I am going back on the road
Sisters and Brothers - This is literally insane. Senate Republicans are talking about passing a bill that impacts 1/6 of the American economy, that touches every single American family and they refuse to hold any hearings or public debate on their bill. They've kept it secret, kept it hidden, and now at the last possible second are going to rush it before the U.S. Senate to get a vote. It's a disgrace. They call it a health care bill, but how can it be a health care bill when it throws 23 million people off of insurance, slashes Medicaid, and defunds Planned Parenthood? God knows what the implication of this legislation will be on our children, the elderly, and those with chronic illness. Sometimes you have a hard time understanding what kind of world these guys are living in. Time is running out. It is up to all of us to act in an unprecedented way. We have to think big and do everything humanly possible to make sure this horrendous piece of legislation does not become law. So this week, I am going back on the road to visit states where there are Republican Senators who can and should vote to stop this moral abomination. I will be in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia on Saturday and Sunday. I will be talking about how unspeakable it would be to throw millions people off of health insurance and in the same bill give tax breaks to the rich and multinational corporations. We will share the stories of people who will be impacted by this bill. But I will also be asking why is it that the United States is the only major country on earth that does not guarantee health care to all of its people as a right? I will be asking why we pay far more, per capita, than any other nation for health care with worse outcomes and the highest prices for prescription drugs. And I will be discussing the Medicare-for-all, single-payer legislation that I will soon be introducing in the United States Senate. But I cannot do it alone. I need your help. Please make a $27 donation to help fund my tour where we will bring people together to stop the Republican campaign to take away health care from 23 million people in order to give a tax cut to the richest among us. secure.actblue.com/donate/health-care-tour People who cannot afford health care do not deserve to die, but that is what will happen if this bill passes. If there are rallies in your area, please attend them. Please work with me to revitalize American democracy and advance our political revolution. Thank you for your continued support. In solidarity, Bernie Sanders secure.actblue.com/donate/health-care-tour ---- Paid for by Friends of Bernie Sanders (not the billionaires) PO BOX 391, Burlington, VT 05402 This email was sent to xxx. Email is one of the most important tools we have to reach supporters like you, but if you’d like to, click here to unsubscribe: go.berniesanders.com/page/unsubscribe/. Stand against the powerful special interests and build our movement by contributing to Friends of Bernie Sanders here:
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Georgia on our minds
Friends, Money shouldn't be the end-all-be-all in deciding who represents us in Congress or what policies govern our country. Yet, just this week we not only finished one of the most expensive Congressional elections in history, topping out at more than $55 million, we also finally saw the Republican's "health care" bill which drops millions from our health care system to give tax breaks to the ultra wealthy. Our Revolution groups across the country are actively fighting against the influence of money in politics. Our efforts have propelled progressive candidates backed by people, not corporate money, to victory in Philadelphia, New York, California, Iowa, and communities across the country. Together we are fighting for the issues that will benefit all, not just a lucky few. These races and issue campaigns are just the beginning of a political revolution that puts people over profits. Now, our fight heads to the Senate as they consider a cruel plan that would kick more than 23 million people off of their current health care plans to give tax breaks to the very rich. We saw an example of this heartlessness yesterday when Capitol Police dragged away protesters in wheelchairs out of the U.S. Capitol for voicing their opposition to this cruel bill. Thank you for being active in this fight. This week alone, the Revolution flooded the telephone lines of the Senate with more than 7,200 calls in opposition to the treacherous health care plan. But, the fight is far from over. We need your support to stop the Senate attack on health care and put our stake in the ground for Medicare for All. Please make a $5 contribution to Our Revolution today to help us fight back against the Republican plan to destroy our health care system. DONATE » secure.actblue.com/donate/or-healthcare Billions of dollars from the wealthiest people in this country are flooding the political process and working Americans are losing out. It's clear that our system is broken when a health care bill would end access to maternity and mental health care but give billions to the very rich. The need for real campaign finance reform affects every aspect of our political process including how we fix our health care system. Our Revolution is organizing in many capacities, but putting the needs of every day people will always come first. We need your support to fight back against the Senate's health care plan and give a voice to every day people. Please chip in $5 to Our Revolution and help us continue the political revolution together. DONATE » secure.actblue.com/donate/or-healthcare Thank you for fighting for the progressive values we all believe in. Now is the time for us to come together and stop this unjust assault on the American people. In solidarity, Shannon Jackson Executive Director Our Revolution
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The Senate just released their repeal bill
Senate Republicans just released their draft bill to repeal health care for 23 million Americans, and as we expected the cuts will be devastating. Maternity care, emergency services, and mental health treatment will be slashed. Our lives depend on our health care. Please call your senator and tell them to stop the so-called American Health Care Act in its tracks. We are the only thing standing in the way of the worst, most deadly piece of legislation in our lifetimes. Call your senator and help stop this repeal. CALL MY SENATOR » go.ourrevolution.com/page/content/stop-ahca/ --Shannon Friends, Republicans in the Senate want to keep the American people in limbo by keeping their version of the American Health Care Act secret. Right now, Mitch McConnell and his Senate colleagues are putting together a bill that could force people to go without necessary health care in order to give huge tax breaks to the insurance industry. We deserve to know how much the Republican plan will increase our premiums, deductibles, and copayments, how many people will lose coverage, and what impact the $800 billion cut to Medicaid will have on those suffering from the ongoing opioid epidemic. We demand health care for those who lack coverage at this very moment, and the ones who might lose coverage due to pre-existing conditions. The House passed their version of the so-called American Health Care Act without a score from the CBO, but we now know that 23 million people will lose coverage if it passes. That's not to mention the millions more who will be priced out of affording prescriptions and other vital components of health care, all so the very wealthiest can receive yet another tax cut. Call your senator today and tell them to stop the American Health Care Act. We need to start over with a plan that covers everybody. CALL MY SENATOR » go.ourrevolution.com/page/content/stop-ahca/ We are fighting for universal coverage under a Medicare for All, single payer system that cuts the insurance industry out of the equation. In a single payer system, the monthly premium is the only time the patient is charged. Medical bankruptcy due to terminal illness would be a thing of the past, and the price gouging of the pharmaceutical industry would be stopped. It's time for the United States to join the UK, Canada, France, and every other major country--all of which guarantee healthcare as a right to all of their people. Republicans in the Senate are beholden to the very industries that they are attempting to regulate. As a result, our health care access is in the hands of corporations who are looking to cash out every time a patient needs prenatal care, chemotherapy, and any other treatment. Republicans want to take away health care from millions of people by passing the American Health Care Act. Please call your senator and tell them to stop their secret health care repeal and start over with a plan guaranteed to cover everybody. CALL MY SENATOR » go.ourrevolution.com/page/content/stop-ahca/ We are getting closer than ever to achieving real universal coverage. A majority of the American people support universal coverage. While that opinion may not be reflected in the Senate, remember that they answer to us. Please call them today. CALL MY SENATOR » go.ourrevolution.com/page/content/stop-ahca/ In solidarity, Shannon Jackson Executive Director Our Revolution
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Call your senator and stop Trumpcare
Friends, Republicans in the Senate want to keep the American people in limbo by keeping their version of the American Health Care Act secret. Right now, Mitch McConnell and his Senate colleagues are putting together a bill that could force people to go without necessary health care in order to give huge tax breaks to the insurance industry. We deserve to know how much the Republican plan will increase our premiums, deductibles, and copayments, how many people will lose coverage, and what impact the $800 billion cut to Medicaid will have on those suffering from the ongoing opioid epidemic. We demand health care for those who lack coverage at this very moment, and the ones who might lose coverage due to pre-existing conditions. The House passed their version of the so-called American Health Care Act without a score from the CBO, but we now know that 23 million people will lose coverage if it passes. That's not to mention the millions more who will be priced out of affording prescriptions and other vital components of health care, all so the very wealthiest can receive yet another tax cut. Call your senator today and tell them to stop the American Health Care Act. We need to start over with a plan that covers everybody. CALL MY SENATOR » go.ourrevolution.com/page/content/stop-ahca/ We are fighting for universal coverage under a Medicare for All, single payer system that cuts the insurance industry out of the equation. In a single payer system, the monthly premium is the only time the patient is charged. Medical bankruptcy due to terminal illness would be a thing of the past, and the price gouging of the pharmaceutical industry would be stopped. It's time for the United States to join the UK, Canada, France, and every other major country--all of which guarantee healthcare as a right to all of their people. Republicans in the Senate are beholden to the very industries that they are attempting to regulate. As a result, our health care access is in the hands of corporations who are looking to cash out every time a patient needs prenatal care, chemotherapy, and any other treatment. Republicans want to take away health care from millions of people by passing the American Health Care Act. Please call your senator and tell them to stop their secret health care repeal and start over with a plan guaranteed to cover everybody. CALL MY SENATOR » go.ourrevolution.com/page/content/stop-ahca/ We are getting closer than ever to achieving real universal coverage. A majority of the American people support universal coverage. While that opinion may not be reflected in the Senate, remember that they answer to us. Please call them today. CALL MY SENATOR » go.ourrevolution.com/page/content/stop-ahca/ In solidarity, Shannon Jackson Executive Director Our Revolution
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Let's talk about our movement
Friends, It was great seeing many of you last weekend at the People's Summit in Chicago. Still more of you tuned in to watch Bernie's speech from home, or got out the vote for Tom Perriello and our progressive slate of candidates running in the Virginia primary. Every one of you made a difference, and it is when we come together that we are strong. Working as one united movement is precisely what we must do going forward. Our Revolution has four main planks that contribute to our work: We unify to organize and build local power Cultivate, nominate, and support electoral candidates and ballot initiatives Work collectively around national issue campaigns Work inside and outside political parties to build power In order to put our progressive values into practice, each plank of this work is vital. There are phenomenal candidates running for school board, city council, and county commissioner, but it's only through a grassroots infrastructure that we can effectively identify, support, and advocate on their behalf. The same is true for ballot initiatives--groups that can organize, collect petitions, and pass them with voter support hinge on the work we do together. Each local group is autonomous in how they choose to engage in the above issues, but most importantly: we are all growing this movement together. We're fighting for national issues like Medicare for All, comprehensive immigration reform, and a $15 minimum wage. And while only a few years ago people would have called us crazy for trying, these causes all now enjoy the support of the majority of the American people. There are hundreds of Our Revolution local groups active across the states, in Puerto Rico, and internationally. We're working towards our common goal of representation for the many, not the few. And though we've only been active in an official capacity for a few months, the hard work that you've put in laid the foundation for the victories that we've achieved together. Please visit our interactive map to find a local group near you, or start one of your own. VISIT THE MAP » ourrevolution.com/groups/ We're looking forward to what the future holds. In solidarity, Kyle Machado Organizing Director Our Revolution
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Did you see Bernie's speech?
Friends, Last night, the People's Summit came to a passionate culmination of dozens of working groups and panels with Senator Bernie Sanders' speech in Chicago. This is our movement. We are winning the support of the people, and we are going to challenge the top one percent with an inclusive, progressive vision for what this country and the world must become. Our work hasn't been easy, but we are already transforming the political landscape at every single level of politics and government. Bernie highlighted many of the wins our movement has achieved from the stage last night. We've won leadership positions to state parties, like Morgan Carroll who took 91% of the vote to become the next chair of the Colorado Democratic Party. Monica Kurth won 73% of the vote for her state house race in Iowa, and Larry Krasner, a public defender of Black Lives Matter and Occupy, came from behind with an insurgent, grassroots campaign to win the Democratic primary for Philadelphia District Attorney. And just last night, our endorsed candidate John Courage won a seat to the San Antonio city council after his Republican opponent predicted a 70% victory. Election after election, our candidates have harnessed grassroots energy and won where progressives never had before. We have a lot of work left to do. We can't make up nearly 1,000 legislative seats lost to Republicans overnight, but in a few short months we've already seen dozens of victories. That is revolutionary, but we need your help to keep organizing and winning elections. Please make a $3 contribution to Our Revolution today so that we can continue to bring more progressives into the political fold. DONATE » secure.actblue.com/donate/peoples-summit If this weekend's People's Summit is any indication, there are thousands of people ready to take the lessons from our wins, and from some hard-fought losses too, and bring that experience back to every corner of the country. Our progressive vision can win, as we saw in the United Kingdom, where Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party won 30 seats in Parliament after they were down 24 points in the polls. Sound familiar? What Bernie talked about last night is an expression of what we all feel deep in our hearts. We want to see economic, environmental, racial, and social justice be done in America--not only for our own sakes, but for that of our children, grandchildren, and future generations as well. We are fighting for a better future. We need to sustain the passion and energy from the People's Summit and turn it into votes, stronger grassroots organizations, and bold, unapologetic strategies to bring about the change we all need to see. Will you join us? Chip in $3 to Our Revolution today. DONATE » secure.actblue.com/donate/peoples-summit Thank you for powering the political revolution. I can't wait to see what we will accomplish together. In solidarity, Shannon Jackson Executive Director Our Revolution
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Livestream link for Bernie at the People's Summit
Friends: Progressives from across the country are gathering in Chicago this weekend for the People's Summit, a grassroots showcase of organizations and individuals leading the way forward for social, racial, economic, and environmental justice. Our Revolution will be there, as will Senator Bernie Sanders, who will be speaking about the future of the political revolution. Last year's presidential campaign helped set up our vision for what this country must become for all of its people--a place where everyone can receive world class health care, quality education, and make a living wage that enables them to take care of their family and get ahead. How can we accomplish this in the current political environment? That is what we will hear Bernie lay out at the People's Summit, and why it's so critical you join us and be a part of it. RSVP to watch Bernie's speech to hear the discussion on how we can move from resisting to reclaiming the halls of government, ensuring that they work for all of us--not just those on top. People's Summit Livestream with Bernie Sanders Saturday, June 10, 2017 8:00 PM EDT RSVP TO WATCH » ourrevolution.com/political-revolution-now-senator-bernie-sanders/ Our Revolution will be joined at the People's Summit by our partners in political revolution, including unions, activists, and advocacy groups who have marched, made phone calls, and organized by our side for as long as Our Revolution has been around. The People's Summit is our next opportunity to show the power of our movement. We hope you'll tune in to watch Bernie tonight. In solidarity, The Team at Our Revolution
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House rolls back Dodd-Frank
Friends, While most of the country wasn't looking, House Republicans voted to claw back virtually every banking regulation implemented after Wall Street crashed and the Great Recession began. With so much scrutiny on the White House, Senate Republicans are now poised to roll back Dodd-Frank and the Affordable Care Act in the same month. Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and every other politician bought by Wall Street and corporate donors thinks that they can get away with this while we're distracted by the daily circus in the West Wing. We haven't forgotten what Wall Street deregulation got us last time. A reeling housing crisis, millions of people's life savings wiped out, and 800,000 jobs lost every month by the time George W. Bush left office. We remember Occupy, and the reprieve that the most egregious offenders got from going to prison. Executives at the largest financial firms who gambled people's hard-earned life savings away were treated less harshly than the people actually paying their mortgage. We need to break the big banks up and implement a modern day version of Glass-Steagall, but we have to stop Republicans from rolling back even more Wall Street regulations first. Will you join our fight to protect Main Street from Wall Street greed? Sign our petition to tell Congress: Stop the Wall Street assault on working families. SIGN THE PETITION » go.ourrevolution.com/page/s/glass-steagall The Financial CHOICE Act wipes out the Dodd-Frank law signed in 2010, putting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Donald Trump's control. That's right, the department charged with protecting consumers will be under the control of a person who has spent his entire life ripping people off. The biggest banks that were considered "too big to fail" at the time of the Recession are even bigger now, and virtually all new income is going to the top one percent. Giving Wall Street another break isn't solving the crisis of income and wealth inequality. While Paul Ryan and the House were stripping essential banking protections, voters in the United Kingdom rejected the Conservative government and their cabal of bankers and billionaires, and embraced Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party's reinvigorated progressive movement. People across the world are ready for a movement that takes on the greed of the few, and works on behalf of the many. Glass-Steagall is part of the solution, but it doesn't solve the entire problem. We've still got so much work left ahead, like overturning Citizens United to get Wall Street and special interest money out of politics. Nobody could have prepared for the daily assaults on our health care, housing, environment, and civil rights since Trump took office, but organizing as many people as we can is the only shot we have at fighting back against the greed he serves. Stand with us as we take on Wall Street and the special interests that Congress represents. Sign our petition to let Congress know we won't let Wall Street take us back into another recession. SIGN THE PETITION » go.ourrevolution.com/page/s/glass-steagall We will see economic justice be done in this country, with an economy that works for all. Thank you for joining us. In solidarity, Shannon Jackson Executive Director Our Revolution
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The Washington Post has a bad track record
Sisters and Brothers, When Tom Perriello launched his campaign for governor of Virginia, he did it without regard for what the establishment might say or who was "next in line." He launched his campaign on a bold, progressive platform because it was right--and because for too long families in this country have not been given a fair shot. Now polls show he is in a position to win despite his opponent's much bigger war chest. In addition the establishment is rushing in to stop Tom. Some, like those at the Washington Post, believe that Democrats should run as "Republican-lite." When the Washington Post endorsed Tom's opponent, they specifically cited his close relationship with Republicans and their pitch to get him to switch parties. We all remember when the Washington Post editorial writers went after Bernie day after day. Now that they are supporting Tom's opponent we know we are on the right side. If we as progressives are not taking dramatic steps to fix the problems in this country, we will not win elections and we are not doing what's right for working families. The Post didn't get it right in 2016--with disastrous results--and they don't get it now. Will you help show it's time for bold progressives who will not waver in our commitment to working families? Make a contribution of $27 to Tom Perriello and send a powerful message across the country. DONATE » secure.actblue.com/donate/or-perriello Tom has led on every progressive policy in this race--bold action on climate change, rejecting contributions from the state's largest corporate donor and utility, free community college, a living wage of $15--and the establishment believes this is a strike against him. This fight is bigger than Virginia. I remember with great appreciation the support you gave Bernie during some tough fights. Our movement needs you more than ever. This is one of the most important Democratic primaries this year--and I can guarantee you that candidates, the media, and people across the country are watching to see what happens here. The choice is between a bold progressive or an establishment candidate who voted for George W. Bush, twice. Between incremental and fundamental change. And between a party that fights for aggressive action on the issues we care about or a party that is defined by not rocking the boat too much. Make a contribution of $27 to Tom Perriello before Election Day, June 13 and show the country what type of candidates and party we need. DONATE » secure.actblue.com/donate/or-perriello In solidarity, Jeff Weaver
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A crisis of leadership
Friends, This week, our country became the laughingstock of the world when Donald Trump announced his shameful and foolhardy decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord. This administration's commitment to bankrolling fossil fuel industry donors like the Koch brothers is unique in the world. By allowing billionaires and corporations to buy elections, they have carte blanche to force our government to deny the empirical evidence of climate change. These climate deniers try to spin their greed using excuses like "I am not a scientist," "the earth is made as God intended," and other empty platitudes to deflect any accountability to their own decisions. I am furious. We have to defeat the know-nothing, morally bankrupt ideology of the fossil fuel industry and the phony public servants they are propping up, but we can't do it without your help. Can you stand with us by making a $5 donation to fight back against this corrupt oligarchy with a real plan of action to achieve our renewable energy future? DONATE » secure.actblue.com/donate/parisclimate We want to defeat the entire corrupt edifice of profitability in pollution. From the oil, coal, and natural gas industries, to the revenue streams they funnel to major media networks through advertising, to the lobbyist firms and Super PACs, to politicians from the state house to the White House, to the pundits who are more eager to look for a political fight than a solution to a clear and present danger, our environment and our people are being crushed in the final death grip of a dying industry. We have to break free. Oil, natural gas, and coal are finite. They will run out before the end of this century. By pulling out of the Paris Agreement, Trump has already surrendered America's position as the leader of the free world. If we continue on the course that he's charted for the country, the free world will leave us behind. We'll be left, scratching the dirt where the oil wells and coal mines used to be, wondering where it all went wrong. We should be thinking of opportunity, not Trump's negative and self-defeating outlook on American energy production. Can you chip in $5 to help us defeat the fossil fuel industry with a clean energy alternative to make us 100% renewable by 2050? DONATE » secure.actblue.com/donate/parisclimate We don't know exactly how many people will lose their homes to floods, or get sick from air pollution and unclean water. But we do know inaction on climate change will mean more droughts, floods, famines, hurricanes, rising seas, armed conflicts, and extreme weather conditions. Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress don't care about any of that. They have nothing more than a hollow, bankrupt ideology fueled by big money interests. We can defeat them. Trillions of dollars, millions of jobs, and a cleaner environment await. It just takes action. If we don't challenge Trump right now, he will continue unabated while he dismantles all of the progress we've worked so hard to achieve. Please make a $5 donation today so we can expand our movement to combat climate change. DONATE » secure.actblue.com/donate/parisclimate We're giving this fight everything we've got. Thank you for being there with us. In solidarity, Shailene Woodley Our Revolution Board Member
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This is bigger than KXL or DAPL
Friends, Donald Trump is turning his back on the Paris Climate Agreement that the United States made with nearly 200 other nations last fall. This decision is bad for our economy, our jobs, and our planet. Combatting climate change should be straightforward. The majority of Americans and nearly all scientists agree we need to act now. If our democracy worked the way it's supposed to our lawmakers would follow the will of the people. We have the technology, the workforce, and the need to transition our energy grid off of fossil fuels to 100% sustainability as soon as possible. Our allies in Congress are working to that end--Jeff Merkley, Bernie Sanders, and Ed Markey have introduced the "100 by '50" Act in the Senate to bring us to 100% renewable energy by 2050. We need to keep fossil fuels in the ground and revolutionize our energy system with clean, renewable energy. Will you sign our petition in support of S. 987, the "100 by '50" Act? SIGN THE PETITION » go.ourrevolution.com/page/s/100by50v2 Let's face it: if America isn't going to lead the way on the global stage, another country will. With ever-widening income and wealth inequality and a deteriorating environment, we cannot afford to turn our backs on cutting edge technology that will save homes, save lives, and save our planet. We're working against the clock. Your help fighting this reckless, vindictive decision by Donald Trump is needed now more than ever. Stand with us and support 100% clean energy by 2050. Together we can build the clean energy future that we need for this generation and those to come. SIGN THE PETITION » go.ourrevolution.com/page/s/100by50v2 I will be there with you fighting this greed every day. In solidarity, Jane Kleeb Our Revolution Board Member Rural and Environmental Advocate
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Tom Perriello for Virginia
Friends, Nobody ever said that taking on the establishment and the billionaire class would be easy. We're going to win some - including a great victory by Christine Pellegrino in a New York State Legislature special election last week where she won by a landslide in a district that heavily supported Trump. And we're going to lose some - including Rob Quist's defeat in the Montana congressional special election where Rob ran 14 points ahead of Hillary Clinton in a very conservative state, but still lost. There is no question, however, that the political momentum is with us. All across the country people are becoming increasingly involved, and Trump's support is in decline. In Virginia, there will be a very important Democratic gubernatorial primary on June 13th. Tom Perriello is taking on the Virginia political establishment, and his grassroots campaign has made real progress. He started out as an underdog but, because of his progressive agenda and incredibly hard work, the last public poll had him slightly ahead. Tom will win this election if the turnout is high, and if he has the resources to put together a strong get-out-the-vote effort. Please join me in supporting Tom's campaign with a $27 contribution. DONATE » secure.actblue.com/donate/or-perriello Tom's candidacy is about improving the quality of life for working people, students, people of color, women, kids, seniors and those that government often ignores. He has pledged to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, make community college free, and opposes the construction of fossil fuel pipelines. He is also tackling racism at the institutional level. The school-to-prison pipeline funnels children, disproportionately children of color, down a path devoid of the hope and opportunity that we must nurture within every child, in every school, and in every home. Tom wants to end this system that sees the state spend millions of dollars locking people up when we could provide real education opportunities instead at a lower cost. Additionally, his guarantee for paid family leave and affordable child care will give young families across Virginia the break they sorely need. In Virginia there are virtually no campaign finance restrictions, and Tom is the only gubernatorial candidate rejecting corporate contributions from the state's largest utility - an entity that has dominated politics there for years. Despite the strength of his campaign, Tom has been outspent by the establishment candidate who is flooding the state with TV commercials. Please join me in supporting Tom Perriello with a $27 contribution. We need a governor like Tom who will fight for the progressive values that we support. A progressive victory in the governor's race in a conservative state like Virginia will be a shot heard around the country, and help us expand the national momentum we already have. The gubernatorial election in Virginia is an opportunity to put our stamp on 2017. The election is in just two weeks, and will be one of the most-watched in the entire country. Will you join me in this fight? Please make a $27 contribution to Tom Perriello's progressive campaign for Virginia Governor today. In solidarity, Bernie Sanders DONATE » secure.actblue.com/donate/or-perriello
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We're ready to keep fighting
Friends, The past two weeks have been a rollercoaster. We saw our endorsed candidates win in unlikely places--Larry Krasner was elected to Philadelphia District Attorney defeating a corrupt party patronage system and Christine Pellegrino won a State Assembly seat in a district that voted for Trump. While yesterday's race in Montana did not turn out the way we had hoped, our efforts made a huge difference. There is real support for our progressive agenda as we fight to change the systems of power. There will be many more races in the months to come, in red states, blue states, and those that are right on the tipping point. We need to be ready to fight for every single vote, no matter where that fight takes us, and Our Revolution will be there to help progressives win in every way that we can. This wouldn't be possible without your support. We're going to continue building this grassroots movement. Can you spare $5 to help Our Revolution organize across the country? DONATE » secure.actblue.com/donate/everyvote The most important thing that we can do right now is decide how best we can continue to build the political revolution. Real progressive values are strongly competing in important races all over our country, and we must continue to support them. The surface of what our movement is capable of has not yet even been scratched. Sustained growth and increased voter turnout isn't going to come from campaigns that parachute in three months before election day and then leave once the ballots are cast. Winning trust is hard work. It takes talking to voters about issues they care about, and solutions that they believe in. We've only just begun launching state and local groups across the country, and already Our Revolution members are creating change from the bottom up, changing the fabric of the Democratic Party and inspiring new participants to get involved in the political process. It takes time to build, but make no mistake: we're making an impact right now. We're dedicated to keep fighting for the future we all believe in. Please chip in $5 to show that you're ready to keep fighting too. DONATE » secure.actblue.com/donate/everyvote Your efforts drive this movement. Thank you for everything you do. In solidarity, Shannon Jackson Executive Director Our Revolution
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This is a pivotal week for health care
Friends, Donald Trump just released a budget that puts health care for our country's poorest communities on the chopping block. This plan would gut Medicaid funding by $610 billion, leaving low income children, the disabled, and seniors without health care. The effects on our public health system would be a disaster. We are in the midst of an opioid epidemic, and the Republicans' biggest priority is to give tax breaks to the pharmaceutical industry. These corporations have flooded our communities with highly addictive prescription drugs, yet haven't borne any of the responsibility for the damage they've caused. Stripping health care from people who have nowhere else to turn is a cruel sham to increase corporate profitability on the backs of the most vulnerable. Our Revolution is fighting to end this corporate profiteering. Health care is a human right, and it should never, ever be cut. Join our efforts to save Medicaid and build a Medicare for All system with a $27 donation today. DONATE » secure.actblue.com/donate/or-healthcare Health care budgets aren't just about line items and arithmetic. The decisions on how we fund our health care system mean life or death to the millions of people who rely on Medicaid. Congress has ignored the calls for universal coverage, which a majority of Americans want. Instead, they're propping up insurance and pharmaceutical industries whose businesses are predicated on profit, not prevention. It is morally wrong to take away health care from people who are already at risk of falling into the cracks. The Trump administration and Republicans in Congress don't care that people might have to choose between groceries and prescriptions, or that people can't pay for a visit to the doctor. We need a health care system that works for everyone, regardless of income, age, or socioeconomic status. Can you contribute $27 to Our Revolution to push back against the GOP assault on public health? Your donation will ensure we can run an organizing campaign in multiple states as we build up a national effort around Medicare for All. DONATE » secure.actblue.com/donate/or-healthcare We have to do more than stand against harmful policies. People want to hear a positive, progressive vision for the future of our country, and that's what we're doing, from supporting candidates that believe health care is a human right, to bills in state legislatures that would make it so. We've defeated the AHCA once before--with your help, I believe we can do it again. In solidarity, Shannon Jackson Executive Director Our Revolution
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"Change never takes place from the top down. It always takes place from the bottom up."
Friends, More than a year ago, people from all backgrounds and across the political spectrum came together to work for a society and government that serves all people - not just the 1%. That work is more important now than ever, and we can't do it without YOU! Today, there are hundreds of local Our Revolution in communities across the country and beyond. These groups are started, led, and run by volunteers just like you. They are single mothers who've never been politically engaged before, farmers who make time to attend meetings and talk with their neighbors after a long day of work, high school students who knock doors for progressive champions after band practice. Thousands of volunteers are making significant impacts in their communities - and more join the work every day. Join a local Our Revolution group in your community today! JOIN A GROUP » ourrevolution.com/groups/ Local groups are forming candidate research teams and backing progressive slates in City Council elections, holding rallies to fight proposed cuts to local health care clinics, and gathering to phonebank for progressive champions like khalid kamau and Rob Quist. They share a commitment to our country, to their communities, and to the progressive values that brought us together. Our Revolution groups are encouraged to be autonomous in how they engage in political action, but will generally focus on an amalgamation of Local, State, and National issues and campaigns, which may include: Electing real progressive champions at all levels of government Growing the movement at the local level through engaging Pushing for progressive legislation and issue campaigns that put people over profit Transforming state and local parties to meet the needs of working people, not the 1% We are working to build sustainable grassroots power in every community. To be poised for success in elections in 2018 and beyond, we need your perspective and participation! Join a local group today! JOIN A GROUP » ourrevolution.com/groups/ Your involvement in a local group will make our communities and our country stronger. No matter the magnitude of challenges we face together in the coming years, we know we can weather them together, and our full strength remains to be seen. We can't wait for you to join us. In solidarity, Kyle Machado Director of Organizing
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Larry Krasner wins the Philly DA race
Friends, We just helped Larry Krasner and his team pull off a major upset in the Democratic primary for the Philadelphia District Attorney's office. It is likely that Larry will win in November, and if he does it will be huge. I grew up in Philadelphia facing the triangle of the District Attorney, Police, and Magistrate Courts pressuring young adults, often black, into guilty pleas and sentencing. This victory is transformative for the criminal justice system in Philadelphia. Please help us take advantage of the momentum Larry's victory has created and double down on our efforts in local elections. Your $27 contribution goes to helping real progressives like Larry who are committed to real change. DONATE » secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/localwin We cannot understate how impactful this upset victory will be for the people of Philadelphia. Larry's goals include ending cash bail, civil asset forfeiture, and racist stop and frisk policies that target the city's minority communities. This is a DA who will never pursue the death penalty, and comes to the top prosecutor's office with the experience of representing Black Lives Matter and others in the activist community over a long career. And there are hundreds more candidates for local office who share Larry's values like we do and need our support. They're winning races for school boards, like Rita Moore and Valdez Bravo in Oregon, or for seats to their city council, like Gil Cedillo in Los Angeles -- all last night. But there's more that we can be doing. Steve Zimmer and Imelda Padilla came up short in their race for the Los Angeles school board, as the charter school industry backed their opponents and turned the race into the most expensive in the country. Please make a $27 contribution to Our Revolution so that we can continue to support exceptional progressives like these in elections across the country. DONATE » secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/localwin Make no mistake: the Trumpster fire that we see every day in Washington and on the cable news networks is not representative of what is really going on in this country. Local elections like these are where the grassroots can make a difference right now. Please consider a $27 contribution today to be one of the difference makers. DONATE » secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/localwin As always, thank you for everything you do. Progress like this wouldn't be possible without your support. In solidarity, Larry Cohen Board Chair Our Revolution
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Help elect this progressive to Congress
Friends, Rob Quist and his grassroots team of supporters in Montana are working harder than ever to win Montana's special election to Congress. Coming from a rural state like I do, Rob is raising issues that resonate with people in a way that the Beltway establishment just hasn't figured out. We know that we can surprise the pundit class and push Rob over the top on May 25th, but he's going to need our support. Republican Super PACs have been flooding Montana airwaves with negative attacks. Rob is working to share his progressive message and win the special election on May 25th -- help him out by contributing $27 to his campaign for Congress today. DONATE » secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/or-quist-mfa On every major issue, Rob Quist is leading the way for Montana. He is a devoted supporter of Medicare for All, Planned Parenthood, raising the minimum wage to a living wage, and equal pay for equal work. He also wants to get big money out of politics by overturning Citizens United. I intend to be campaigning with Rob next weekend all over Montana. Together, we can give Rob an enormous boost in the final stretch of his campaign and send a message to Washington that progressives across the country are doing more than just mounting challenges -- they're running to win. This is especially important in Montana, where President Trump's executive order to review the status of our national parks puts natural treasures like Glacier and Yellowstone in the crosshairs of Wall Street and the fossil fuel industry. Rob believes, like I do, that public lands should be passed down to the next generation, not sold off to the highest bidder. After the incredible turnout at the People's Climate March, it's clear that the American people are on Rob's side. Rob spent the last year campaigning with us during our campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. It's time we returned the favor. Please chip in $27 to Rob Quist's campaign to give him the boost he needs for Montana's May 25th special election and add his independent voice to the debate in Washington. DONATE » secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/or-quist-mfa It's in moments like these that we need to rally to the cause and advance our progressive agenda. A victory in Montana would not just be a step forward for that beautiful state, it will be a step forward for progressive politics all across the country. That's why I'm adding my voice to this fight -- I hope you will add yours too. In solidarity, Bernie Sanders
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ICYMI (In case you missed it)...
There's a yuuuge difference between what Trump says and what he does when it comes to health care. WHAT TRUMP SAYS ABOUT UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE: "[Australia has] much better health care than we do." WHAT TRUMP DOES TO HEALTH CARE: He celebrated the passage by the Republican-controlled House a bill that would leave 24 MILLION Americans uninsured. WHAT BERNIE SAYS: "Mr. President, you take this bill & you...well, we don't want to clog up toilets or anything, but you toss it into a garbage can." We need to protect and expand health care by fighting for Medicare for All. Call your senators and tell them that a majority of Americans support Medicare for All, not gutting health care. Tell them to vote NO on the so-called American Health Care Act. CALL MY SENATOR NOW » go.ourrevolution.com/page/content/stop-ahca
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BREAKING: House passes Trumpcare 2.0
Friends, The House of Representatives just voted to pass the GOP's disastrous bill to gut the Affordable Care Act and strip millions of their health coverage. Republicans have been pushing their so-called American Health Care Act through Congress without a score from the Congressional Budget Office because they know the numbers won't add up. The GOP would have you believe that they are the party of fiscal conservatism, but passing a bill of this magnitude without a full assessment of the cost is anything but. Our Revolution will always give the American people the facts on health care, and the truth now is that more people will die if the health care repeal bill is signed into law. Chip in $5 to help us fight back against the GOP attack on our health care so that we can win Medicare for All. DONATE » secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/or-healthcare We may not have a score from the CBO, but it's not hard to tell how Republicans expect us to pay for this: by burdening the middle class and working Americans with even higher costs than they incur under the Affordable Care Act today. The CBO study of the last Trumpcare bill found that 24 million people would lose their health insurance entirely, with millions more forced to pay more to receive less coverage. It's no wonder the GOP forced through a vote before the CBO could do its job. Some Republicans thought the last bill didn't go far enough, and it appears that they got their wish. But the truth is that even rank and file Republicans don't want their health insurance taken away and large percentages support Medicare for All. Health care is the one topic on which we should all agree. Nobody should be at a greater risk of disease, disability, or death because of how much money they make. Donate $5 to Our Revolution and help us fight to win Medicare for All. DONATE » secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/or-healthcare We will fix this. With the health care of so many at greater risk today than it was yesterday, your contribution towards Medicare for All is more important now than ever before. In solidarity, Jeff Weaver President Our Revolution
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Standing up to Betsy DeVos
Friends, Our public schools need your support. With the most unqualified Secretary of Education in our country's history pushing for-profit charter schools, local school board members are more important to our children than ever before. Steve Zimmer, Imelda Padilla, Rita Moore, Lori Kirkpatrick, and Valdez Bravo are running to strengthen public schools, and with their records of community activism, advocacy, and a robust, student-centric platform, we are proud to endorse them. Will you split a $5 contribution to help support some of these great candidates and Our Revolution to protect our public schools from Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos' harmful policies? DONATE » secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/or-natlschoolboard Steve Zimmer is President of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board of Education and represents District 4. He co-founded the Elysian Valley United Community Service Center, LAUSD Student Recovery Day, and a partnership with the Youth Policy Institute's FamilySource Center. Steve helped secure an $18 million dollar increase for the arts, and passed a Good Food Purchasing resolution for school meals while advocating for immigration reform, the DREAM Act, and establishing schools as safe zones for families facing deportation. Steve's public school reforms lift everyone up. Imelda Padilla serves on the Los Angeles County Commission for Women and Girls and is running for the Los Angeles School Board's District 6 seat. Imelda's experience with the environmental justice group Pacoima Beautiful, organizing to raise the minimum wage with the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, and founding the nonprofit Together We Do More to serve middle and high school students in the North East San Fernando Valley with higher education and professional development opportunities have all helped prepare her for the Board of Education. Rita Moore is running to represent Zone 4 on the Portland Public School (PPS) Board. As a PPS and Parent Teacher Association organizing committee member, Rita is deeply involved to ensure that students like her child receive the good education that was her ticket out of poverty to a Ph.D degree. Her commitment to ending district-wide inequities in education is complemented by 15 years of involvement with PPS, experience that will help the School Board serve families like hers. Lori Kirkpatrick is running to represent the 2nd District on the Dallas Independent School District Board of Trustees. She sees the economic disparity in District 2 in her job as a physician's assistant and serving on the planning and allocation committees at the Parkland Health and Hospital System. As the mother of a 2nd grader in a district that has 89 percent of its students living in high poverty, Lori decided to fight to stop school privatization and establish District 2 as a sanctuary district, with community school models and expanded access to early childhood education. Valdez Bravo is running for the Portland Community College (PCC) Board of Directors. After serving in the Army, Valdez became the first in his family to attend college when he enrolled at PCC. He went on to graduate from Portland State University, and earned dual advanced degrees from Baylor University. Now working at a senior level in the Veterans Health Administration, Valdez's election would make him the first Latino and the only veteran on the current board of PCC. He has worked as an adjunct professor and advisory board member with the Electronic Engineering Technical program, and would bring an intimate and circumspect understanding of how to meet student needs if elected to the Board of Directors, including protecting PCC's sanctuary status for undocumented students, and supporting students, faculty, and staff to be successful. Split a $5 contribution to help support some of these great candidates and Our Revolution and help counter Betsy DeVos' attacks on our public schools. DONATE » secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/or-natlschoolboard With a vastly unqualified Secretary of Education who wants to shut down public education, revolutionizing the system is more important than ever. That's why your support today is so critical. Thank you for all that you do. In solidarity, Shannon Jackson Executive Director Our Revolution P.S.: We raise donations through ActBlue to help make it easier to donate to great progressive candidates. Lori Kirkpatrick and Steve Zimmer don't use ActBlue, but they still need your help! Please considering contributing directly to Lori and Steve to help make sure they win. DONATE » www.crowdpac.com/campaigns/226721/join-me-in-supporting-public-education DONATE » act.myngp.com/Forms/-1329314031262496256
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Thank Jeff Merkley for his 100 by 50 Act
Friends, Over 150,000 people joined the People's Climate March yesterday in Washington. Activists from every community and walk of life joined together in a sit-in around the White House to demand that the Trump administration end our nation's reliance on the fossil fuels that are eroding our very way of life, especially in communities of color and low-income areas. We're seeing it happen with the Dakota Access Pipeline, Keystone XL, and other fossil fuel projects, and people have had enough. We have an alternative to the backwards thinking of the Trump administration. Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon has introduced the "100 by '50 Act" in the US Senate, and already has the support of Senators Bernie Sanders, Ed Markey, and Cory Booker. The bill not only would halt construction of Keystone XL, DAPL, and other fracked gas pipelines, but invest in the technology and jobs to rapidly advance us towards 100% clean, sustainable energy independence by 2050. Sign our thank you card to Senator Merkley and his cosponsors, Senators Sanders, Markey, and Booker, for giving Americans the bold, clean energy alternative that we demanded during the People's Climate March. SIGN HERE>>>go.ourrevolution.com/page/s/thanks-merkley I spent time at the Oceti Sakowin camp at Standing Rock, and the ugly truth is that the fossil fuel industry will do anything to protect their profits. They will lie to the public, cheat the political process, and steal land from the Standing Rock Sioux and anyone else who stands in their way by violent means. Their allies in Washington are many. The Secretary of Energy sits on the board of directors for the company constructing the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Secretary of State spent his career leading ExxonMobil. The head of the EPA made his career as a politician filing lawsuits against the agency he is now trying to dismantle from within. We have to stand by our allies in Washington. Jeff Merkley was the only US Senator to endorse Bernie during the presidential primary, and now he's working together with Bernie and others to guarantee 100% clean energy by 2050. Sign our thank you card today to show your support. SIGN HERE>>>go.ourrevolution.com/page/s/thanks-merkley We will preserve this planet for my generation and those to come -- whether Donald Trump likes it or not. Thank you for taking action with me. In solidarity, Shailene Woodley Board Member Our Revolution
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CA single-payer bill SB 562 passes committee vote!
Friends, Ever since SB 562, the Healthy California Act, was introduced in the California State Senate, Our Revolution volunteers have been calling and texting voters and legislators, organizing, and rallying across the state and the country in favor of the universal health care bill -- and our efforts are beginning to pay off. Yesterday, the Senate Health Committee voted 5-2 in favor of SB 562. This is yuuuge. Now the bill advances to the Senate Appropriations Committee, so we need to keep pushing until universal health care is enshrined in California law. Can you chip in $5 to help Our Revolution continue our push for universal health care? Your contribution helps us gather support for Medicare for All to connect voters with their elected officials and rally supporters at state capitols like we did yesterday in Sacramento. DONATE »secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/sb-562 Alongside the California Nurses Association and countless grassroots organizations and activists, we are on the brink of establishing health care as a human right for all in California. A major victory like this can turn the tide on the national health care debate. A majority of Americans are in favor of Medicare for All, but the news media spends far more time covering the Republican's lamentable health care plan instead of presenting the public with its increasingly viable alternative. We've had enough of paying more for prescription drugs, premiums, deductibles, and copayments than people in countries with universal health care. We're fed up with getting fleeced by insurance and pharmaceutical industries that lobby the State Senate and our Congress against Medicare for All and rake in billions of dollars in profit. That's why so many people support SB 562, which would eliminate out-of-pocket costs and extend coverage to undocumented immigrants. We are on track to win this fight. Your $5 donation helps us continue our organizing efforts and rally even more support for health care as a human right. DONATE »secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/sb-562 Universal health care is one of the great moral issues of our time. With your help, we can guarantee that to all Californians, and soon all Americans. In solidarity, Shannon Jackson Executive Director Our Revolution
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State of the Revolution
Friends, Last night's State of the Revolution livestream brought together thousands of progressive activists and community leaders across America. Our focus on local groups highlighted the massive success of our organizing chapters and exemplified the influence that the grassroots can wield over the electoral process. Our Revolution's endorsement model empowers local groups to lift up grassroots candidates because we know that the political revolution isn't going to happen in Washington -- it's happening every day in your communities. Local groups are the lifeblood of our movement, and now is the time that we must be building them. As I said last night, "We are in the 440 relay race of our lives." What Bernie started last year is still continuing strong in the thousands of Our Revolution members organizing locally. Can you make a $5 contribution to help us advance the lead for the progressive movement? DONATE »secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/or-livestream In just a few short months, Our Revolution has had over 1,000 groups apply to join the national organization with hundreds approved and in the onboarding process, and recruited over 12,000 candidates for local office. Candidates like Mike Connolly and khalid kamau ran and won their elections against incredible odds to advance single-payer health care and a $15 minimum wage, proving that with the support of local groups real change is possible. Our candidates, local leaders, and our dedicated staff and volunteers are the evidence that we don't need to wait for the establishment to make a difference in our community. We understand that people who themselves have never been involved in the political process can not only help transform the party, but bring their entire community with them to reinvigorate it. That is what Our Revolution is here to do. We have the power to organize and win, but it's going to take all of us together to accomplish the change we need. Can you contribute $5 to help lead this transformative movement? DONATE »secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/or-livestream The time is now to make a difference. Together, we have the power to create a country that works for all of us, not just the few. In solidarity, Nina Turner Board Member Our Revolution
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FW: Live from your living room!
Hi there, The State of the Revolution livestream is happening this Sunday, and it's going to be the spark that ignites the next political revolution. Don't miss out on this incredible moment -- sign up for an email reminder and let us know you'll be watching! In solidarity, Basi Alonso and the entire team at Our Revolution
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TOMORROW: Bernie in Salt Lake City, UT
Brothers and Sisters -- Just in case you didn't get the chance to RSVP for a rally with Bernie, we wanted to bump it to the top of your inbox. It's important because in order to revitalize American politics and create a political revolution, we need to start with an unprecedented wave of grassroots support in all 50 states. To accomplish that, we are focusing on building strong relationships with folks in Utah. This is a movement that requires your participation. RSVP and tell us that you'll attend this event in person. We can fight for a government which represents all of us, but only if we stand together and fight back. go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/ cometogetherfightbackperezapril2017/gpghqf In solidarity, Team Bernie Sisters and Brothers - During the presidential campaign, Bernie spoke a lot about the need to revitalize American politics and create a political revolution. He talked about the need to bring people together - black, white, Latino, Asian American and Native American - to fight for a government which represents all of us, and not just the 1 percent. Bernie also made it clear that the Democratic Party needed a 50-state strategy, and that we could not rest easy when some of the poorest states in the country were led by Republican right wing extremists who represented the wealthy and the powerful. That is why Bernie is hitting the road again, this time with DNC Chair Tom Perez and other leaders. The purpose of this nine-state tour across the country is to visit some of our more conservative states and help build strong, grassroots movements in those regions. He will also discuss how the president has turned his back on the working class people who voted for him. One of the states that Bernie will be visiting is Utah. Signup and RSVP to tell us that you'll attend the event in person. Please get the word out to your friends. Let's have a HUGE turnout. Senator Bernie Sanders rallies with DNC Chair Tom Perez DATE: Friday, April 21, 2017 TIME: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM (Doors open at 10:30 AM) WHERE: The Rail Center (Salt Lake City, UT) 235 North 500 West Salt Lake City, UT 84116 RSVP NOW: go.berniesanders.com/page/event/detail/ cometogetherfightbackperezapril2017/gpghqf In solidarity, - Team Bernie
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