.
This week, we celebrate a major victory for Utah: After countless hours of hard work and close coordination with the White House, the President has accepted my invitation to visit the Beehive State. On Monday morning, I will join the President aboard Air Force One on an official visit to Utah. Soon after we touch down in Salt Lake, the President will sign an executive order to undo the immeasurable damage caused by the Bears Ears monument designation.   I welcomed the President to Utah on Video this morning!  Next week’s visit is the culmination of months of hard work that began when I met with the President in the Oval Office during his first week on the job. There, I asked for his help in addressing the Bears Ears debacle. After learning of the devastation brought about by Obama’s overreach, the President said he would work with me to fix this disaster—and I didn’t let him forget it. In every meeting, phone call, and formal event thereafter, I constantly reminded President Trump of the families, farmers, and small-business owners who have personally suffered from this last-minute monument designation. It wasn’t long after that I convinced the President to sign an executive order calling for a comprehensive review of Utah’s Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments. The President’s action was a meaningful first step in scaling back the federal overreach that has left our rural communities reeling. Just before signing the executive order, the President credited my dogged determination for his decision to act on Bears Ears. On live television, he said, “Believe me, [Orrin Hatch] is tough. He would call me and call me and say, ‘You’ve got to do this!’…[He] didn’t stop. He doesn’t give up.”  The President was right: I don’t give up. And I never will give up so long as there’s a battle to be won on behalf of Utah’s families. I was humbled when the President formally recognized my leadership on the public lands issue by giving me the same pen he used to sign the executive order.
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This Thanksgiving, I wish to express my gratitude for friendship. Earlier this week, I was in London, where I had the opportunity to meet with Prime Minister Theresa May and other senior British officials to discuss ways to strengthen the “special relationship” that exists between the United States and the United Kingdom.   Here's a video highlighting some of my meetings in London this week!   I wrote an op-ed about my visit at that you can find below.  Happy thanksgiving from Elaine and me! Sincerely,
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I had nothing.
Dear Friend,  I came up during the Great Depression, living in a ramshackle house built with recycled lumber from the local scrapyard. To give you a taste of our living conditions, the biggest wall in our home was a Meadow Gold Dairy sign that overlooked a living room too small to fit even half the family. We could barely afford the food on our table, much less new clothes for school. So as a boy, I wore ill-fitting hand-me-downs everywhere I went, and was often made fun of for it.
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Celebrating Heroes.
In commemoration of Veterans Day, I would like to offer my sincere appreciation to the dedicated men and women who have served our country so selflessly over the years. These courageous individuals understand the importance of protecting our country—and they are willing to give their lives to do it. Many of our troops make the ultimate sacrifice, such as Utah’s very own Aaron Butler. Staff Sgt. Butler was tragically killed in the line of duty last summer while serving in Afghanistan. The valor of patriots like Aaron is characteristic of all men and women who volunteer to serve in our Armed Forces.  To men and women like Aaron Butler, we owe a debt of gratitude that can never be fully repaid.   My message on Veterans Day Today, I have a simple message for all veterans and their families: Thank you. Thank you for your selfless sacrifice. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to our country and your willingness to fight on behalf of freedom. Today—and every day—we honor you for your service. Sincerely,   Orrin
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Dear Friend, It’s here. After decades of deliberation, we are on the cusp of passing one of the most significant bills of my lifetime: comprehensive tax reform.   Find out how my tax plan could save Utah families almost $1,500 a year!  For years, Americans have suffered under a tax burden almost too heavy to bear. For years, they have clamored for change. And for years, Congress has proven incapable of doing anything to help—until today. With the unveiling of my new proposal, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the Senate is poised to pass the most consequential piece of tax legislation in the last 30 years. Not since the historic presidency of Ronald Reagan have we had an opportunity like this. My bill—which is the culmination of countless negotiations with Republicans and Democrats alike—will provide lasting tax relief to America’s families and small businesses. Almost immediately, Utah’s families will reap the benefits of my tax overhaul in the form of higher deductions and bigger paychecks. Parents with children, for example, will be happy to hear that my bill expands the child tax credit from $1,000 to $1,650. An expansion of this magnitude will result in thousands of dollars in savings for Utah families each year. Low- and middle-income Americans will also win with my tax plan. In fact, the typical family of four could save up to $1,500 annually under the new tax regime. My bill will also bring down corporate tax rates and provide US businesses with new opportunities for expansion and growth. Just as important as what my bill changes is what it keeps the same. It preserves, for example, the deduction for charitable contributions, continuing a long tradition of encouraging private philanthropy for churches and communities. And it maintains popular retirement savings programs to help Americans build their nest eggs and prepare for the future. My legislation represents a tax break for the entire country that has been a long time coming. Republicans have long promised meaningful tax relief, and with growing support for this initiative, we are finally ready to make true on that promise Sincerely,   Orrin
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A path forward.
America’s tax code has been broken for decades. And despite Congress’ many attempts to fix it, finding common ground on this issue has proven all but impossible.   Until now. In the last month, we have finally found a path forward on tax reform. Yesterday, the House released a commonsense proposal to overhaul our outdated tax code. This bill represents a critical first step in giving Utah families and businesses the financial boost they need to thrive in a global economy.   
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This is the place.. for tech.
Dear Friend, In the past decade, thousands of tech entrepreneurs have flocked to our state to set up shop along Utah’s Silicon Slopes. They come for good reason: With a well-educated workforce and a reputation for industry, Utah is one of the most business-friendly states in the nation. With tech firms large and small breaking ground in Utah, Silicon Slopes has become a force to be reckoned with. We may not be Silicon Valley, but that’s the point. Here in the Beehive State, you can find investors, build a business, and make a lasting difference–and you can do it all without paying $20 dollars for avocado toast. Indeed, Utah’s affordable cost of living is a major selling point for many companies looking to do business here. 
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Don’t take my word for it…
Dear Friend, The opioid epidemic is nothing short of a national emergency. I am committed to helping the thousands of Utahns caught in the riptide of addiction, which is why I helped lead the legislative battle in the last Congress to pass the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA)—a bipartisan bill that provides critical funding for treatment programs that help addicts break free of their dependency and return to normal life. 
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Did you hear?
Dear Friend,  I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to visit with many of you last week. In case you missed me, I wanted to give you a brief update on my activities back home. From partnering with Imagine Dragons to prevent teen suicide to touring the Utah Test and Training Range in a Blackhawk helicopter, I had a busy week meeting with service members, community leaders, and families all across our state. I’m eager to update you on my work and what it means for Utah. Finding Hope On Tuesday, I visited the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge in Salt Lake City. The Hope Lodge offers refuge to cancer patients and their families, giving them a place to stay while they meet with doctors and wait for lifesaving treatments. I want to do everything I can to alleviate the burden of this debilitating disease, which is why I’m fighting to help patients by bringing attention to safer, less addictive painkillers, including non-combustible forms of cannabis.   Fox 13 came with me to learn more about Hope Lodge and the great work they do!  After my visit, I highlighted the potential of medical marijuana as a substitute for opioids in an op-ed I published in the Huffington Post. I encourage you to read this piece to learn how the natural ingredients found in cannabis could help thousands of Utahns suffering from cancer, epilepsy, and chronic pain.  Strengthening our Military As the home of the Utah Test and Training Range (UTTR), our state plays a critical role in keeping our nation safe. Without UTTR, American fighter planes would have to travel thousands of miles just to carry out routine training exercises. To increase our military readiness—and to bring much-needed improvements to Utah’s own Hill Air Force Base—I worked hard in the last Congress to expand UTTR by more than 600,000 acres.  My team thought it would be fun to add a movie soudntrack to the video of our flight This expansion ensures that Hill Air Force Base will remain a crucial component of our national security apparatus for decades to come. On Thursday, I had the opportunity to get a bird’s-eye view of the enhancements made to UTTR from the cockpit of a Blackhawk helicopter. I encourage you to see these improvements for yourself in the video below. Bringing Jobs to Utah Near the end of the week, I attended the groundbreaking ceremony for Stadler US in Salt Lake City. Stadler, a Switzerland-based rail company, will be building a new train manufacturing facility that will create hundreds of jobs in our state over the next decade.   Are you following my adventures on Instagram? If not, you should be. Bringing jobs and investment to Utah is among my top priorities in the Senate, which is why I met with Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao and several White House officials to ensure that Stadler would be able to build its manufacturing base in Utah. Stadler’s new facility will not only strengthen the local economy; its state-of-the-art trains will also shorten commute times, allowing Utahns to spend less time in transit and more time with their families. Preventing Teen Suicide In the afternoon, I traveled back to Salt Lake where I met with Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons and Mitchell Gold of Faith in America to discuss teen suicide prevention. Both Dan and Mitch have been working hard to stem growing rates of suicide among our LBTQ youth.   See video from my meeting with Imagine Dragons Singer Dan Reynolds The first step in preventing teen suicide is ensuring that students have ready access to mental health counseling. That’s why this summer I introduced the National Suicide Hotline Improvement Act, a bipartisan proposal that will make it easier for Americans of all ages to get the help and treatment they need when they are experiencing suicidal thoughts. My bill requires the FCC to recommend an easy-to-remember, three-digit number for the national suicide prevention hotline—a radically simple step that will save thousands of lives by helping people find the help they need when they need it most. With the Senate back in session, know that I will continue working hard to represent our values and effect meaningful change for the people of Utah  Sincerely,   Orrin  
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Giving the Green Light to Medical Marijuana Research
Dear Friend, Recreational marijuana use is a drag on our society, and claims to the contrary are dubious at best. Medical marijuana, however, is a different story altogether. Indeed, for millions of Americans suffering from severe pain, epilepsy, cancer, and a variety of other chronic conditions, the natural ingredients found in cannabis can offer lasting relief. That’s why I introduced legislation last month to give the green light to medical marijuana research. For those who have been crushed by a life-altering medical diagnosis, my bill will do more than cushion the blow; it will give them hope that a treatment is within reach.   I spoke about the importance of Medical Marijuana Research in my Access Live call just last week!  Current law makes substantive research on medical marijuana all but impossible. Doctors intent on studying cannabis must muddle through a haze of outdated regulations and avoid tripping over decades-worth of red tape. Many scientists, reluctant to stir the pot, would forego research altogether rather than spend months, sometimes even years, waiting for approval from multiple federal agencies. By blocking legitimate research into the potentially life-saving benefits of medical marijuana, these duplicative regulations are doing far more harm than good. That’s why, if my bill passes, many of these regulations would be gone in a puff of smoke. My proposal tears down the bureaucratic barriers that keep so many Americans from finding the medical treatments they so desperately need. With a particular emphasis on expediting the drug approval process for non-combustible forms of cannabis, this bipartisan initiative stands to relieve suffering on a massive scale. If you have any reservations about medical marijuana research, as I once did, I would encourage you to read my op-ed on the subject below. If you really tune into this piece, it will help you see things from a whole new perspective. Sincerely,   Orrin
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Were you one of the 18,000?
Dear Friend, I hope you were able to join me Tuesday night for the Access Live event I held with more than 18,000 Utahns. Over the course of an hour, I was able to engage men and women from all across our state in a meaningful dialogue that touched on a wide variety of issues—from healthcare and gun safety to medical marijuana and tax reform.  Before we dove into policy, I shared my thoughts on the need for unity in times of hardship. Whether it be hurricanes along the coast or violence in Las Vegas, our nation has been rocked by one tragedy after another. 
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Join me for an Access Live event tomorrow night!
Friends, With so much going on in Washington I will be holding an Access Live call tomorrow night at 5:20 PM MST. Feel free to tune in and ask questions by clicking here: 
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3.38. The number you should care about.
Dear Friend,   My purpose in writing you each week is to keep you updated on my work in Washington. You deserve a regular accounting of my legislative efforts, and you deserve to know that your voice is being heard. And while I could tell you about the important victories I’ve secured for Utah in recent months, it’s sometimes better to let the numbers speak for themselves.  That’s why today I would like to focus on one specific number: 3.38.  Every two years, the Center for Effective Lawmaking—a nonpartisan organization led by researchers at Vanderbilt University and the University of Virginia—calculates a Legislative Effectiveness Score for each member of Congress. This score captures the proven ability of a legislator to advance his or her agenda items through the legislative process and into law. The higher the score, the more effective the lawmaker
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A Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity.
Dear Friend, This month marks nine years since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the first domino to fall in a series of catastrophic events that triggered the Great Recession. The economic earthquake of 2008 demolished the housing industry, sent world markets into a tailspin, and brought the American banking system to its knees. Only now—after nearly a decade of stagnant wages and anemic growth—is our economy finally coming up for air.  With American businesses slowly returning to full strength and the prospect of tax reform on the horizon, we have a golden opportunity for economic renewal. The question is, will we take it? Will we seize the opportunity to enact policies that will give our economy a competitive edge and ensure our continued prosperity? Or will we squander this opportunity and content ourselves with the status quo?   Our goal on tax reform is to help the middle class. To be clear, the status quo is unacceptable. Our country cannot sustain another decade of static wages and dwindling productivity. So the only realistic option we have before us is to press forward—full steam ahead—on legislation that will give American industry the jolt it needs to succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy. The road to renewal starts with tax reform. I have spoken at length on this issue, and I will continue speaking out until Congress agrees on a comprehensive tax overhaul that boosts businesses, creates good-paying jobs, and strengthens the middle class. Since I became the top Republican of the Senate Finance Committee, providing tax relief to middle-class families has been among my top priorities. That’s why, over the last five years, my committee has held 68 hearings on how we can streamline our tax system so it works better for all Americans.  In the weeks ahead, I will be in constant communication with the White House to finalize a plan that will produce better jobs and bigger paychecks for the people of Utah. Congress is on the cusp of a major legislative victory, and I won’t stop fighting until we get this plan across the finish line.  Sincerely,   Orrin  
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The Single Greatest Threat.
Dear Friend, Yesterday, September 17, marked 230 years since the signing of the US Constitution. More than two centuries later, our nation’s founding document remains among the most consequential texts ever written. The Constitution not only delineated our most fundamental freedoms; it also laid the groundwork for the most successful republic the world has ever seen.   Watch a brief Constitution Day video message on Facebook!  It’s no wonder, then, that our allies have long looked to American government as a model of freedom and functionality. Indeed, our Constitution gave rise to a slew of imitators in countries across the world, but none has ever achieved the same success. Consider the facts: More than 200 nation-states have produced more than 900 constitutions, but the average life expectancy of each constitution is only 19 years.  Meanwhile, the Constitution of the United States endures, and today, stands apart as the oldest operative national charter on the planet. To ensure that our Constitution continues to endure, we must pass on to the next generation a proper understanding of what the Constitution is—and why it is worth preserving. The Constitution is the law that the people use to govern government.  It grants certain powers to government and sets limits on those powers.  It is how the people remain, as one Founding Father said, “masters of the government.” But today, there is a war waging in our courtrooms over the essential meaning of the Constitution—and the outcome of this conflict will determine whether we remain masters of the government or if the government becomes master of the people. Fighting this battle are two very different kinds of judges. One kind knows that judges must be governed by the Constitution; the other kind seeks to govern the Constitution. This choice, between judges who know the Constitution belongs to the people and judges who believe it belongs to them, determines our liberty and the kind of country in which we exercise it. Activist judges who overstep their bounds seek to control our freedom and remake the Constitution in their image. The fruit of their labors is an alarmingly powerful federal government, unrestricted abortion, and restricted religious freedom.  The people chose none of these disastrous paths—judges did. The previous President appointed judges who, he said, would decide cases based on their “deepest values…core concerns…[and their] broader perspectives on how the world works.”  According to his view, the judge—not the law—decides the outcome of cases. Unlike our previous President, I believe in the rule of law—not the rule of judges. That’s why I was so pleased with the appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch, a practiced and principled jurist who understands that the judge’s role is to say what the law is, not what he thinks it should be. When Utahns first elected me to office, I swore a solemn oath to “support and defend the Constitution.” Central to that promise is confirming judges, like Neil Gorsuch, who will protect the Constitution at all costs. As your Senator, I will never waver in my commitment to defending our most basic freedoms by fighting for judges who understand their proper role under our Constitution. Sincerely,   Orrin
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Let's talk.
Friends, This Suicide Prevention Week, let’s talk. Let’s talk about what we can do to help those around us, and end this devastating trend.     You can watch my Suicide Prevention Week Video on Facebook Let’s talk about the underlying causes of suicide, and get rid of the stigma that comes with seeking help.  Utah has the 5th highest suicide rate in the U.S.  Suicide is the leading cause of death for Utahns ages 10-24.   And just yesterday, Utah officials confirmed that with 425 suicides already in 2017, we are on a devastating and historic pace.  This week, as we come together to recognize National Suicide Prevention Week, please join me in taking action to Stop Suicide by bringing awareness to the critically important issue of suicide prevention.   For anyone in crisis, you can get help by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or by texting the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741-741.        In May, I introduced the bipartisan National Suicide Hotline Improvement Act (S. 1015) to improve the National Suicide Prevention Hotline with a simple 3-digit number, making it easier for people in crisis to access the resources they need the moment they need them most.  The time for change is now. Let's do all that we can to look out for those around us, to spread the word about these lifesaving resources, and to turn this trend around.  Sincerely,
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Never Forget.
Dear Friend, September 11 left an indelible mark on the canvas of our collective memory. None of us will soon forget the infamy of that day, just as we will never forget the selflessness and sacrifice of the courageous men and women who gave their own lives to save their fellow Americans.   Take a look inside the Pentagon Memorial, which honors the heroes and victims of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon On 9/11, we witnessed great evil and unspeakable suffering. But in our nation’s response to tragedy, we also saw in full measure the innate goodness of the American people. We learned that, in moments of crisis, our capacity to come together for the good of the country is unparalleled. Sixteen years have passed since the attack on our homeland, which means there is now an entire generation of Americans who will only understand September 11 through the lens of history. To those who died, we hold a solemn responsibility to keep their memories alive, so that their stories can inspire and educate the young Americans who may not remember 9/11, but whose lives were invariably shaped by the events of that day. I pray that we may ever honor the victims of 9/11 by standing for liberty and by defending the freedoms for which they were killed.    Sincerely,   Orrin
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A tale of two cities.
Dear Friend, Since January, this Congress has been its own worst enemy. It has been mired in a muck of its own making, bogged down by partisan squabbles and gripped by gridlock—the likes of which I have never seen in all my years of public service. I wish I could say the situation across the country is better. But sadly, it isn’t.  Please take a minute to watch the video of a speech I delivered about our need to do hard things.
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