A message from Mitch McConnell:
Friend -- "The message is that the American people, all across the country, are asking us, even in Massachusetts, to stop this healthcare bill. There will be no more healthcare votes in the Senate prior to the swearing in of Scott Brown." -- Mitch McConnnell, 1/20/10 Before Obamacare was voted on, Sen. McConnell demanded the Senate wait for Scott Brown, a special-election winner just like Doug Jones. They did. Before he tries to gut the middle class to give tax breaks to millionaires and corporations, he should listen to the American people -- and follow his own rules. Call a key senator now and say so: my.ofa.us/Call-A-Key-Senator Thanks, Organizing for Action
· Fri, Dec 15 · obama

Only hours left to get covered:
Friend -- This is it. Find an affordable health care plan for 2018, before the federal marketplace closes tonight at midnight ET. Tell your family and friends that there's still time. Find a plan: my.ofa.us/Explore-Your-Health-Care-Options Thanks, Organizing for Action
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This Martin Luther King, Jr. Day:
Friend -- The Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday is the perfect opportunity for Americans in all corners of the country to honor Dr. King's legacy through acts of service and community building. In past years, OFA volunteers have partnered with local organizations to host community service events. This year, OFA volunteers are also focusing on Dr. King's vision of a compassionate, fair society -- one where everyone's voice is heard. For the 2018 MLK Day of Service, in addition to community service events, supporters will be putting on voter registration events, to not only help more people get themselves registered to vote, but to bring their communities closer together. We believe voter registration events are just one more way we can honor Dr. King's legacy of fighting for a more fair and inclusive democracy. We hope you'll take this opportunity to put on your own event and help people in your community get themselves registered to vote. Get more information here, and sign up to host an event: my.ofa.us/Sign-Up-To-Host-An-Event As we work to make sure that everyone in our communities is able to have their voice heard in the democratic process, these events will be a great way to bring our friends, family, and neighbors together and begin conversations about civic engagement and the issues affecting all of us. I hope you'll take the first step, and sign up to put on an event in your area: my.ofa.us/Sign-Up-To-Host-An-Event Thanks, Jennifer Jennifer Warner National Organizing Director Organizing for Action
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Save 50% on your new phone plan
link.credomobile.com/t/gbH1AAhbDfBMRQvQDMC7EF-7D2VkaC0L5WZTX6aaaaC0L5BNDHZBnaa WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="1" STYLE="border:0px hidden transparent !important; display:none !important; overflow:hidden; max-height: 0;" ALT=""/>
· Fri, Dec 15 · obama

✍️ No tax vote without Doug Jones! (add your name)
Senate Republicans are trying to ram through their tax plan before Doug Jones can take office. Add your name to demand that Republicans delay their vote until Doug Jones is seated: my.democrats.org/Wait-for-Doug-Jones
· Thu, Dec 14 · obama

Time is running out -- take action to protect DREAMers!
A new message from your friends at People For the American Way. *********************** Dear Anne, Time is running out to protect the hundreds of thousands of young people who relied on DACA to stay in this country… the only home they have ever known. Right now over 100,000 DACA recipients have lost their status and an additional 122 lose their protected status every day. Congress has a chance to right this wrong before the end of the year -- they must make the DREAM Act a part of the spending bill. If the spending bill doesn’t include a solution for DACA recipients, then when DACA officially ends on March 5, 800,000 young DREAMers could be deported. Call 1-888-778-6856 toll-free to talk to your lawmakers and demand they include a solution for DREAMers in the spending bill. Here’s a script you can use: Hi, my name is [your name], and I’m from [your city] .I urge the [Senator/Representative] to support immigrant youth by doing everything they can to pass the DREAM Act before the end of the year without adding any money to Trump’s immigration enforcement agenda. Democrats and Republicans need to work together to protect DREAMers, and right now the only way to do that is through the government spending bill. Any vote on a spending bill on December 22nd that does not include protections for DREAMers is a vote to deport those DREAMers. The clock is ticking and Congress needs to take action now. Please make a call to your lawmakers using the toll-free number 1-888-778-6856 and demand they pass the DREAM Act before the end of the year. Thank you, Katie O'Connell, Digital Communications Coordinator
· Thu, Dec 14 · obama

Not all telecoms want to destroy the internet
link.credomobile.com/t/gbH1AAcbaBMRFtQDMCeEF-lD2U8aLGAhWZTX6aaaaLGAhBNDF2K5aa WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="1" STYLE="border:0px hidden transparent !important; display:none !important; overflow:hidden; max-height: 0;" ALT=""/>
link.credomobile.com/t/gcH1AAcbaBMRFtQDMCeEF-lD2U8aLGAhWZTX6aaaaLGAhBNDF2K5aa linkname="header" style="width: 106px; font-size: 0; line-height: 0;">CREDO Mobile.d9vr0k5kflhvy.cloudfront.net/161107-ve/header.jpg" style="width: 106px; display: block;" />  
s3.amazonaws.com/credo-email/171214-netneutrality/nn_hero.jpg" style="width: 600px; display: block;" />
Dear Anne,
When the Federal Communications Commission meets today to repeal Obama-era regulations that protect net neutrality, the free and open internet as we know it could be drastically transformed. The rules that help preserve the internet as a place where free speech and innovation thrive without interference or censorship by your internet service provider would be replaced with a system that helps a few opportunistic and short-sighted corporations looking for more ways to monetize the internet.
As the CEO of a mobile phone company and wireless service provider that has been fighting to protect net neutrality for more than a decade, I can tell you that strong net neutrality protections are essential to thriving democracies as well as strong businesses – telecoms included.
In 2015, the FCC established strong, enforceable net neutrality rules to regulate broadband, like landline phones, as a public utility. Just like your phone company can't discriminate or charge you more because of what you believe or say over the phone, classifying broadband under Title II prevents your ISP from picking and choosing what you do online, charging you more for certain content or prioritizing some content over others.
But Donald Trump's FCC sees it differently. Chairman Ajit Pai, who has ties to the same telecommunications industry eager to profit from the repeal of Title II, claims net neutrality is stifling innovation. Without net neutrality rules, he argues, companies will invest more and the internet economy will grow.
This argument is dishonest at best. Broadband investment has increased since 2015. And you only need to look as far as the apps on your phone – Instagram, Netflix and Spotify – to see that internet businesses are thriving. Competition is strong because of, not despite, net neutrality. The rules level the playing field for even the smallest startups to create, invest and grow, not just those with the largest lobbying budgets or market share.
Proponents of doing away with net neutrality think our fears are overblown, but the evidence shows otherwise. A cursory Google search reveals myriad examples of internet providers actively stifling competition to pad their bottom lines. AT&T blocked FaceTime from its mobile service and forced Apple to block Skype from the iPhone. Comcast slowed and blocked peer-to-peer technologies, many major mobile carriers blocked Google Wallet, and a number of small ISPs redirected search traffic to collect referral fees.
Equally troubling is the threat to free speech. Innovations that facilitate civic engagement and help activists organize could be under threat. An AT&T or Comcast could block access to certain political websites or other content with which it disagrees, without notifying customers. That should be troubling for liberals and conservatives alike.
You might think that as a telecom, supporting net neutrality would hurt our bottom line. Quite the contrary: We have been successful because we have stayed true to our values and listened to our customers – and our customers overwhelmingly support net neutrality.
And no matter how the FCC votes today, CREDO Mobile will always fight to protect net neutrality because it's the right thing for our business and for our customers.
Ray Morrisd9vr0k5kflhvy.cloudfront.net/1610-verizonwinback/raymorris.jpg" style="min-width:190px; display:block;" />
Ray Morris
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Make one call. Help DACA recipients.
Friend -- Every day that Congress doesn't act, 122 DACA recipients lose their ability to work, go to school, and contribute in the only country they've ever known. Demand that Congress fixes this, right now. Demand we keep our promise to these young people. Demand a clean DREAM Act, with permanent protection and a path to citizenship: Call today before another 122 people lose their status tomorrow: my.ofa.us/Call-For-DACA-Recipients Thanks, Organizing for Action
· Thu, Dec 14 · obama

FREE Samsung S8 or Samsung S8+
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· Thu, Dec 14 · obama

Two nominees withdrawn… tell the senate NO MORE!
A new message from your friends at People For the American Way. *********************** Dear Anne, News broke today that Trump nominees Brett Talley and Jeff Mateer are NOT moving forward for a lifetime judicial seat. Talley was unanimously rated “not qualified” by the American Bar Association and Mateer spoke at an anti-LGBTQ conference where speakers advocated for the death penalty for being gay. We got this win because of the hard work of PFAW members like you and other activists who signed petitions and called their senators repeatedly to stop Talley and Mateer’s nominations. Now we need to build on this victory by demanding that the Senate stop considering ANY new judicial nominees this year. Any nominee not confirmed by the end of the year goes back to the White House and will have to be re-nominated in January and be considered by a Senate that is even more closely divided because of the win in Alabama last night. Republicans will have only a 51-49 advantage, which gives us even more leverage to stop Trump’s extreme nominees next year. Sign the petition to tell your Senators no more judicial confirmations between now and the end of the year>> act.pfaw.org/sign/stop-trump-judicial-noms-new-year/ The White House concession that they could not get someone as extreme and unqualified as Talley and Mateer confirmed, shows the power of activists and organizers to resist Trump’s efforts to pack the courts with extreme and unqualified nominees. Sign now to stop Trump’s extreme nominees from being confirmed -- tell the Senate NO MORE CONFIRMATIONS between now and the end of the year>> act.pfaw.org/sign/stop-trump-judicial-noms-new-year/ Thank you for all that you do. Katie O'Connell, Digital Communications Coordinator People For the American Way is fighting the Right to defend our cherished constitutional rights and values. If you have not made your year-end donation to PFAW, please do so now to let us know you're with us as we head into the New Year. donate: act.pfaw.org/donate/year-end-2017-1/ *********************** Do not reply directly to this e-mail. Please use xxx. Trouble viewing the email? VIEW AS WEB PAGE: act.pfaw.org/mailings/view/1385 This email was sent to xxx. Reaching you over email is the best way we have to let you know about the ways you can take action to fight the Right Wing and defend our constitutional rights and values. If you have any thoughts, comments, or criticisms, or if there's a better email address at which to reach you, please let us know. If you'd like to unsubscribe from our list, you can do that here: You can unsubscribe from this mailing list at any time: act.pfaw.org/cms/unsubscribe/unsubscribe/ . But know that if you leave, it will be harder for you to stay involved with People For the American Way and continue our crucial work. PFAW is able to win policy battles and elections, and counter the Right's extremism and hate, because of dedicated activists like you, and we're always eager to hear your thoughts. Thanks for your support. act.pfaw.org/go/1 CONTACT: act.pfaw.org/go/2 PRIVACY POLICY: act.pfaw.org/go/3 FACEBOOK: act.pfaw.org/go/4 TWITTER: act.pfaw.org/go/6 YOUTUBE: act.pfaw.org/go/7 1101 15th Street, NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20005-5002, 202-467-4999 You can unsubscribe from this mailing list at any time: act.pfaw.org/cms/unsubscribe/unsubscribe/
· Thu, Dec 14 · obama

Sign the petition: No Jones, no vote on Trump Tax Scam
[ act.credoaction.com/sign/seat_doug_jones ]Tell Mitch McConnell: Seat Senator-elect Doug Jones now The petition to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reads: "Do not schedule a vote on the Trump Tax Scam before Alabama’s newly elected senator, Doug Jones, is seated." Add your name: [ act.credoaction.com/sign/seat_doug_jones ]Sign the petition ► Dear Anne, [ act.credoaction.com/sign/seat_doug_jones ]Tell Mitch McConnell: Seat Senator-elect Doug Jones now Tuesday night, Alabama voters picked former prosecutor Doug Jones – once a huge long-shot for the seat – over right-wing Trump-endorsed Roy Moore as their next U.S. senator.^1 But Republicans have already begun plotting to deny the will of the voters. Even before polls closed, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell signaled he would delay seating Sen. Jones in order to keep Republican Luther Strange – the current, temporary Alabama senator – in the seat as a reliable vote for the Trump Tax Scam in the coming weeks.^2 Roy Moore is refusing to concede, and the Alabama secretary of state will not certify the results until after Christmas or into the new year.^3 The people of Alabama elected a Democrat to the Senate for the first time in 25 years – they deserve to have their voices heard – especially when it comes to sweeping legislation that will affect them and the rest of the country. It’s unacceptable for Republicans to delay seating Jones so they can slash taxes for the ultra-wealthy and biggest corporations. Already Sens. Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Jeff Merkley have demanded McConnell seat Senator-elect Doug Jones without further delay.^4,5 We need to speak out now to turn up the pressure. [ act.credoaction.com/sign/seat_doug_jones ]Tell Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: No Tax Scam vote until Senator-elect Jones is seated. Click here to sign the petition. Republicans rammed through the Senate version of the Trump Tax Scam in the dead of night a few weeks ago – they even hand-wrote some of the edits in the margins.^6 The committee reconciling the House and Senate versions of the bill could release its next version any day now and the Senate could vote as early as next Monday, so we do not have time to delay. Before Jones is seated, Alabama officials must certify the election results. Counties have until Dec. 22 to report their results to the State Canvassing Board, and the Board then has until Jan. 3 to certify Jones’ election.^7 McConnell and other Republicans in leadership have complete power to schedule a Tax Scam vote or hold it until Jones is seated, but they are putting their greedy Tax Scam before people who spoke loudly in support of Senator-elect Doug Jones. Tuesday, Republican National Senatorial Committee Chair Sen. Cory Gardner even went so far as to call on Senator-elect Jones to “truly represent Alabama” by voting Republican.^8 Senate Republicans held a Supreme Court seat open for a year before the 2016 election, but now want to rush through a vote before their majority shrinks. It seems only fair that the Senate should wait to take such an important vote until its newest member is seated – especially since Alabama voters sent a clear message of opposition to Donald Trump and his racist, pro-corporate agenda. [ act.credoaction.com/sign/seat_doug_jones ]Tell Mitch McConnell: No Tax Scam vote until Senator-elect Jones is seated. Click here to sign the petition. In 2010, when Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy’s seat in a special election after Sen. Kennedy’s passing, then Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called Brown’s election a referendum on the ongoing congressional deliberation to pass health care legislation and argued that the Senate should not finish voting on health care legislation until Brown was seated.^9 Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid honored that request and decided not to hold a vote until the Senate had sworn Brown in.^10 Roy Moore is an alleged pedophile, and while some in his party refused to support him after women came forward to report how he had dated, harassed and even assaulted them as teenagers, the Republican National Convention renewed its support for Moore by pointing to his policy positions.^11 Doug Jones ran on a pro-choice, pro health-care platform. He voiced his opposition to the Trump Tax Scam during the race.^12 Republicans must now accept that voters did not just reject Moore’s appalling behavior, they rejected his policies.The Senate must not hold a final vote on the Trump tax scam until Alabama’s new senator is able to vote on it. Tell Mitch McConnell: No Tax Scam vote until Senator-elect Jones is seated. Click the link below to sign the petition. [ act.credoaction.com/sign/seat_doug_jones ]act.credoaction.com/sign/seat_doug_jones Thank you for taking action, Kaili Lambe, Director of Organizing [ act.credoaction.com/go/111 ]CREDO Action from Working Assets Add your name: [ act.credoaction.com/sign/seat_doug_jones ]Sign the petition ► References:  1. Alex Seitz-Wald, “[ act.credoaction.com/go/19066 ]In stunning upset, Democrat Doug Jones is projected winner over Roy Moore in Alabama Senate race,” NBC News, Dec. 12, 2017.  2. Jordain Carney, “[ act.credoaction.com/go/19067 ]McConnell: Strange to stay in Senate until end of current session,” The Hill, Dec. 12, 2017.  3. Kim Chandler and Steve Peoples, “[ act.credoaction.com/go/19068 ]Democrat Jones wins in Alabama Senate upset, but Moore won’t concede,” Chicago Sun Times, Dec. 13, 2017.  4. Kamala Harris, “[ act.credoaction.com/go/19069 ]Tweet,” Dec. 12, 2017.  5. Elizabeth Warren, “[ act.credoaction.com/go/19070 ]Tweet,” Dec. 12, 2017.  6. Jim Tankersley and Alan Rappeport, [ act.credoaction.com/go/19076 ]A Hasty, Hand-Scribbled Tax Bill Sets Off an Outcry,” The New York Times, Dec. 1, 2017.  7. Adam Levy, "[ act.credoaction.com/go/19049 ]Alabama's Doug Jones may not take office until 2018," CNN, Dec. 13, 2017.  8. Matt Shuham, “[ act.credoaction.com/go/19071 ]NRSC Chair Says Jones Should Vote With GOP To ‘Truly Represent Alabama’,” Talking Points Memo, Dec. 12, 2017.  9. Michael O’Brien, “[ act.credoaction.com/go/19072 ]McConnell: No more health votes until Brown is sworn in,” The Hill, Jan. 20, 2010. 10. Susan Davis, “[ act.credoaction.com/go/19052 ]Webb: No Health Care Action Until Brown is Seated,” The Wall Street Journal, Jan. 19, 2010. 11. David Graham “[ act.credoaction.com/go/19073 ]The Republican Party Slinks Back to Roy Moore, The Atlantic, Dec. 5, 2017. 12. Eric Bradner “[ act.credoaction.com/go/19074 ]Where Doug Jones stands on the issues, CNN, Nov. 27, 2017.
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iPhone 7 on us. Your New Plan: Just $52.50/mo.
link.credomobile.com/t/gbH1AAebDfBMQX6QDL07EF-kD2UxaF-4lWZTX6aaaaF-4lBNDCQHwaa WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="1" STYLE="border:0px hidden transparent !important; display:none !important; overflow:hidden; max-height: 0;" ALT=""/>
· Wed, Dec 13 · obama

Right-wingers want Mueller fired… sign now to protect the investigation!
A new message from your friends at People For the American Way. *********************** Dear Anne, Attacks on the Mueller investigation into Trump/Russia collusion aren’t just coming from Trump and the White House anymore. Right-wing pundits and politicians are ramping up their efforts to undermine the investigation, and we’re moving closer to the point of no return: when Trump fires Mueller or begins pardoning his associates wrapped up in the investigation (or himself). So far this vehement opposition to the investigation remains largely contained to the Far Right and Trump’s most die-hard supporters, but we need to act quickly. There are bipartisan bills to protect the investigation in both chambers of Congress, and now is the time to redouble our efforts to pass them. Congress needs to protect Mueller NOW, before it’s too late and Trump has interfered with the investigation in a way that we as a country cannot come back from. Sign now -- urge your members of Congress to pass legislation to protect Mueller and his investigation from Trump>> act.pfaw.org/sign/legislation-protect-mueller/ Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow, confirmed to NBC that he wants another special counsel to investigate Mueller and his team for alleged conflicts of interest. These attacks from the president’s lawyer and conservative media and politicians are dangerous attempts to discredit Mueller’s investigation as it inches closer and closer to Trump’s inner circle and the president himself. We can’t let these attacks be used by Trump and his allies to interfere with the investigation. We need to keep up pressure on members of Congress to pass legislation that will protect the special counsel and in doing so protect our democratic institutions. Let your legislators know that they need to support legislation to protect the investigation immediately! act.pfaw.org/sign/legislation-protect-mueller/ --Katie O’Connell, Digital Communications Coordinator
· Tue, Dec 12 · obama

How we can support DACA recipients:
Friend -- It's been three months since this administration ended DACA. Since then, 12,000 young people have seen their futures jeopardized. Many are losing their jobs, their driver's licenses, and their ability to continue earning an education. And that number is only growing: Congress, by postponing budget decisions for two weeks without including a legislative fix for DACA, has put 1,700 more young people at risk of detention or deportation over the next 14 days. Congress can fix this -- and they can't wait another minute to do so. They can stop families from being torn apart. They can help schools keep great students, and businesses keep valued employees. They can ensure these young people are allowed to stay in the only country they know. It starts with demanding Congress pass a clean DREAM Act before they leave for the holidays. On December 20th, OFA supporters are joining partners for a day of action across the country -- can you host an event, and talk to your community about why this is so important? my.ofa.us/Help-DREAMers-Now The DREAM Act keeps the promise we made to these young people who bravely came out of the shadows years ago, and gives them the permanent protection they deserve and a path to citizenship. We have to push for it, right now -- say you'll help: my.ofa.us/Help-DREAMers-Now Thanks, Dana Dana Mayber Deputy Campaigns Director Organizing for Action
· Tue, Dec 12 · obama

Tuesday Tips: What to do if You Lose Your Phone
link.credomobile.com/t/gbH1AAcbDfBMPTfQDLZwEF-dD2UeaF1DuWZTX6aaaaF1DuBNDANQpaa WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="1" STYLE="border:0px hidden transparent !important; display:none !important; overflow:hidden; max-height: 0;" ALT=""/>
· Tue, Dec 12 · obama

All of us
Friend -- Own a home? Have health insurance? Owe money on a student loan? Pay local taxes? Know someone who does? This tax bill impacts almost every American Call a key member of Congress and speak out against this tax plan, right now: my.ofa.us/Call-A-Key-Senator Thanks, Organizing for Action
· Tue, Dec 12 · obama

[LAST CHANCE] Support Doug Jones
Today is Election Day in Alabama! This is our last chance to elect Doug Jones and defeat Roy Moore. Rush a donation to help Doug Jones and help elect Democrats nationwide: my.democrats.org/Doug-Jones-AB
· Tue, Dec 12 · obama

Save 40% On Unlimited Data Plans
link.credomobile.com/t/gbH1AAfbDfBMPTiQDLYfEF-cD2UhaFA-~WZTX6aaaaFA-~BNC400xaa WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="1" STYLE="border:0px hidden transparent !important; display:none !important; overflow:hidden; max-height: 0;" ALT=""/>
· Tue, Dec 12 · obama

[1 DAY] Doug Jones needs your help right now
Alabama families deserve better than Roy Moore. Chip in now to help Doug Jones beat Roy Moore and elect Democrats nationwide: my.democrats.org/Doug-Jones-AB
· Mon, Dec 11 · obama

The choice in Alabama
Folks -- Tomorrow, the people of Alabama will decide whether the United States Senate will gain the courage, character, and integrity of Doug Jones. 
They'll decide whether that distinguished institution gains a consensus- builder who knows the hearts of working people -- or yet another far-right extremist. 
Doug Jones is the son of steelworker. He knows what it's like for a community to have its heart ripped out. To see the industry that supported the town shut down, up and leave -- leaving hundreds of families to wonder how they're going to put food on the table, keep a roof over their head, put clothes on their kids' backs. And having prosecuted the murderers of four young girls who died in the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing, he knows what it means to see that justice is done. He's got courage, and he's got heart. And those are tough things to come by in our representatives these days. 
Now, I told you earlier this year that from now until 2018 and beyond, I'll be doing everything I can to help elect honest representatives who know the hearts of working Americans. Nearly every single candidate you and I endorsed together was elected earlier this month. Doug Jones was one of the leaders you all told me you wanted to make sure we supported. 
That's one of the things that makes this organization different: You help to decide who we support. And so we endorsed Doug. And since then, we've been fighting for him. 
When you make a donation to American Possibilities, you can be sure that it's going toward helping to elect more people like Doug Jones. People who believe in what's possible for America when you give everyone -- and I mean everyone -- a fair shot. Join me, and put your money behind the notion of possibility in America: go.americanpossibilities.org/email-donate 
It isn't any secret that our politics has gotten too mean, too personal, too petty, too negative. And one of the reasons for that is it's become too extreme. Instead of folks looking to find a solution, they're always looking to blow the process up. That's the kind of guy Doug is running against. 
Well, guess what? 
We don't need another extremist in Washington. We've got plenty of those already. Plenty of folks who don't give an inch, attack the motivations of everyone they disagree with, and spend all their time and energy just trying to tear the place down. 
We need people like Doug who will make the government work and actually get something done. Folks who will make it possible again for parents to be able to look their kids in the eye and say it's going to be ok -- and mean it. 
That kind of leadership isn't lost, folks -- but we've got to demand it. We've got to show that we're willing to fight for it with our actions as well as our words. 
So let's demand it. Give what you can to American Possibilities today, and you'll be helping support more candidates like Doug Jones: go.americanpossibilities.org/email-donate 
No matter what happens tomorrow, we're not going anywhere. 
· Mon, Dec 11 · obama

Sign the petition: No mining the Grand Canyon
[ act.credoaction.com/sign/save-grand-canyon ]Tell the Trump administration: No uranium mining in the Grand Canyon The petition to the Trump administration reads: "Do not open the Grand Canyon to new uranium mining leases." Add your name: [ act.credoaction.com/sign/save-grand-canyon ]Sign the petition ► Dear Anne, [ act.credoaction.com/sign/save-grand-canyon ]Tell the Trump administration: No uranium mining in the Grand Canyon Trump has declared war on our national monuments, and it doesn't stop with slashing the size of the irreplaceable Bears Ears and Grand Staircase monuments. It’s just as unbelievable that we now have to protect one of America’s most precious national treasures – the Grand Canyon – from something as dangerous and destructive as radioactive uranium mining. But that’s exactly what we have to do right now. Thanks to an executive order from Donald Trump, the U.S. Forest Service has taken the first step toward ending a 20-year moratorium on uranium mining in the Grand Canyon watershed. Uranium mining would threaten ancient forests, Native American communities and the Colorado River – a source of drinking water for millions. We must push back now on this dangerous and misguided proposal. [ act.credoaction.com/sign/save-grand-canyon ]Tell the Trump regime: Don't allow destructive uranium mining near the Grand Canyon. Click here to sign the petition. This March, Trump signed an executive order telling federal agencies to review their rules to find ways to allow more destructive oil drilling, natural gas fracking, and coal and uranium mining. In response, the U.S. Forest Service has proposed ending a ban on uranium mining in and around Grand Canyon National Park.^1 The Obama administration enacted a moratorium in 2012 that was intended to last for 20 years, but now the Trump administration could lift the moratorium at any time. Uranium mining would threaten the land, water and communities around the Grand Canyon. The Havasupai Tribe, who live at the bottom of the canyon, use water from the canyon's seeps and springs to water their beans, corn, melon and other crops.^2 Mining around the canyon could release uranium pollution into the groundwater, threatening the Havasupai community's health for generations. We know how destructive uranium can be. On the nearby Navajo Nation, where mining companies have blasted 4 million tons of uranium from more than 500 mines, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found uranium already present in newborn babies.^3 Uranium exposure is linked to lung cancer, bone cancer and impaired kidney function, all of which have plagued Navajo people around the mines.^4 Uranium mining in the Grand Canyon could also threaten the health of people hundreds of miles away. The Colorado River, fed by the watershed, supplies water to 40 million people in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix and other cities.^5 It is unconscionable to risk human health by re-opening the Grand Canyon to mining uranium. [ act.credoaction.com/sign/save-grand-canyon ]Tell the Trump regime: Don't allow destructive uranium mining near the Grand Canyon. Click here to sign the petition. The Forest Service has admitted that the federal government will receive no revenue from any uranium mining that happens. Rather than saving money, reversing the ban on mining would actually force taxpayers to shell out funds for pro-mining studies.To get rid of the ban, the administration would have to undertake environmental studies that try to refute the scientific findings that uranium is harmful to local wildlife and communities.^6 The Grand Canyon ecosystem is unique and incredibly complex. The Obama administration enacted a 20-year ban in part because 20 years is the estimated time required to complete an Environmental Impact Statement on such a large-scale ecosystem.^7 Now the Trump administration wants to barrel ahead without any understanding of the harm that could be caused. Tell the Trump regime: Don't allow destructive uranium mining near the Grand Canyon. Click the link below to sign the petition: [ act.credoaction.com/sign/save-grand-canyon ]act.credoaction.com/sign/save-grand-canyon Thanks for fighting back, Brandy Doyle, Campaign Manager [ act.credoaction.com/go/111 ]CREDO Action from Working Assets Add your name: [ act.credoaction.com/sign/save-grand-canyon ]Sign the petition ► References:  1. Erin Ford, "[ act.credoaction.com/go/18385 ]USFS proposes revisions to 20-year uranium mining ban," Grand Canyon News, Nov. 7, 2017.  2. Joanna Walters, "[ act.credoaction.com/go/18386 ]In the Grand Canyon, uranium mining threatens a tribe's survival," The Guardian, July 17, 2017.  3. Laurel Morales, "[ act.credoaction.com/go/18387 ]For The Navajo Nation, Uranium mining's deadly legacy lingers," NPR, April 10, 2016.  4. Susan E. Dawson, "[ act.credoaction.com/go/18388 ]Navajo uranium workers and the effects of occupational illnesses: A case study," Human Organization, Vol. 51, No. 4, 1992.  5. Ron Dungan, "[ act.credoaction.com/go/18389 ]Is uranium mining near the Grand Canyon safe? The answer may be in the water," The Republic, March 8, 2017.  6. Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter, "[ act.credoaction.com/go/18390 ]Trump administration targets uranium mining ban near Grand Canyon," Sierra Club, Nov. 1, 2017.  7. Earthjustice, "[ act.credoaction.com/go/18391 ]Protecting the Grand Canyon against uranium mining," accessed Nov. 13, 2017.
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